"Together - Let us keep our neighborhood safe"

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Out of Sight and Out of Mind!

Dear Residents,

Are you the type who likes to keep your surroundings clean; you know like having it neat and nice?

Well, it is fair enough to keep ones surrounding clean. By all means, do cut the grass, do trim the plants and the trees, and do throw away unwanted items such as old furniture. Keeping your surrounding, especially around your house clean and neat is a noble virtue. It also keeps potential threats and diseases away such as Dengue.

But wait. What do you do with the rubbish?

Do you put it all in a bag and placed outside your house? If you are one of them who does this then well done! That is the right step as Alam Flora does come and pick up the rubbish periodically.

But do you know within our midst, there are some inconsiderate people? They also like to keep their surrounding clean. They also do as you do.

Except, they would take the rubbish and dispose of it at other neighbour’s front yard or any road shoulder that is out of their sight! This includes furniture, cut trees and unwanted plants. Please take a look at the following pictures taken today at the road shoulders around the playground.

What's the problem? After all, its no longer mine!

Please have some consideration as the rubbish is now sitting in front of your neighbour’s house! That should not be the way. You should leave it in front of your house and let Alam Flora do their job. If you have bulky and big items to throw then notify Alam Flora. They will come and get these big and bulky items off your hands. But treating the road shoulder as a dumping ground is not only irresponsible but totally inconsiderate to your neighbours. This kind of actions should be stopped.

Out of Sight - Out of Mind!

So, dear neighbours. If you see anyone throwing anything where they are not suppose to, please do snap a picture and send it to us. We will publish their ‘deeds’ to show their ‘best’ behaviour for all to see.

Thank you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Friday, April 17, 2009


Dear Residents of 11 Trees,

We would like to update you on the progress that your Resident’s Association has been working on over the last few months.

After our AGM which was held in MPSJ a few weeks ago, we have now got a few new names to the list. We would like to welcome Encik Khairuddin and Mr. Murali to the team and would like to thank Mr. Leong for his kind services since we started a few months ago.

Anyway, since then, several meetings have been held to look at the construction of the fence (and several other issues) which has been delayed for some months now due to many reasons, one of which is funds. The Committee has finally come to a consensus and important decisions were made. You will now see construction work commencing very soon.

Building of Perimeter Fencing:

The award to construct the fencing has already been unanimously given to a contractor by the committee and work is to commence this Saturday, 18 April 2009 and is expected to take about 4 weeks to complete. This works will cover the chain link fence around the perimeter and several gates. Please do cooperate with the contractor by ensuring you do not hinder or obstruct them when construction work is underway.

Sponsors for Fencing:

The Committee would like to thank all the generous sponsors who have contributed (some several hundred Ringgit) to the fund. The collection up until today is about RM30,000 specifically for the project. We are short of some RM20, 000 which we need to collect from you, the generous donors and we are confident of collecting the difference.

If you have not done your part still, we would very much like to appeal to you to do so as we would like to complete the project successfully. Please do contribute a minimum of RM100 per household to the fund so that the Committee can carry out their task successfully. We would like to thank you in advance for your generosity.

Committee Walkabout:

The Committee members will be doing a walkabout this weekend (18/19 April 2009) to meet with you the residents who have not paid. Please do help by getting ready your payments so that we could collect the funds as quickly as possible. Please make your cheques/payment to “Persatuan Penduduk USJ11/3, Subang Jaya, Selangor”. We, the Committee, are going to help the individual street leaders collect the subscription/donations from you.

And if you have not filled in the membership form (which is required by the Registrar of Society – ROS), please do so by filling in the details and have it signed off. We will collect that from you as well. We appreciate your cooperation on this matter and we look forward to meeting with you this coming weekend. For those who have not subscribed at all, please do so by signing up as a member. We welcome you to join us to make our kampung a better place to live in.

Increase in Security Measures:

There were many suggestions and requests to increase the security checks in and around our entrance/area by our guards from our subscribers. As such, the Committee will be looking into increasing the steps to check visitors/outsiders coming into USJ 11/3. This step is taken to ensure our security and our overall safety is enhanced. As such, we should expect the security guards to ask more questions for visitors coming into the area. Please do advise your visitors that such measures will be taken to avoid any misunderstanding.

Suggestions and ideas:

The Committee would like to welcome your feedback, ideas and suggestions on how we can improve further and the types of programs that you would like us to carry out for you. At this present moment, there are plans to have community evenings at the playground area and many more activities. You are encouraged to suggest to us via email so that we can post it in out blogs. Please do not be shy in suggesting whatever you think the activities that will benefit the residents here. We assure you, that the Committee, will try to carry it out if feasible as best we can to foster better neighborliness amongst us all.

We are also looking for “Bureau Leaders” to take charge of certain activities such as sports, social visits, family day, fruit parties, etc so that we can organize as much activities as possible. Please do give us your names and we will include you in the organizing of such activities. We welcome and look forward to your participation.

Street Leaders & Contacts:

Your street leaders and contacts are listed below. In case you are unable to reach any of them for whatever reasons, please kindly get in touch with any of the Committee Members which is available at our blog.

Row 3A-YBhg Datuk Faridah 019-382 8740
Row 3B-Mr. Vellu A/L Sinnakucandai 012-689 0805
Row 3C-Tuan Hj Abdul Aziz Mohd Awal 019-645 0253
Row 3D-Mr. Yong Yu Loong 012-383 3198
Row 3E-Mr. Liew Kim Yen 019-223 7188
Row 3F-Mr. Sivaneshwaran 012-265 9098
Row 3G-Mr. Adrian Nathan 012-649 9397
Row 3K-Mr. Lee Tick Seng 012-316 2977
Row 3L-Mr. Murali 012-372 3140
Row 3M-Mr. Michael Chow 012-209 9782
Row 3N-Ms. Irene Chong Kim Song 017-275 8126
Row 3P-Mr. David Chow Kee Cheok 019-383 8268

Thank you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ