"Together - Let us keep our neighborhood safe"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More refinements

Dear Residents,

I never knew some of these bosses who own some of the businesses in the shops around our area could be so unreasonable, 'gangster-like' and rude! I never knew they could behave as if they are bigger than everyone else, behaving as if they never ever went to school before, who are uneducated and are people who just shout their heads off!

That was the revelation that came about over the weekend when we implemented the gated and guarded community here in USJ 11/3. The good news is that, it is only confined to a couple of them. But we have since tried to engage with them and we will continue to negotiate with them in a civilised manner.

And then there were complaints made to the MPSJ and also to our ADUN, YB Hannah Yeoh by people from outside our area about the access road, etc. Folks, YB Hannah has been very supportive of our project but because of these selfish people who has been inconvenienced, she is now in a quagmire as to what to do for us!

These selfish people from outside our area have declared openly that all the roads that they happen to use are all 'main' roads that belong to them - no matter where they are located. Some of them have even made police reports about us closing the some of the roads in our own area! Can you imagine that? Crazy!

The main contention here is the access road. USJ 11/3K used to be a quiet street and traffic along this road was low. It was designed as access to the residents whose houses front that road and as well as residents living in the USJ 11/3 area. Until lately of course! This was when all the cars from the neighbouring area have been using this shortcut for their convenience to move from their housing area to the Taipan commercial area. They are also using our road shoulders along our area to park their cars for free which have killed the grass in the process. BOTAK! But do they care? It is there (the road, I mean) and therefore, it is meant for them to use!

Anyway, the USJ 11/3K road that originally serves our housing area, is now used to the max, to serve all and sundry! The people living in front of USJ 11/3K seems to have no more say and must put up with all the noise, pollution and including the danger of speeding cars and taxis racing at break neck speeds from one end to the other, running over the ramps without even blinking an eye! Not to mention, lorries and trucks that use this road as a trunk road. And to think, this road, USJ 11/3K, is just right next to the playground where there are many children playing and elderly use it in the mornings and evenings for their recreation.

Main road? Who are you kidding?

So, these selfish people continue to 'own' the road and those poor folks who live along USJ 11/3K have got absolutely no more say. Some of owners of the restaurants and pub are claiming that USJ 11/3K is a 'main road' for their customers! So, was it designed as such in the first place? Main road? With residential houses facing it? With the playground facing it? Tell me where is the logic???

The committee have met with our ADUN YB Hannah Yeoh again this afternoon to work out a plan that will take into account the problems that we are facing right now. We, the committee, have to be fair to all who are supporting us, including the MPSJ, the Police and even YB Hannah Yeoh herself. We cannot just act without taking into consideration their limitations and all. Therefore, for the time being, there will be 'leakages' in our access controls.

However, we are determined to get there one way or the other. For your information, the support from all of you have gone beyond the 75% mark and growing! This is quite amazing to say the least. Folks who did not believe in us, even critical of us are now supporting us openly. The reason? Simple! We are only doing this to protect ourselves and nothing else. We have to do that as there is just no other way anymore. That unfortunately is the reality, in this day and age.

In any case, we have the agreement from all concerned, to continue with our temporary closure pending clarity on what we can and cannot do. There will be more dialogues and meetings in the coming days, so please be patient in the meantime. You will notice some gates will be opened for traffic. This is meant to pacify the situation and to let people get used to the idea that this is going to be a permanent feature in our area.

The security enforcement will be tighten gradually and will be done in stages. As well as that, in the last few short days, the committee members have learned a lot from all the situations that have cropped up. With that comes possible solutions. The first priority is to ensure that the access control will be adequately controlled and properly implemented.

By the way, please tell all your neighbours not to park the cars along the road shoulder near the houses in streets L/M/N/P (opposite the Public Bank area) as we will be getting MPSJ to come and summon all the cars parked there.

So, please be reminded not to park your cars along that area. Don't say we did not inform you! And if you have any further queries, please do contact any of the committee members.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Jeffrey Khoo
11 Trees @ USJ

Security scheme launched in USJ 11/3

From The Star, Tuesday September 30, 2008

The gated and guarded community concept has been finally implemented for the residents of USJ 11/3 in Subang Jaya.

According to USJ 11/3 pro tem committee chairman Ng Peng Hin, the security scheme was launched last Saturday.

In addition to the security guards, boom gates, guardhouses and drum gates were put up at entry and exit roads of the neighbourhood.

Ng said the pro tem committee had obtained the consent of more than 70% of the residents staying in houses along the different roads of 11/3 to implement the gated and guarded concept.

First car: The residents at the launch of the gated and guarded community concept at one of the guardhouses in USJ 11/3 in Subang Jaya.

“Right now, we have over 70% of households consenting to the scheme. We expect more to endorse it,” Ng said during the launching ceremony at one of the guardhouses.

“The Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) has also informed us that it has no objection when we applied for permission to implement the scheme,” he said.

There are six entry and exit roads leading into the neighbourhood.

Ng said two entry-exit roads would stay open round-the-clock for residents whose vehicles had stickers while visitors would have to register their names at the guardhouse.

Three entry-exit roads will only be open at designated hours, between 6am to 9am and between 5pm and 8pm.

He said the final entry-exit point at USJ 11/3C would be closed permanently.

Asked if this would go down well with the public and other neighbouring residents, Ng said the pro tem committee could not satisfy everyone.

“We are doing it for our own community due to the high crime rate here. As for parents who send and pick up their children from kindergartens in this neighbourhood, they will be given a service pass,” Ng said.

“Newspaper vendors and mobile vegetable sellers are allowed to come in freely,” he said.

Currently, each paying household contributes RM50 a month and is given three stickers to display on the cars.

The non-paying households are still given a sticker each.

Also present at the launch was Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh, USJ Residents Association vice-president Melvin Lee and several police officers.

Yeoh said in her speech that she hoped the residents would give their cooperation to the pro tem committee.

“A lot of hard work is involved to get this concept started. I’ve come across many disputes among residents associations that is hindering the progress of community efforts,” she said.

Yeoh said she had also enclosed a letter of support for the pro tem committee in its application to the Registry of Societies (ROS) to be registered as a residents association.

Lee told those present about his personal traumatic experience as a victim of a break-in when his home was ransacked while he was away during the festive period.

“As a victim myself, I can personally relate to how traumatic the experience is when people break into your home,” Lee said.

“This was why the USJ 5 community, where I am from, started our own patrolling and later paid security.

“Now it is an entirely enclosed neighbourhood,” he said.

“I support this because it was initiated out of necessity. You must not wait for something to happen to you before you do something,” Lee said.

“More than just gated and guarded, as residents, we should get closer, work together, know our neighbours better, and look out for each other,” he said.

Meanwhile, business operators in the neighbourhood and residents from neighbouring areas have expressed unhappiness over the gated scheme.

A business owner, whose restaurant has been around for more than five years, said he had no objection to the concept but it should be implemented tactfully.

“I was not informed about this although I had been asking the committee over and again if the closure of roads will affect our business,” he said.

“We are not condemning the scheme, just that as business operators, we should also be given due consideration.

“What I’m concerned now is the safety of road junctions, and that our customers take a longer route to come and eat. This would affect our business,” he said.

A resident staying in neighbouring USJ 11/4 thinks that complaints will come sooner or later if things are not rectified as inconvenience is being caused.

Ng had said earlier that some exits had to be closed to control expenses of hiring patrolling guards.

“I’m aware of the objections because people like free-flow convenience.

“I hope everyone can be patient and understand the importance of security,” he said.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Don't Let Your Guard Down...!

Dear Residents,

The thieves and robbers are at it again. Even, after setting up our security and having guards patrolling the area, they are still not deterred. There were three reports over the last 48 hours or so, that we should let you know.

First, there was a failed attempt to steal a Toyota Camry from a house in USJ 11/3F. This was on Saturday night. The auto gate cable was cut and there were tell tale signs that the gates were tempered with. The owner has made a police report about the incident.

Then, there were 3 Indonesians lurking around in a house compound early yesterday evening. This was also around the same area - along USJ 11/3F. There was no one home then. One of our committee members, Tuan Hj Aziz, saw them and tried to confront them. Realizing that their cover was blown, they jumped over the gate and ran away.

And tonight, I got another call from Tuan Hj Aziz again. This time, he informed me that there is a red Proton Saga (Registration No 1829), with a couple of men inside doing blockies around our area and apparently, they have been doing that for the last two nights. They were acting very suspiciously. So, please be on the alert and please help to look out for characters like these in our area. Do call the police or alert the guards on duty should you see someone not familiar in our 'kampung'.

Folks, while we are desperately trying to resolve the access and other pertinent issues, we have to be vigilant at all times. It will take a while before our security guards are really focused on just taking care of our area as they are now pre-occupied with access complaints from people living in adjacent areas, who are making a lot of fuss as they cannot use USJ 11/3K as their short-cut anymore. You know? Things like that.

Anyway, in case you all are wondering how the implementation went? Well, there were a lot of objections from people who did not pay, people who wants everything for free but do not want to be inconvenient, people who objected, not pay and who wants more free stickers, people who do not pay and wants to sue us for inconveniencing them, some people from USJ 11/1 and USJ 11/4 area complaining about the 'short-cut' that has been 'cut-off' and the fact that we have now apparently and effectively sent 'our' criminals who 'orginate' from our area over to 'their area', people who blatantly ignored our guards, drive into our area and parked their cars along our road shoulders (opposite the Public Bank area) and things like that!

There were also some who shouted profanities and challenged our guards from inside their cars as they drove past, as if they are the only ones living here. Then there were the anonymous sarcastic postings on this blog (which I had moderated and censored) and sarcastic emails, complaints lodged with YB Hannah Yeoh's office and perhaps more to come...!

But the results are already quite apparent. You would have noticed now there are less cars moving around our area, especially after midnight which has finally given us some sort of peace. I wonder if those people who objected and not paid, who were 'inconvenienced', who shouted at us and the guards, who cursed and sweared at us - I wonder if they are sleeping more peacefully at night now?

Well, if you are, then honestly, you do have all your other neighbours who had forked out their money, to thank for as they were the ones who had paid for that peace of mind for you! Do enjoy it but do remember to at least thank your neighbours for their generosity.

You know what, though?

We, the Committee, will continue with our course of action, as we are resolved to make this project a success and a reality, no matter what the obstacles are as we have already come this far. We have your mandate and we shall prevail!

Thank you all for your support and patience.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Offiicial Launch - Pictorial

Comments posted by you.

Dear Residents,

As expected, we are getting a lot of criticism and comments from you apart from the praises. We hope to address all these with you, either through this blog or personally. This will be at the discretion of the committee members as certain things are better if we address it with you personally as it may require further explanation.

In any case, as I have mentioned, if you would like to post a comment, please do not use the anonymous option as I will not post it. I have mentioned this before. Please identify yourself otherwise it will be dropped. In case you have missed it, please read the earlier posting again.

Thank you.


Jeffrey Khoo
11 Trees @ USJ

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Comment moderation
Dear Residents,

I would like to inform you that I have decided to moderate the comments posted here in this blogsite after getting comments which are not constructive in our committee's view in our attempts to make the security project a reality. So, if you feel strongly about the issues at hand, please come forward as we would like you to contribute alongside us rather than just suggest and full stop! That is such an easy way out...!

As the intention of this blogsite is for our community, I will restrict it to our residents residing here in USJ 11/3. As such, if you wish to post your comments, kindly leave me your contact so that I know who you are and that you actually live in this area. Anyone signing off as anonymous will not be entertained from now on. I believe if you are sincere in wanting to share your concerns, you will at least have the courtesy to leave your us your name and address.

I would like to reiterate that I have left the comments open before, for a reason. To have open and mature discussions that affects our community and I was hoping that as responsible adults, you will leave your details behind so that we know who we are talking to. If you do not wish to reveal who you are, then there is no reason for us to have any discussions at all as it has to be a two way interaction between the parties concerned.

For those who have doubts about the work done by the 20 odd committee members, feel free to get in touch with us and we will address it with you personally on the issues that you may have.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Dear Residents,

The guards have reported for duty today! That I am sure most of you have noticed. Yes, they are here to get used to their daily routine and they will be the frontline engaged in the longer term for our area, to reduce the crime rate. This is step one. And there will be many many more steps to go...

As we have informed you months ago, it will take us many more initiatives before you see things improve significantly but seeing all these happening has given a lot of satisfaction to the committee members who had put in a lot of hard work. All this is possible due to the overwhelming support we got from you - our dear residents. Thank you!

As for the guards, they will be the regular feature in our housing area. Do get used to them. And how about you being spoiled? They will greet you in style, if they know you are a resident here. Like standing upright and giving you a salute! (Please see picture). So, do smile back at them!

As well as that, we will also be putting in suggestion forms for you to give us feedback at the guardhouse at a later time. Do watch out for that! Alternatively, please do post in your comments here in your blogsite. We do welcome your feedback.

See you all Saturday morning for the official launch!

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya!

Dear Residents,

We are indeed very lucky as we have peace in this country. However, we cannot take all these for granted and we should continue to foster good neighbourliness amongst ourselves.

Hence, the formation of the USJ 11/3 Resident's Association is a step in the right direction. It comprises of folks living here who are from different race, religion and background. All gathered together to work for the common good of all. We hope to continue to be able to contribute more to make this place a peaceful and harmonious place to live in and we look forward to more participation from all of you living here.

And next week, it will be a happy occassion for our muslim friends as they prepare to celebrate Hari Raya Puasa after their month long fast. So, if you are one of the folks driving home to your kampungs, drive safe and enjoy your holidays. As for the security of your home, we will certainly work towards ensuring that there be zero crime during this holiday season as our gated and guarded services kicks in this weekend.

On behalf of ALL the residents in USJ 11/3, we would like to wish all our muslim friends and neighbours, "Selamat Hari Raya"!

From the Committee
11 Tress @ USJ

You are invited to the launch of the security service...

Dear Residents,

The Committee members would like to thank all the residents who have supported this project. There were people who initially objected but changed their minds after seeing the progress that we have made. This makes it more encouraging for us to push forward for the success of this project.

And we have to tell you this. It would not have been possible if all the committee members did not put in their effort. They have spent all their valuable resting time and weekends to engage with all of you, the residents in USJ 11/3, to get your backing and support.

For that, ladies and gentlemen in the Committee, please give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done!

For your information, the MPSJ has no objection to our intention of having this gated and guarded community in our area. In fact, they will also be attending our launch of the services this coming weekend to give us their support. And so, the countdown has begun!

However, we do anticipate hiccups and problems to crop up along the way but with your kind cooperation, patience and understanding, it will definitely work itself out in the long run!

Please do inform your neighbours about the launch this coming weekend. And because it is still Ramadhan, it will be kept to a minimal and simple. This is to allow the event be completed as soon as possible, to accomodate our Muslim brothers and sisters in the neighbourhood so that they are able to attend while ensuring that they can head home as soon as possible once it is completed.

Please find the details below:

Official Launch of the security services

Date : Saturday, 27 September 2008
Venue : USJ 11/3 Playground
Guest of Honour: ADUN for SJ, YB Hannah Yeoh


- Resident Associations from USJ and SJ
- The Police from USJ
- Officials from MPSJ


9:00 am – Arrival of guest/residents
9:15 am – Speech by Chairman, Resident Association 11 Trees @ USJ
9:20 am – Speech by MPSJ Zone 3, Councilor
9:25 am – Speech by Police Chief USJ8, Police Station
9:30 am – Speech by ADUN, YB Hannah Yeoh
9:45 am – Opening Ceremony by YB Hannah Yeoh

So, dear residents, please do come and support this very important event.

Thank you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Logo

Dear Residents,

You may have noticed the logo of "11 Trees @ USJ" which will be used for our stickers, our plaques for our house pillars, banners, etc. Well, this logo was created by Elena Tan, my niece who is currently residing in Australia. The committee members unanimously adpoted the logo when I showed it to them a couple of months ago. So, on behalf of the committee and the residents here in USJ 11/3, we would like to thank Elena for her effort and kind contribution. We really appreciate it!

Anyway, there are also meanings to the logo of which I would like to share with all of you. It reflects:

1. SAFE & PEACEFUL place to stay (protected by the tree)
2. DIVERSITY - with many different shapes of leaves representing different cultures, race and religion all under 1 tree
3. HARMONY - as the tree is firmly rooted on the ground
4. MODERN living in a modern 'village' setting by virtue of the design and simplicity of the logo
5. TOGETHERNESS with all the leaves near to each other forming 1 single entity for our community

Hope all of you will appreciate the meaning behind this logo which was specially designed and created for all of us living here in USJ 11/3.

The Committee

Saturday, September 20, 2008

More works done today.

Dear Residents,

If you have been driving or moving around our area this morning, you would have seen installation works for our security services being done and that, we are moving at a fast pace. This is no accident, as most of these were planned ahead of time! And this is due to the work of the hardworking committee. Thank you all!

We are pushing ahead to try and finalise everything so that we are ready when the security services are implemented. We want you all to have a peace of mind when you all go out of your houses. The ultimate will be when we actually fence up the whole area. This we hope to do probably be done in Phase II, hopefully before the end of the year.

As for stickers and access passes, we have studied further the situation in our community and we have taken into account all the folks who have paid against those who objected. These policies will be clearly defined and will be made known to you in due course so that it will be clear how the security clearance will be handled. Those who have paid will be given unhindered access via the stickers that we will issue you while the rest will have to be subjected to security clearance.

In addition, for subscribers, the plaque in the security kit will be installed at your home pillars very soon. I have included a picture of the actual plaque for your viewing. We hope you like it. By the way, if you want to have a better view of the pictures posted, just point the cursor on the picture and click on it. It will give you the enlarge view of the picture.

Anyway, once the final policy regarding the access passes and all are finalised, it will be posted on this blog. Please watch out for it.

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mystery unfolding....?!!

You may have noticed today, there were several large containers placed on the piece of land owned by Top Speed. Hmmm... wonder what is going on?

Are they starting to build something soon?

Are they simply trying to annoy the residents to keep that piece of land as an eyesore?

Are they using the piece of land as a storage space?

Are they converting that piece of land into a 'port of call'?

Are they starting a new business - trading in used containers?

Whatever it is, it is an eyesore and should not be allowed. Well, not to worry dear residents. We will not be sitting down on this!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The installations have started...

Dear Residents,

Apologies for not updating all of you. As usual, when one is caught up with what one has to do, that is, trying to earn a living, such activities are compromised. But fret not as I will still try to do my best to update you whenever I get a chance.

Anyway, by now, you will have a rough idea on what is happening in our area, as we have gone round the neighbourhood last weekend, to send the newsletter to you via your mailboxes. Attached with the newsletter, were some forms of which you will need to fill up and hand it in to the committee via your street leaders, for further action.

At the same time, we have informed you that the installation of boom gates, etc will commence this week. Well a picture speaks a thousand words, as they say. So, I have posted the picture of the guard post for your viewing. The installation will be progressive and will conclude in about 10 days or so.

The official opening will be on Saturday, 27 October 2008 and will involve officials from MPSJ, the Police and our ADUN, YB Hannah Yeoh. I will make another announcement about that in due course.

Please watch out for more information on this space.

Thank you.

Friday, September 12, 2008

What is happening on Sat, Sept 13?

Dear Residents,

The Committee Members are planning to come around and visit you together with the street leaders tomorrow morning, to collect the money for the security services that will be implemented soon for our area. So, for those who have not yet make the payment, we hope you will help us by getting the it ready for us to collect it, when we come around to your houses tomorrow.

We will also be giving you a writeup on what to expect in relations to the launch of the security services in the coming weeks, as well as forms to fill up for your car stickers that comes with the security kit.

For your information, the official launch will be on 27 September 2008 and will be attended by officials from MPSJ, our district police chief and our ADUN, YB Hannah Yeoh. It will be an official event and all residents are invited to attend. Details will be available in our writeup.

The Committee, 11 Trees @ USJ

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It just happened yesterday!

Encik Nik Suhaimi, who was the victim of a break-in yesterday has posted a comment in our blog but I think it deserves prominence so I have decided to publish it out for you to read instead. This is his written comment:

Hi there,

I'm Nik Suhaimi, stays in USJ 11/3,yesterday someone broke into my house i believed it happened during the day time....lucky for me nobody at home or else wouldnt know what would have happened. Went to USJ 8 police station, make a report..We shld all be extra carefull nowadays, according to the officer in charge..i asked how many officers here...he said about 70 and 4 patrol cars...i asked again what are the areas they cover...he said All USJ from 1 to 22..This is too Big an area for only 4 patrol cars to cover...and only 70 officers covering more then 50,000 people in usj "not sure about the figure".

All I am saying is...safety of this neighbourhood depends on merely 4 patrol cars and 70 police man, it's good that we try to help ourselves by putting up gates and guard houses...im asking my 11trees what we can do to help them help US.....maybe hannah yeoh can do something about this...we need more police man and more patrol cars for a start....

Encik Suhaimi,

We are very sorry to hear about what has happened to you. We understand how you feel as most of us in the committee, have in one way or another, experienced this before. Please accept our apologies for not being able to beat the robbers this time but rest assured, the committee members are working as fast as possible to arrest this growing problem in our area.

Unfortunately, there are still some of our neighbours who are extremely negative about what we are trying to do. They are not convinced that such things are actually happening here and that these incidents are merely perceived threats. Some of these sceptics are even trying to sabotage us from going ahead with our plans knowing full well we have your mandate. Well, we are not perturbed or discouraged. We will move ahead with our plans to get this project off the ground as soon as we can, in the interest of every resident here, sceptics included.

I also got another email from one of our committee member, Mr. Liew, who lives in USJ 11/3E. He had send me some information relating to crime on his street of which I would like to share with you. FYI, his brand new car was also stolen a couple of months ago! Here are some of the accounts he came across from his neighbours:

Case 1:

June 08, between 1am - 7am, USJ 11/3E - new car (about 2 months old) stolen from inside car porch. Thieves cut padlock and pry opened auto gate, and broke into the car before driving it away.

Case 2:

April 08 between 8pm - 9pm, USJ 11/3E - house burglared.

Case 3:

August 08 bewteen 10am - 10:30am, USJ 11/3E - 2 masked Chinese man with parang climbed over the gate and gained access to the house, locked lady owner in toilet, ransacked and took a lot of money and valuables away. Luckily no harm came to her.

Case 4:

August 08 (early morning), USJ 11/3E - chain fence cut and Rotweiller dog stolen.

Folks, these are recent incidents which are verifiable, which is only from one street - USJ 11/3E! We have been accused of using scare tactics by publishing cases so as to get the neighbours to join in the fight against crime. That is so ridiculous as the statistics speaks for itself. We should not even tolerate one incident let alone so many that have already happened.

We the committee members, would like to send a strong message to our sceptics that, we are doing this primarily to protect ourselves. There is no other agenda. However, out of this initiative, we hope that there will be positive spin-offs such as a better and more friendly neighbourhood, that reflects a true Malaysian community. And this is for everyone who lives in USJ 11/3, irrespective of our race, beliefs, colour or creed. And for that, we sincerely hope to get your fullest cooperation to make this initiative a success.

Thank you all.

Revised Layout Plan

The above plan is now finalised. Inputs and ideas from several residents have been incorporated into the revised plan (thank you folks for your feedback and ideas) and it has now been submitted to MPSJ for their attention.

A hardcopy will be distributed to you this weekend as well as forms for car stickers, etc. Please follow the instructions and timeline carefully as we do not want to inconvenient you when the security operations starts.

We anticipate hiccups and issues to crop up during the implementation stages, as such we would like to seek your kind cooperation and understanding so that the implementation is executed with minimal interruptions.

As for the residents who have not paid yet, please do so to your street leaders. This is crucial as if we are not able to collect sufficient funds, this project will fail. We seek your kind cooperation.

Who is first?

Dear Residents,

This morning, I had an interesting email from Michael Chow, one of our committee members which I am reproducing here...

Dear All,

Break-In Update

I was told by my neighbor (X USJ 11/3M - actual address removed) that their house were broken into yesterday afternoon. When the police arrived to do the investigation, they said that yesterday alone, 6 houses were broken into in our area!
Are these people trying to beat our dateline in setting up the Guarded Community!


Michael Chow

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Comment moderation

Dear Residents,

I would like to inform you that I have decided to moderate the comments posted here in this blogsite after getting comments which are not constructive in our committee's view in our attempts to make the security project a reality. So, if you feel strongly about the issues at hand, please come forward as we would like you to contribute alongside us rather than just suggest and full stop! That is such an easy way out...!

As the intention of this blogsite is for our community, I will restrict it to our residents residing here in USJ 11/3. As such, if you wish to post your comments, kindly leave me your contact so that I know who you are and that you actually live in this area. Anyone signing off as anonymous will not be entertained from now on. I believe if you are sincere in wanting to share your concerns, you will at least have the courtesy to leave your us your name and address.

I would like to reiterate that I have left the comments open before, for a reason. To have open and mature discussions that affects our community and I was hoping that as responsible adults, you will leave your details behind so that we know who we are talking to. If you do not wish to reveal who you are, then there is no reason for us to have any discussions at all as it has to be a two way interaction between the parties concerned.

For those who have doubts about the work done by the 20 odd committee members, feel free to get in touch with us and we will address it with you personally on the issues that you may have.

Thank you for your understanding.

Did the victim know she was going to be next?

From The Star

Tuesday September 9, 2008 MYT 4:46:49 PM
Woman stabbed to death by robbers

SHAH ALAM: Two armed robbers who stabbed a woman hostage to death were killed in a shootout when a crack police team stormed the house that had been set ablaze by the robbers.

Two other robbers who were outside the house were arrested during the 4.45am incident on Tuesday at the D'Kayangan housing estate here.

The victim and her family members were in the midst of their morning prayers and sahur when the robbers struck.

State CPO Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said the victim, a 41-year-old woman, had slash wounds on her throat and wrist.

“We do not know the exact cause of death yet and will wait for the post mortem report.

“The woman’s husband and two children, aged 18 and 20, escaped unharmed, “ he said.

DCP Khalid said the police recovered a . 32 Smith & Wesson revolver from one of the dead robbers.

The revolver was reported stolen from a senior government officer’s house here on Sept 3.

DCP Khalid said police had to storm the burning house after all negotiation efforts failed.

“We received an emergency call at about 4.45am and a patrol car in the vicinity responded.

“When they reached there they managed to nab two of the robbers and called for backup when they realised there were two armed men in the house holding up the family of four,” he added.

DCP Khalid then led a team to the crime scene and found that the businessman husband and two children had managed to escape.

He said the police asked the robbers to surrender but they refused.

“My men who had taken position at strategic locations saw them causing harm to the victim and saw that they had even set fire to the room where they were.

“When all negotiation efforts failed we had to act fast to try and rescue the victim,” he added.

The crack police team forced their way into the house and in the ensuing shootout killed the two armed robbers. The woman was found slumped on the floor and was bleeding.

She was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

It is learnt that the victim and her family members were the only family living in the new housing estate.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Collection means commencement!

Dear Residents,

The Committee Members and Street Leaders have started collecting the money from all of you for this security project. We are happy to say that the response have been quite good so far although there were some who wanted more information about the operations before they decided to come on board. Most of the residents were very happy with the security project. With the commencement of the collection, we hope to start the operations by 27 September 2008.

I would like highlight two persons who participated from Street 11/3M. A gentleman and Mr. Chin, in particular. Both owned properties in USJ 11/3 but do not live here. They come occasionally to clean up their property. Both have called us up and made payments to our very surprised Street Leader, Michael! He never thought it would have been possible as he had tried many times in the past to get in touch with them before but gotten nowhere. Anyway, thank you Mr. Chin and the other unidentified gentleman for your kind support.

Now, what about the rest of you who live here? Have you done your part yet? If not, please do so as soon as possible.

Anyway, the Committee met last night (5 September 2008) and made many important decisions related to the procurement of car stickers, plaques, guard houses, boom gates, etc. With that done, the many different procurement tasks will be executed as soon as possible. We will also be deciding on which security company to award the contract to and it will be one from the three quotations that we have obtained from three different security companies.

For your information, the criteria for the selection of the guards are:

1. Professionalism, well trained and English speaking.
2. Preferably Napelese as they are known to be very responsible guards. (Locals may cause other problems).
3. Reliability (company stand point).
4. How long have they established themselves?
5. References.
6. Price - are they reasonable?
7. How well equipped are they?
8. Other considerations, public liability insurance, etc.

We will try to meet the target date set and hopefully have the security up and running by then. Also, once the stickers and the peripherals are all are done, it will be distributed to all of you who have paid. Folks, there is no turning back now! Thanks again for your resounding support!

Please do contact your Street Leaders should you have any queries in the meantime.

Thank you.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Dear Residents,

Someone is going round collecting money purportedly on behalf of the Committee members. Please do not entertain anyone you cannot identify. We have distributed the leaflet with all the faces of the committee members. Their contacts are also in there. If you are still not sure, please cross check with our blogsite.

All moneys collected will be given a receipt issued by YOUR STREET leaders ONLY! In other words, designated street leaders will only issue the receipt for their streets members/residents. If you choose to give the cheque to the other committee members, they MUST get the receipt from that particular street leader to issue a receipt for you. If you must pay cash, please pay directly to the street leaders and duly ask for your receipt.

There is a young Indian man who is going round the houses asking for less than six months payment but in cash - no cheque. He calls himself "YOGI". There is no such thing as 2 months or whatever. We have written to you formally and we will stick to the plan. If you want to make changes in the payment plan, please do talk to the street leaders concern whom we have identified for you in the leaflet.

If possible please pay us in cheque only for control purposes. Please fellow residents, please careful and be constantly aware of people whom you do not know or may take advantage of the situation.

Thank you for your understanding.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Best Guess-timates!

Dear Residents,

I have had many calls the last couple of days, especially from our fellow committee members who have told me that most residents have requested the breakdown of the cost which we have indicated in our flyers. Because it was very much a Work-In-Progress, we did not want to show the breakdown. But due to overwhelming request, we have decided to show you how we derive the figures for the costing and post this information for you on our blog-site. But please be reminded that we have not finalised anything yet as we are still in information gathering mode. After gathering all the necessary information from suppliers, etc, it will be presented to the entire committee for consideration before any decisions can be made. Anyway, below are the information required:

1. 24x7 Security Guards:

Five (5) guards in morning and five (5) guards at night - well trained, 2 on constant patrol on motorcycle with flashing yellow lights, to patrol throughout the housing area. Security personnel will be equipped with uniform, whistle, baton, torch light, walkie-talkie and clocking system at check points.
Estimated cost - RM17,000 (include 5% government tax)

2. Mild Steel Boom Gates (Gate point 1 & 2)

Estimated cost - RM4,400 (2 nos.)

3. Drums with Mild Steel Pipe Gate (Gate point 3,4 & 5)

Estimated cost - RM4,500 (8 sets)

4. Guard House at Gate 1 & 2 (8' x 6' x 8 1/2' @ RM2,025 per set)
Estimated cost - RM4,500

5. Wiring works to Guard House at Gate 1 & 2 + installation spot light
Estimated cost - RM1,300

We hope you will now have a better idea on how we came about with our estimated cost. Please be informed that, should there be any excess funds, it will be put in a sinking fund to be used in other community projects, such as gathering for all residents during major festivals, etc.

We are also working out the cost of implementing the perimeter fencing project which we hope to carry out by the end of the year but that would very much depend on the the availability of funds.

By the way, the committee members will be meeting again this coming Friday evening to address some of the issues and to move forward with the plans. If you have any concerns or maybe better ideas or suggestion, we would like to invite you to come and meet with us. It will be at Chatters at 9:30 pm on Friday, September 5, 2008.

Thank you.