"Together - Let us keep our neighborhood safe"

Saturday, October 31, 2009

An outdoor adventure anyone?

Dear Residents,

Hope you have enjoyed the Deepavali celebrations as much as I have had. Somehow, this year, it felt as if the celebration was done on a grander scale. Not sure if it was my imagination but on the eve of Deepavali, that is, at precisely 12 midnight, fireworks and fire crackers were in full blast till late in the morning. It felt like Chinese New Year!

Anyway, I had my fair share of visiting some of our neighbours and had some great food and company. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Hope you had the same.

Ok, back to something more down to earth.

Rusli, one of our neighbours bumped into me recently in one of his evening walks. It was unusual to see him do that as he hardly takes leisure strolls around the neighbourhood. At least for me anyway. At that time, he was taking his walk with another one of our neighbour, Salleh.

We broke into a little chat and our topic centered mostly on how safe our neighbourhood had become since our G&G was launched about a year ago. They also mentioned that taking a stroll around our neighbourhood without having to look over our shoulders felt really great. I could not agree with them more.

The conversation then led to me finding out that Rusli was spending a lot of time in his 'adopted' kampung in Slim River as I had asked him earlier where he was as I hardly see him around our neighbourhood.

He told me that his kids were, well, they are no longer 'kids', have all grown up. Some either married or studying overseas. Thus, he could find the time to do what he likes - like spending more time in Slim River. How envious I was!

In fact, he has organised many trips for groups there to enjoy the nature, the water fall, the rapids, the fishing and many other activities.

I told him, I would like to share the story with our USJ 11/3 folks here in our kampung. He had since sent me some pictures taken in some of the excursions he had organised in the past. Please do take a look:

As host, he will make sure that there will be 4 wheel drives to take you into the jungle while you leave your car in a safe place. Once in jungle, you will get to enjoy nature at its best. Leave the cooking to him and his wife. They will make sure you get fed with 5 meals a day!

If you like to spend some time in Slim River for some adventure, you can reach Rusli Zahid at +6012-257 7539.

I don't know about you but I will be asking him to organise something for me and my family soon. Hope to see you in Slim River one of these days!


Jeffrey Khoo
11 Trees @ USJ

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Deepavali is here again - Make it a happy one!

Dear Residents,

The fresh smell of curry and spices filled the air and the sounds of pots and the cluttering of pans broke the morning silence. Chatters between the women folks filled the silent gaps.

That was the atmosphere a few days ago in Mrs. Mages's house. They were busy preparing the goodies for this Saturday - the day of the Festival of Lights, Deepavali. And that scene is probably repeated in our Indian's friend's homes all over USJ 11/3 and elsewhere.

It is time for rejoice and family get-together, catching up with friends or just indulge in all the goodies.

So, on behalf of the Committee, we would like to wish our Indian friends in our kampung and elsewhere a "Happy Deepavali"!

Best wishes,

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hey, committee members ... my tap is leaking!

Dear Residents,

Today, I would like to relate to you a story which had happened this morning.

This morning, my wife went to do her usual shopping at the shops nearby. The moment she stepped out of our house, she heard someone crying out to her from behind. It was our neighbour’s wife. She managed to catch up with my wife and while trying to catch her breath asked my wife if I am a committee member, to which she replied “yes”.

The lady immediately started to complain to her about the stray dogs that were roaming around the playground. She said, “as a committee member, your husband should do something about it”.

My wife replied politely that the only thing to do was to complain to MPSJ and hope that they will do something about it. The lady was lamenting the fact that the dogs were a nuisance and a potential danger to women, children and old folks. My wife said she will inform me and they then parted ways.

I was about to leave the house for my office when she came home. She then told me about our neighbour’s wife complaint and what she suggested I, as a committee member, should do. I was fuming mad when I heard it.

Indeed, the lady was lucky she did not meet me personally and told me about the stray dog problem! She would have gotten an earful from me!!

Such are the apathy that we have in our neighbourhood. This lady (by the way, they live in a renovated house with a few cars but do not pay subscription because they are "retired" people) had the gall to complain to us about such problems and expect us to solve it!

I mean, is that our job? Really?

So what if we are committee members? Are we suppose to look into every single problem there is? I did not volunteer as a Committee member to run errands or to take care of everyone's problems. I mean, why can’t she complain to the MPSJ herself?

Take up the responsibility and stop passing the buck if you feel strongly about something.

No. Instead, such people with such apathy take the easy way out. They expect the Committee members to solve all the problems for them. We are all working people like everyone else and have families and commitments (including financials) to take care of. We do not get a salary for being a Committee member.

I am so disappointed with such people. When will they learn to help themselves? When will they, for a moment, think of others? We live in a community where we have to lend a helping hand to each other not isolate and expect others to do “pick up our rubbish”!

I am sure we are not short of such people in our area. I have a good mind to expose them in this blog but because I would like to show some respect for them, I will not. For now, anyway! I hope this lady will read this article and hopefully get my message.

Look lady, I am not here to do everything for you and I speak on behalf of all the Committee members. If situation is such that you can help yourself, please just do so. Don’t wait for us to solve all your problems. Be fair! And pay up your share of the security that you enjoy. Don't be a free loader to your neighbours.

Jeffrey Khoo
11 Trees @ USJ

Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 2009 Newsletter

Dear Residents,

First and foremost, we would like to wish everyone especially the Chinese community in our area, a “Happy Mooncake Festival”. This mid-Autumn festival is a special time to enjoy the different varieties of mooncakes and also the different colours of lanterns!

On a more serious note, there are some immediate issues which we would like to address with you. We hope you will cooperate fully with the Committee. This is to ensure that our security system and our G&G are not compromised.

Gated & Guarded concept:

It is exactly one year now since we have started our G&G and our security services amid much anguish and pain as well as jubilation. It has been a long and arduous journey with unpredictable “road blocks” created by selfish people with agendas that are only known to them.

But you know what?

We have persevered and have successfully launched our G&G and our security services. Through that, we have managed to curb the crime rate and have brought down to almost nil despite the rising crime in USJ in general. This to us, your Committee, is the most satisfying achievement and that we are proud to have done this for everyone and we really hope that you share this sentiment with us.

And with the rising crime being ‘shifted’ to our immediate neighbourhood, you would have noticed that of late, other neighbouring areas are also launching their own G&G after observing the success of our G&G.

We do not think we have much choice but to protect ourselves and our families irrespective of which area we are living in, although some might argue, this is really the job of the Police and the government. After all, we do pay tax.

But the reality on the ground is very different. Crimes rate has soared and the residents in general do not feel safe even in their own neighbourhood. So it does not surprise then that such initiatives are now being taken by others.

Your support is crucial in making this a success. Hence, please do continue to support this by paying up promptly as the next payment is already due. As for your neighbours who have not signed up, do encourage them to do so.

There are still many issues to tackle besides security but we cannot solve the problems immediately or please everyone. However, we will try to do our best and take the majority’s interest into account.

One of such problem is related to indiscriminate parking. For instance, presently there are many cars being parked along our nature strip opposite the Public bank during banking hours and this has caused a lot of inconvenience to the residents nearby. This still happens despite the fact that MPSJ does come round regularly to summon the cars for illegal parking.

This situation is anticipated to get worse as there will be another bank coming up in the new building next to the shop “99 SpeedMart”. We foresee that the same problem will happen as more people from outside our area wanting to convenient them will just park along the nature strip in our area opposite to the new bank. This will inevitably create a lot more illegal parking and inconvenience to our residents.

In anticipation, we are now planning to implement a new system to alleviate this problem and to prevent it from getting out of hand.

Side Gates along the fence facing the Taipan shopping area:

The Committee has decided to keep the gates along the main road facing the Taipan shopping area locked at all times to discourage people from outside to come into USJ 11/3 to park their cars along the nature strip.

Residents intending to use the gates must apply to the Committee for a key for a fee of RM2 per key. This key will open the lock used on all the 4 small gates along that fence. Residents with the keys can access the small gates at all times except from 12 midnight to 6 am. There will be another lock added to the gate from midnight to 6 am. The user is expected to lock the gate after use. This is our collective responsibility so that such problems of indiscriminate parking can be prevented.

If you are one of the residents who need to use the exit often, do apply for the key. A form is attached below for you to fill in. You will need to send in your application by the 11 October 2009. Full implementation of this system will take place from the 19 October 2009 onwards.


This matter needs your urgent attention if you have yet to pay the subscription. Without your continued support, the G&G which we have all worked so hard to put up will collapse. Hence, you are encouraged to pay up before the 9 October 2009. Please make cheques payable to “PERSATUAN PENDUDUK USJ11/3, SUBANG JAYA, SELANGOR” in compliance with the requirements from the ROS. For cash payment, we would like you to bank in the money and submit the bank-in slip. This is on the request of the Street Leaders and also for better control and accountability.

The Committee members will be doing a walk-about to visit those who have not paid on the 10 & 11 of October 2009 from 4:30 pm. We would really appreciate it if you could pay up as soon as possible so as to lessen the work on the Committee members.

Your support is very important to ensure that all the outstanding plans/works which are in the pipeline such as our CCTV will come to fruition. Enhancement works such as better lighting, signage, etc, cost money. As such we can only implement these plans gradually and according to our budget and affordability.


We have now short listed 3 contractors/suppliers of the CCTV system after extensive evaluation. The decision of the award to the contractor to install the CCTV will depend on the outcome of our latest collection. If all goes according to plan, the final decision to award the contract will be on the 11 October 2009 and installation of the system should happen on the 15 October 2009.

Insurance coverage:

As an added benefit to our residents, the Committee is also looking into the possibility of giving free insurance coverage to our residents/subscribers to cover loss of items and valuables in the event of a robbery of theft in our area. This is being looked into at the moment and detailed evaluation such as cost, feasibility, etc, will have to be looked into before we can implement it. We will update you on this progress as we go forward.

Finally, please give your fullest cooperation to our Street Leaders and ensure that your outstanding subscription is duly paid. Do get in touch with any of the Committee members should you have any problems or queries.

Thank you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ