"Together - Let us keep our neighborhood safe"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let there be light!

Dear Residents,

The flood lights finally came on tonight at 7:00 pm at the USJ 11/3 padang. In case you did not notice, the cabling works were being carried out over the weekend. The poles were already up for more than two weeks now.

It is so nice to be able see the playground lit at night. It certainly adds colour to the area!

Now, we the residents, can enjoy walking around the small park in our area and not having to worry about someone hiding in some corner somewhere ready to pounce on us. Coupled with our security, it will most certainly provide a safer environment for us all.

We can also use that place for recreation at night, especially when it is so hot in the afternoon these days. So, if you have not had a stroll for a long time now, perhaps it is time you do! Do take a walk and you will be delighted to see the whole area in a brighter state.

And how did this come about?

Well, this was a result of a councillor's meeting in MPSJ, where our Chairman, Mr. Ng PH attended recently. There, he met with Mr. Ken Chia, a young gentleman who is also a MPSJ councillor, in charge of the Youth and Sports Development.

Ng related the state of the playground in USJ 11/3 which badly needed lighting at night. He told Ken that the playground's lighting system did not work and was like that for many years. He reasoned that with flood light in the area, more recreational activities can take place at night and would also keep potential crime from happening.

Ken then promised Ng that he would look into it and brought it to the attention of our ADUN, YB Hannah Yeoh who supported the lighting project. With that, Ken promised Ng that it would be done by November 08 and sure enough it is done! And today is not even November 08 yet!

So, a big "Thank you" to Ken, YB Hannah and MPSJ for lighting up the padang - finally - after all these years!

Now you can expect more people to use the padang for recreation at night, especially those who work late and cannot make it home early but want to have a place for recreation and exercise. We can do it in relative comfort too, as it is a lot cooler at night. And in a safer environment too!

So ... line dancing anyone?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun at the "Get-to-know-your-neighbours" session!

Dear Residents,

On behalf of Shahrul, Bala, Bakri, Siva and the Committee members, a very big "Thank you" to those residents who came for the event yesterday morning at the USJ 11/3 padang. Despite the long holiday where a lot of people went outstation, the attendance was fantastic! There were at least 400 people who turned up for the event and most brought some food and drinks for the POTLUCK party.

The guys under supervision from the ladies decorating the place.

Organising the chairs and food - it's still early!

Time to start registration - Irene and Peggy manning the reception area.

It started early at about 7 am, when some of the committee members started to set up the place and decorated the area. Peggy and Irene, from our committee together with their family members lent a festive mood to the place by decorating the area with colourful balloons and flags. Peggy has also managed to get some prizes such as hampers, to be given away in lucky draws and for the games.

Putting the names in for the lucky draw.

At 8.00 am the crowd started to trickle in and by about 8.30 am, it swelled to about 400 people. We started by having Shahrul welcoming the crowd. He spoke about how he had moved into the area some 14 years ago, where there were no phone lines and the place was virtually empty. He had to rely on just the ATUR phone system and had to get to know the construction workers, just to, as he put it, "survive" in this area without harm coming in his or his family's way.

He also spoke about the love for the neighbourhood and he hoped that one day, USJ 11/3 will become a model urban kampung, where there are lush trees, well landscaped, clean and most importantly safe for the community to live in. As well as that, he stressed the need for the community to get to know one another as we all share this place we call home and that we needed to work together to look after this place, our kampung.

Some early birds.

More residents started to show up just after 8.00 am.

Mr. Wong, our camera man. "Camera and action...!"

About to start...!

After that, he and the other team members lead the crowd for a short walk just to create the neighbourhood spirit. The idea was to let the residents get to know the neighbouring area. The walk started at the padang and around USJ 11/3K towards the shops then to the guard house area and back towards the padang.

Shahrul and the team members - starting the walkabout.

Leading the pack, Ng our Chairman of 11 Trees.

Shahrul, Vice Chairman doing his part.

Unfortunately, as they walked past the shops, on their way back to the playground, there was the "Lone Ranger", the boss of DINEOUT (minus his horse and pistols) passing out leaflets, protesting our security initiative. This had led to a lot of anger from some of the residents who were there. They took his protest as a form of opposition to all the residents living in the USJ 11/3 area, who only wanted to protect themselves with the security initiative.

Some of the residents took him to task by giving him a good tongue lashing! And rightly so, as he is about the only one from the shop area, bent on opposing our security project. His name is Giblet or something. Not quite sure what it is. Anyway, who cares? Let's just call him the "Lone Ranger" for now. More later...

The walkabout also gave a chance for the residents to get to know each other.

Yeah - catching up on the English Premier League?

Walking past the shops...!

Its makan time!

After the walkabout, the residents came back to the canopied area and settled down. Shahrul then invited all the residents for breakfast. There were so much food as most of the residents who came, brought along some food and drinks as well. Everyone had a great time. While breakfast was served, we invited some of the residents to speak to the crowd.

"Hello, how are you?" This was repeated all morning - how nice!

"Mmm.. sedap kan karipap ini? "

Food glorious food...!

Siva with his passenger - "Oi! Ada sticker ke?!"

"Yummy, this nasi lemak is nice...! "

"How is your nasi lemak? Did you try the karipap and the kueh?"

More chit chats, makan-makan and getting to know your neighbour...!

Andy from 3C was first, describing how his house was broken into many times, his wife was a victim of snatch thieves and had two of his Toyota cars stolen from his house after which, he had vouched not to buy any more Toyotas!

Mior telling it as it is...!

Mior was next. He described his experiences where his house was broken into a few times, so much so, he had his children locked their doors at night when they go to bed, in case someone breaks into his house again while they are home and fast asleep!

Snatch thief victim, Rohana and husband Salleh telling what had happened to them before and how happy they are now with the security system in our area.

Then there was husband and wife, Salleh and Rohana where they related some of their harrowing experiences with burglary and snatch thieves. In Rohana's case, she was a victim of a snatch thief right in front of her house. She dislocated her shoulder in the process and has been extremely worried about stepping out of her house ever since.

Salleh also expressed his disappointment with the DINEOUT boss over his protest to the resident's effort in setting up the security for the area. While we were trying to forge closer ties amongst ourselves and to provide a safer environment for the community, the DINEOUT boss was trying to take that initiative apart. He was visibly upset and told the crowd that the "Lone Ranger" will have to deal with the 500+ households who were solidly behind the security project if he wanted to challenge the community in USJ 11/3. The crowd applauded loudly to that statement.

The residents listening to all the stories that were told by fellow residents...!

Liew, then related his story about how his new car got stolen from his car porch even though his auto gate was locked and his car porch lighted. His car happened to be a Toyota Camry! He said now, with the security, he is going to buy another car - another Toyota Camry! So there you go Andy!

Liew giving his side of his story..."My Toyota Camry ah....!"

Anyway, everyone agreed that the security measures were the best thing that had ever happened in our area. They are now encouraging and urging the committee to fence up the entire area. In fact, one of the generous residents came up and gave us a cheque for RM500! Just to get the ball rolling! So looks like the committee is really going to have their hands full!

Then we had games and it was musical chairs for the children. The kids who took part had so much fun. It was then the parent's turn with some of their children taking part in the next game. It was a balloon throwing contest but the balloons were filled with water instead of air! It was really funny to see the balloons bursting and the water splashing all over the place. Anyway, these games were put together by Bala and it went really well. All who took part and those who watched from the sidelines were laughing and having a great time!

Some of the kids who came for the event and ended up as winners for the Musical Chair event.

Musical chairs - Bala in action!

Rush - rush for the chairs!

"This is mine. I don't care, I will not budge!"

Round about that time, YB Hannah Yeoh came by. She helped gave away the prizes to the winners. The residents were indeed very happy to have had her around. A lot of the residents went up to her to shake her hands and she graciously did the same. Thank you YB for showing up despite your hectic schedule.

Hah! The winner congratulated by YB Hannah Yeoh.

One more winner from the musical chair event.

Moms and dads having a great time throwing balloons filled with water!

"Now, hold on to the balloons, it is filled with water!"

"Okay folks, listen here, I am the commander see..!". Bala in action!

"Line up please - we are about to start throwing the balloons".

"Okay, here we go...!"

YB Hannah Yeoh giving away the prizes.

"Congratulations! "

The party ended at about 10 am as the heat from the sun started to cause the temperature to rise rapidly. The excess food were taken back by the residents as exchange to what they have brought for the POTLUCK party.

"Ok, guess its time to go home...getting hot lah!"

Excess food are packed for home... lunch anyone?

Thank you, dear residents for supporting us and this event. We hope you had a great time. It was fun to meet all of you and we hope this will be a regular feature in our neighbourhood program.

"Hmm... I had a good time! When is the next one?"

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Thursday, October 23, 2008

You are all invited this Sunday 26 October 2008 @ 8 am

Dear Residents,

Please do not forget to join us for some fun and "makan-makan" this coming Sunday at the "Get-to-know-your-neighbours" session. There will be lots of food, fun and games for all of you and your family. Organised by Shahrul, Bakri, Bala and Siva and supported by the committee, it will have elements of Hari Raya and Deepavali celebrations.

You are encouraged to bring along some halal food such as fruits, nuts, sweets, jellies, snacks, ie-cream and chocolates of any kind as we will be having some sort of "POT-LUCK". Our invited guests are our ADUN, YB Hannah Yeoh, officials from the MPSJ, the Police and our local Councillors.

The program for that day:

08.00–08.10am Welcome Remarks by Encik Shahrul Faiz
08.10–08.20am Speech by YB Hannah Yeoh
08.20–08.30am Briefing of activities by Mr. Jeffrey Khoo
08.30-09.00am Neighbourhood 'Walk-A-Bout'
09.00–10.00am Food is served/Resident Talk Show hosted by DJ
10.00–10.30am Games (Musical Chair and Water Balloons)
10.30–10.45am Closing Remarks by Mr.Ng Peng Hin

The venue is at the USJ 11/3 playground. Please come with all your family members and join us for this special occassion, organised especially for you, our dear neighbours! Remember, it starts at 8:00am as we want to end the session fast, so don't be late! See you all there!

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Meet our friendly security!

Dear Residents,

Please meet Rajbudha (left) and Sipnaranbudha (right). Both are part of our friendly security squad who do their job with full dedication. They are from Nepal and they sure are a friendly lot!

They have endured and showed their professionalism each and every time, by handling very difficult circumstances, especially unruly and rude drivers with great care and calmness. Something that most of us cannot handle!

They are here in USJ 11/3 with the rest of their crew on a 24x7 basis ensuring our safety, to the best of their abilities. And when some kind residents gave them some cookies and drinks recently, they were so pleased, they had asked Peggy to send a message of thanks on their behalf, as they knew their efforts were highly appreciated.

Although they are from foreign land, we should always treat them with respect and reciprocate their smiles and friendliness. They will always try to salute to you when you come in. Now, does that not make you feel special living here?

Anyway, you can seek their help at anytime should you encounter problems regarding your safety and security. But please refrain from complaining to them on things like children playing fireworks, people playing mahjong, etc.

There is also a hotline that has just been set up where at any one time, one of their supervisors will be holding the mobile phone with the registered number. The number is listed in your October newsletter which, you will be getting in your mail boxes, in the next few days.

Please use it only when necessary and during emergencies. If you have any complains, please direct it to our committee members and let us address the problems for or with you.

So, on behalf of Rajbudha, Sipnaranbudha and their team, thank you to all the residents who have made their work easier. Next time, when you pass them, do smile back at them. At least they know you really do appreciate their presence!

Thank you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Deepavali...

Dear Residents,

How time flies! It was just a few weeks ago when we just celebrated Hari Raya with our muslim friends and neighbours and in a weeks time, it is our Indian friends' turn!

In anticipation of that, the Committee of 11 Trees @ USJ and all the residents here would like to wish our Indian friends and neighbours a Happy Deepavali!

May you all have a blessed one!

From -
All at 11 Trees @ USJ

At the mercy of thieves

From the Sunday Star
Sunday October 19, 2008


Sunday Star, in the course of doing a story on the rising crime rate, didn’t have far to go in search of victims. Many Star employees have had chilling encounters with snatch thieves and burglars.

AS a reporter, there have been times when it has been quite tough for me to find the right people to interview for stories. When it came to the subject of crime, however, almost everyone I approached knew someone who was a victim, if they were not one themselves. No wonder someone once remarked that crime pays for reporters. In my office alone, at least three of my colleagues or their family members were victims of crime in the past week alone, whether it’s a house break-in or a snatch theft.

In the past few years, the latter has gained a lot of media coverage because a number of people have died as a result of snatch-thefts.

Female victims

The classic tale of snatch-theft is that of the female victim who is attacked from behind by two people on a motorcycle. This was exactly what happened to my colleague Renita whose mobile phone was snatched from her while she was talking by the side of the road.

Renita was shocked and shouted after the thieves, but the pillion rider turned back and had the cheek to call her bodoh (stupid). Fortunately, they missed her handbag, which was on the other shoulder, and she was not injured.

She made a police report and she says the police personnel were helpful although they said it would be almost impossible to recover her phone, which was only two months’ old at the time.
“I have decided never to use an expensive phone again, and nowadays I only use it in my car,” she says.

A colleague’s wife, C. S. Tan, was not as lucky to escape injuries. She had just come out of a bank in Bandar Puteri Puchong at about 1.45pm after conducting some company work and was walking towards her friend’s car. The next thing you know she was hit on her head from behind.
“When I woke up, I was in the hospital,” she says.

She lost her handbag which contained her handphone, keys, credit cards, driving licence, identity card, office keys and ATM cards. “If they want to take money, they should go ahead and take it. Just don’t hurt others,” says Tan who had to have two stitches. Police told her there were many cases in the area but hers was the first one carried out in daylight. “Now, whenever I hear a motorbike, I feel jittery,” she says.

Even the elderly are not spared, as Ching, another colleague, relates the tale of her mother Madam Tan, 70, who was on her way to meet friends after a morning walk, a daily routine for many years.

“She was walking back after getting the newspaper when a car whisked past her and suddenly stopped. My mother knew the occupants were up to no good and started turning back,” relates Ching. The car, however, was reversed quickly, knocking Madam Tan to the ground with an open back door. The assailants pulled off her gold chain and drove away.

Madam Tan, who was only carrying a small purse, sustained cuts and bled from her head. Fortunately, a group of youngsters helped her to a clinic and contacted her family. “My mother does not dare to go out alone anymore,” says Ching.

And it seems that people would go to any lengths or use any methods to rob. About three months ago, my ex-schoolmate Razalee Yahya, 27, was on his way home on his motorbike when another motorcyclist rode by his side. The pillion rider on the other motorbike stuck his hand into the rack in front of Razalee’s bike, grabbing its content.

Fortunately, it was just an old jacket, which the thieves threw on the road.

“I did not realise what was happening until a hand sneaked in. I was shocked,” says Razalee, who almost hit the road divider but was lucky that he managed to regain control of his bike. He didn’t make a police report because he didn’t lose anything, but he believes it would have been a waste of time anyway.

Liz Price from England, a contributor to The Star who has been living in Malaysia for 10 years under the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme, says she has been a victim of beak-ins three times, all in different apartments. She has also been a snatch theft victim twice, the first being in Miri eight years ago, where two men on a motorbike pushed her from behind.

Then, two years ago her bag was snatched outside a shopping centre. Two months later, two men tried to snatch her bag but Price was alert and managed to sidestep them. “They followed me to my car but I managed to get away. They tried to open the (car) door but I had locked it,” she says.

Price is more careful these days. “I don’t carry much cash or anything unnecessary,” says Price, who reckons it is a difficult task to stop these crimes but hopes that police would increase their presence. “It is worse still if they (perpetrators) become violent and use a parang to injure their victims,” she says.

There is no shortage of stories about house break-ins either. Another colleague, Leong Shen-Li, was robbed twice in a space of just over a month. The first break-in occurred during the day. The door and grill were broken, and drawers were all ransacked. Leong says he lost his PC, foreign currency and passport. His wife’s costume jewellery was also taken.

After that, he got five heavy-duty padlocks, which cost RM300, but they did not deter robbers who struck again. In the second incident, Leong had arrived home just before midnight to find the light upstairs on. “I looked at the drawers and they were all open,” he relates.

Leong went to check the back of the house and found the sliding doors damaged, and he believes the robbers were still there when he arrived because his laptop was untouched. “The autogate makes a lot of noise and I was talking on the phone in my car for almost 10 minutes before coming out. I think they ran away because nothing of value was taken,” he says.

This time, he reinforced his gates, fixed an alarm system and got a puppy, in addition to installing new locks and subscribing to the local neighbourhood watch. All these extra measures set him back almost RM5,000. “I didn’t lose much to thieves but lost to others (such as the locksmith),” he quips.

Leong says the police came almost immediately in both cases.

“I got an impression that they were just treating it as a break-in although to their credit they did arrive quickly,” he says. “Statistically, I was just amazed I could be a victim twice in a short time,” he adds.

Yet another colleague, Looi Lai Yee, was robbed on her doorstep after coming back from work at 2am. She drove into her compound and after the auto gate had closed, Looi thought she was “safe and sound” She got down from the car, plonked her handbag on a bench near the main door and was just starting to unlock the grill door when someone jumped over the fence and headed straight for her. She shouted but the intruder coolly and nonchalantly walked past her, grabbed the handbag and ran away.

Looi tried to give chase but slipped and scraped her knee. The episode was over in under 10 seconds, she says. “I never thought I could be so vulnerable in my own home and I had totally let my guard down. Furthermore, I’m so used to coming home at that unearthly hour,” says Looi who adds that her husband stands outside with a baton these days waiting for her.

Looi lost RM800, a new handphone costing RM800 and her car keys. Replacing the latter cost up to RM2,700 and because the auto gate remote was attached to the car key, the frequency of the gate had to be reset at a cost of RM200. In addition, when the robber jumped over the fence he broke the water pipe, which cost RM80 to repair. There were also other costs and the hassle of replacing all the bank cards, identity cards and so on.

“But of all the things that I lost, none was greater than the loss of the sense of security at home,” says Looi.

The cases we hear of or read about are just the tip of the iceberg. Based on the accounts of my colleagues alone, I could go on and on but at this moment I am hoping and praying that I will not be part of that iceberg.

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Penangites on guard as crime rate soars
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Turn Garbage into Black Gold?

Dear Residents,

I got a mail from SJ Alert (Robert) about this environmental project which is worth our attention. It came from Mr. Teoh through SJ Echo. Please read on. I am sure it is worth participating especially it can encourage our children to look after our environment and at the same time, giving them an opportunity to make some money!

Thank you.

Jeffrey Khoo
11 Trees @ USJ

Here is his posting:

We are going to be launching the first of its kind project in Subang Jaya - Community Composting to be run and maintained by the community, mainly kids.

Date : Saturday 25th October 2008
Time : 9.00 am
Venue : SS14/7c to SS14/7F

Funded by YB Hannah's office and supported by MPSJ, this will be the start of initiatives taken by the youths to turn garden waste into 'black gold". Do join us for this. Pass the word around for those who wish to come and view them from the launch date onwards...


Community Composting

Now...this is going to be different. Adults together with their children will be involved in putting together the composting containers (which I shall provide more details later in this email) and then hand over the running and management of the compost area to the youth in our area. Obviously adults will supervise and guide to make sure the right materials are put into the containers.A group of youth (including my kids) are putting together the plan for the composting project. The plan is this:

Stage 1 : Build and establish the compost bins. (Empire Subang's owner and developer has kindly offered us pipe culverts (diameter of 2 feet and 4 feet in length) to be converted into bins. I will be meeting Mr Danny Cheah, the Group Executive Director to provide him more details on what we need done to the culverts and also how we are going to put it up. He has offered manpower to help us set it up as well.

Stage 2: The youth will take over to generate material which they will use for the launch. A powerpoint presentation is being put together on composting. More printed material (leaflets, a banner and posters) will be developed over the next few weeks for the launch. While this is happening, we will start the composting.

Stage 3: Launching of the community composting project by YB Hannah. Saturday October 25 at around 9am as the date for the launch of this project, in conjunction with Malaysian Environment Week which is around the 3rd week of October. The location for the launch will be at the fenced up area of our back lane where the compost bins will be placed. Community leaders from Subang Jaya together with MPSJ officials are expected to be invited to attend this launch. The children will lead the presentation.The compost bins.The idea is to have a dry compost bin instead of the conventional method which also generates enzymes. Why? The process of keeping wet compost may stink up the area.As such, holes will be drilled into the sides of the culverts for air to flow in. The bottom bit of the culvert will be mounted on a specially built brick platform to make sure it is stable and compost generated can be harvest at the bottom.

Method: The children will be encouraged to lightly landscape the composting area. Our neighbours will be encouraged to collect kitchen waste (only uncooked vegetables and fruits (skin) will be collected and then deposited into the bins. We will also try and make some arrangements with the organic shop in SS18 to supply us some discarded vegetables and fruits to add on to the compost bin.For sustainability, the children will be encouraged to pack the compost (once matured) into 1 kg bags and sell them to our community at a nominal price. This way they can sustain the efforts and come up with new ideas as well.

SJ Echo
23A Jalan SS14/2, Subang Jaya
47500 Selangor
Mobile: 012-3288557

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Get to know your neighbour this Sunday 26 October 2008

Dear Residents,

Your neighbours, Encik Bakri, Mr. Siva, Mr. Bala and myself together with the committee members, are putting together a "Get to know your neighbour" event on Sunday, 26 October 2008 for all our 'kampung' folks. It will be held at the USJ 11/3 Playground and will start at 8 am sharp.

The theme will be based on Hari-Raya and Deepavali celebrations but the real objective is to get to know one another. We are planning to have “Pot Luck” as we believe it will bring interactions between us, the residents. Over and above that, we will be serving nasi lemak, curry puffs, bottled and pack drinks for breakfast.

All the residents of 11 Trees @ USJ are cordially invited to this Get-Together. If you can, please bring along some halal food such as the following:

- All kinds of nuts and fruits
- Sweets, Jellies, Snacks, Ice-cream and chocolates of any kind

Our ADUN, YB Hannah Yeoh has also graciously donated RM1,000 towards this event. She will also be here to join in the fun! In addition, we will be inviting officials from the MPSJ, the Police and our local Councillors as our guests.

Tentatively, the agenda is as follows:

8.00 – 8.10 am
Welcome Remarks and Opening Ceremony by Encik Shahrul Faiz
8.10 – 8.20 am
Speech by YB Hannah Yeo
8.20 – 8.30 am
Briefing of activities by Mr. Jeffrey Khoo
8.30 - 9.00 am
Neighbourhood 'Walk-A-Bout'
9.00 – 10.00 am
Food is served/Resident Talk Show hosted by DJ
10.00 – 10.30 am
Games - Musical Chair for children and Water Balloons for parents
10.30 – 10.45 am
Closing Remarks by Chairman, 11 Trees @ USJ, Mr. Ng Peng Hin

We will need volunteers to decorate the place at the playground. Please do come early if you can, like an hour before we start so as to help us out in the preparation and decoration. There will be gifts and things for kids and all, so do come 'Ber-ramai-ramai' for this event at our Kampung @ 11 Trees!

Thanks and Best Regards

Shahrul Faiz
11 Trees @ USJ

Raya Gathering

The committee members and their family members were invited to a Open House hosted by our gracious member, Dato' Faridah. It was held at her brand new restaurant, "The Briyani" in Taipan, USJ. It was the best nasi Briyani we ever had, in our humble opinion! "Yummy" is the best way to describe it!

It was specially prepared by their chef from overseas. The committee members and their families had many hearty helpings! Thank you Dato'. We shall be back as your customers!

"The Briyani" is now opened - nice!

There was a birthday celebration too!

The invited guests and families

Another one for the album

Dato' Faridah (right) and her partner

Do give it a try!