"Together - Let us keep our neighborhood safe"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Break in reported - more updates later

Dear Residents,

The burglars are still at it - this time another case reported in USJ 11/3N. It happened sometime around 12:30pm when no one was home. We should not let our guard down. Our area USJ 11/3 is still 'under attack' and we should be always be on the alert.

More updates later.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ


There was another case reported around 2:30 pm bringing the total cases to two yesterday. There were also 2 foreigners who looked like Middle Eastern loitering around that area, ringing the door bell and asking for 'piano teachers'. If you see any such characters, please call the police or alert our guards. This spate of burglary is not over yet. In the meantime, we have started to issue stickers to non-paying residents. Once that is done, more stringent checks will be carried out. If you do not want to be inconvenient, kindly paste the stickers (paid for by your other contributing neighbours) onto your car windscreens.

For Kindergarten operators and Tuition centres, we will be insisting on them getting passes for their client's cars in order for them to come into our area inhibited. These are necesaary measures in the wake of what is currently happening in our area.

Please take note.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

USJ residents come together for Family Day

The Star
Thursday June 24, 2010

Photos by DARRAN TAN

IT WAS quite a sight to see a group of young children scrambling around the MPSJ field as they attempted to catch chickens at the inaugural USJ Family Day.

Besides “catch the chicken”, the children also enjoyed interactive sessions with a fire truck, fire-extinguishing demonstrations, balloon sculptures, bouncy castles, carnival games and a football clinic.

Other activities include telematches, clown show, sand art craft, face painting, flea market, free health screening, blood donation, performances by local groups, as well as two football exhibition matches for an Under-15 group (Brazil Football Centre vs Subang Jaya Community Football Club) and veterans (Brazil Football Centre vs JKP Zone 3 Team).

Several stalls had been set up on the field offering a variety of food and drinks, as well as products and services by sponsors.

Aspiring footballers: A free football clinic for boys and girls under 15.

The Star’s Circulation Department manned a booth offering special subscription rates to those who signed up at the event, while JKP Zone 3 had a recruitment drive for the community’s volunteer patrolling unit (VPU) and voter registration.

The USJ Family Day was the largest-scale event organised thus far by the MPSJ’s JKP Zone 3 (comprising USJ 2-15).

It was aimed at fostering family and community ties, and featured a host of fun activities for the family.

Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh, who launched the event, congratulated the JKP Zone 3 for organising an event focusing on the core subject of everyone’s heart — family, and hoped the residents would take the opportunity to get to know their neighbours.

Playing fire fighter: The children had a great time clambering up and down the fire truck, as well as sitting behind the wheel of the truck.

“From the past events that we’ve had, there have been requests for activities where the residents from various neighbourhoods can mingle and communicate with one another.

“I hope there will be more cross-border events like today’s Family Day to foster closer relationships.

MPSJ councillor and JKP Zone 3 chairman Rajiv Rishyakaran said: “We managed to organise the event on a RM20,000 budget, which included a RM10,000 allocation from Yeoh’s office, contributions by sponsors and part of our JKP allocation.

“It took us about six months to plan and execute the event, and we wouldn’t mind making the Family Day a yearly affair,” he said.

In his speech, Rajiv introduced the JKP concept to the residents and urged them to sign up for the VPU to work together with the police to keep their neighbourhood safe.

Numerous lucky draw gifts were given away, including shopping vouchers, food vouchers, Famous Amos hampers, a set of four Goodyear tyres, and pre-loaded Touch ‘n Go cards.

To mark the launch of the “No Plastic Bag Day” campaign in USJ, 500 reusable bags filled with vouchers were given away to the first 500 families who registered upon arrival.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Grandmother suffocated during robbery

Dear Residents,

This news report extracted from a website is not meant to frighten you but to highlight such possibilities which can also happen to us and our families. When we go out to work, our family members who are home most of the time will be most vulnerable.

If you think that such things won't happen to you then you need to get a reality check. Do read the article below. As we have said, no one is exclusive to such crimes. The question is, what are your doing about it?

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ


From the Malaysian Insider
June 14, 2010

TANJONG KARANG, June 14 — A woman suffocated after her mouth and nostrils were covered by a robber in an incident at her home in Parit Empat here last night.

Kuala Selangor deputy police chief DSP Zulkifli Jonet said in the 11.30pm incident, the 56-year-old grandmother was watching television with her daughter and two grandchildren when three robbers broke into the house.

“The shocked victim, upon seeing the men armed with machetes and knives, screamed before one of the men placed his palm tightly over her mouth and nostrils, suffocating her,” he said today.

Zulkifli said the two other men ordered the woman’s daughter, 33, to hand over RM500 and jewellery worth about RM50,000 before they escaped on a stolen Honda EX5 motorcycle which was later found about 200 metres from the victim’s house, believed to have been left behind by the robbers.

“The victim’s daughter and grandchildren were unharmed, while her body was sent to Tanjong Karang Hospital.”

He said police were looking for the three suspects, believed to be locals, and urged anyone with information on the incident to contact the nearest police station or investigating officer Inspector Mohd Iqbal Mohamad at 03-3289-1222. — Bernama

Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 2010 Newsletter (UPDATED)

Dear Residents,

It has been a very bad month as far as our security situation is concerned in our “kampung” for the last few weeks. Here is why:

Incident # 1 – 4 houses were broken into on 19 May 2010 on streets 3P, 3N, 3K and 3E. This break-in we suspect was coordinated and planned and it happened within a window of between 10 am to 4 pm. After visiting and talking to all the victims, there were some common elements which all of us should take note:

1. Houses were empty at the time of occurrence.
2. The occupants left and came back home almost at the same time everyday.
3. There were no alarms installed.
4. Some were without grill or left the main gates unlocked.
5. The immediate neighbours did not take much notice of what was happening.

Incident # 2 – there was a snatch theft on 20 May 2010 at night along 3F.

Incident # 3 – a few cars were splashed with paint on May 30, 2010 at 3L.

Incident # 4 – a house was broken into on June 4, 2010 at 3E.

Incident # 5 - unsuccessful house break-in attempt on June 9, 2010 at 3P

Most of the victims felt that it should not have happened as we are now gated and guarded. True but does that mean we let our guard down? Most of us unfortunately have taken things a lot for granted. They have allowed their guard to come down and with that; the criminals only see opportunities. This is not the first time we have sent out warnings to be vigilant and we are sure it will not be the last.

In view of that, the Committee in its latest meeting has decided to take immediate and drastic measures to address this deteriorating situation.


ALL residents will be issued with car stickers. Old car stickers will be retrieved without exceptions. Forms will be given out to all non-paying residents to issue them all the stickers. Once this exercise is done, ALL cars with no stickers will be stopped and checked. So, please extend your cooperation if you do not want to be inconvenienced. This will also allow us to impose further controls on commercial vehicles, cars coming in for tuition purposes, etc.


There will be a reshuffle of duties for the guards. The idea is to have more guards on duty in the day time and to increase our patrolling effectiveness. We have already met with the Security Company and this will be implemented without further delay. We will also monitor them closely.


We will be closing one of the main gates and also will reduce access to at least 50% of the small side gates. With less access, our control in people coming in and going out will be more effective, given the limited resource that we have. We expect complaints but we will have to deal with this.


We will be imposing entry passes to people from outside coming into our area frequently. This proposed pass may need to incorporate pictures to prevent abuse of the passes. We will be insisting on those who are giving tuitions or running kindergartens (tadikas) in our area to have the parents apply for such passes. For contractors, they will be required to fill in the forms and those with workers residing at the work site to have all their personal particulars recorded before they are allowed in.


We will be issuing all the residents with stickers but will have a different design for the non-paying residents. There is no reason for the residents not to cooperate now that we are going to issue all with stickers. The reason for this is to ease the checks on all the residents in our area and to let the guards focus the checks on outsiders. As such, please get your stickers and have it pasted on your windscreens. If not, you will be stopped unnecessarily for checks by the guards.

On this note, we, the committee wishes to express our disappointment in being unsuccessful in uniting all the residents in our kampung. Some of you still think we are doing this to enrich ourselves while some of you think we are a nuisance to you. Well, whichever way you think, we would like to let you know that we are all very disappointed on some of these outcomes as we have tried so hard to make our home a better, safer place to live in. Sometimes, we are just lost at what else we could do. Remember, it is easy to criticize as they say ‘talk is cheap’ but actually getting involved and doing something about it is something else.

So, do take heart. Next time you intend to criticize, you might want to think about what the motivation factor is for the committee members to sacrifice their time and do this work voluntarily. It is for all of us, selfish as it may sound.


There is immediate plan to cover all subscribing residents with insurance of up to RM10, 000 for break-ins. There are no plans to increase our subscription to provide this free coverage to all the paying residents. However, the payment terms will be subjected to the Insurance Company. It will be group coverage for our “kampung” under a Master Policy under our Resident Association.

Our targeted date to implement this is June 30, 2010. Forms from the Insurance Company will be issued so kindly fill in all your details. Once we have completed this process, the cover will be in full force.


We have already applied for the additional street lights to be installed and we are following up on the progress of getting this done. At this stage, we have been informed that TNB requires a supporting letter from MPSJ on the application on the additional street lights. As well as that TNB needed to install additional pillars for the street lights and cables. These will be additional costs to us. We are monitoring closely and hope to get all these done as soon as possible.


As usual, the Committee cannot carry out all the plans if you the resident do not contribute. This is critical for us to collectively make this a safer place to live in. So, please continue to support this cause by paying up the subscription. We have also heard from some residents that they plan to “boycott” this scheme just because they learned that there were cases of break-ins recently.

To boycott the scheme would only mean boycotting ourselves. We are all in this together and the Committee members are just facilitators who try to ensure that certain measures which are collectively beneficial to our community are carried out. Without each and every one of us working together, we are nothing. So, please understand there are no “you” or “me” in this – it is just us. We have a choice – band together and fight this menace OR let this security scheme die off and live in constant fear of break-ins, snatch theft and car theft. The choice is yours.


Our new USJ 8, OCS, Puan Chia has met with the Committee. She has given her commitment to ensure her team will give us maximum support. We are grateful to her commitment and support and we look forward to working with the police to provide a safer place for our community. The police will also be patrolling our area more often during the vulnerable times.


Here are some numbers to keep handy in case you need help but please only call in cases of emergency:

1. Mr. Lee Tong Keng (Manager Security Company) +6017 338 2433
2. Mr. Raj Buddha (Security Supervisor) +6012 977 4032
3. Mr. Prakash (Security Supervisor) +6010 290 8183
4. Balai Polis USJ 8 +603 5635 6904

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another attempted break in today at 3P

Wednesday, June 9

This afternoon around 1:30 p.m., yet another attempted break-in happened to one of the houses in 3P. Luckily, the neighbour of the victim's house, who was about to go out, spotted a car (Honda CRV - Silver) parked near the victim's house. After driving out of her house, she decided to make a round to take another look.

Just then, two men were seen running out of her neighbour's house. The alarm was also triggered. Both were Chinese, one of them short and storky while the other was taller in their late 20s or early 30s. They jumped into the Honda CRV and drove off with one more of their accomplice at the wheel.

This was an unsuccessful attempt as the alarm was triggered. Their modus operandi was the same. They took the clothings which were hung out to dry on the rack and position it in such a way as to block the view of them breaking the front grill and window to gain entry into the house.

This time they left empty handed. We are now reviewing all the CCTVs and also working closely with the police to try and apprehend these crooks.

In view of the recent spate of break-in incidences, the Committee will be implementing the measures that we have diliberating over the last two weeks since the first break-in incidences were reported.

We will be issuing newsletters immediately to all of the residents. Two of the immediate measures will be:

1. To issue all car stickers to ALL residents so that stringent checks will be carried out on all outsiders coming into our area.

2. To permanently close the gate near the Chatters restaurant to restrict cars from coming into our area. This will free up the guards to do active patrolling during the vulnerable hours. 50% of the small side gates will also be locked up to reduce entry points.

We expect these measures and more will pose a lot of inconveniences to a lot of people but we have no choice if we are to gain an upper hand against the criminals. This is also for the safety of all our residents so we hope to get your cooperation and your understanding.

Thank you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Man found dead at USJ 11/3

There was a man who was found dead in our area this morning around 10 am. There were a lot of policemen around who had cordoned off that area for investigations. They were seen removing the body from the scene. More details pending.


As reported earlier, a newspaper vendor was found dead in the drain in front of one of our resident's house. He had emailed the story to our Street Leader. He also commented on the patrol guard not noticing the bike which was parked in front of his house and that the rider was missing since last night.

We would like you to know that the patrol guard has since been removed and replaced by the Security company beginning tonight. We will continue to monitor the guards to ensure they carry out their duties as diligently as possible. Your feedback is also welcomed.

Anyway, here is the story from our resident in 3L in an email to our Street Leader, Murali:


Hi Murali

You may have wondered why there were so many police cars early in the morning just outside my house, No. xx.

Well, let's start the story from the beginning.

Last night at about 7pm, the newspaper guy came to collect the dues for last month. He looked drunk or on drugs or both, and parked his m/cycle just infront of our gate and rocked the gate and tried to come in thro the small door. I stopped him and came down to pay him the money and went back inside. This was not the first time he came to collect money in a drunken stupor.

At 8 pm, I noticed that the bike was still outside our gate and called his boss, didn’t get thro and called the other number, and one of his mates picked up. I told him about the bike but he was nowhere to be seen and asked him to come take the bike away.

This morning at 7am I saw the bike was still there and on checking, found the guy lying flat and outstretched inside the drain, somewhere inbetween my house and the neighbour on the right. I immediately called the police and also the newspaper boss, who appeared in a few minutes with a helper. They pulled him out from the drain but I could see that his body had already stiffened. Shortly afterwards, the police came.

One of the policeman told me there was blood on his head, and they covered up the body in a black plastic.

So, that's the story.

One disturbing matter is that our security people didn’t investigate this lonely motorcycle parked right in front of my gate throughout the night. The police came about 7:45am, but none of our security people were there when I left the house at about 820 am.

I was also told by one of our neighbours that recently there were 4 robberies / break-ins in 11 Trees?



Saturday, June 5, 2010

More bad news?

Dear Residents,

Yet another case of break in happened yesterday but this time it attracted a lot more attention as it happened sometime in the early evening when most people were out and about. The house owner was away overseas and the alarm was not switched on. The neighbours were not informed nor the guards so from the outside, everything looked normal. This was at 11/3E.

But something sinister happened inside the house. The thieves broke into the house and it was ransacked. Cash and jewelery were taken. There were probably other items stolen but up until yesterday night, the items missing were still being accounted for.

At that time, our guards were alerted and calls were made to some of our Committee members who immediately went to the scene. We also contacted Puan Chia, OCS of USJ 8 Police station who had her men at the scene soon after.

Eye witness account saw two cars driving away from the scene. One was a silver BMW (E46) and the other probably a white MYVi. There were three Chinese men - one short about 5'2" and bald. The other was tall and storky. They were hanging around their cars when they noticed the owner's sister driving up to the house. They immediately got into their cars and drove off in a hurry after they noticed that she was about to get help from the neighbours. One of them took off in the white car while the other two left in the BMW.

This was the warning which the Committee had been issuing all along, not to takes things for granted. It does not mean that with our guards rounding the area, we can keep 100% of everything in check. There are bound to be leaks so do your bit and put in as much preventive measures as possible. Imagine if there are no security guards. It will be a free-for-all and such cases will be an everyday occurence.

Thus, we cannot emphasize enough the need for us to be vigilant at ALL TIMES.

At any rate, the committee is already working on steps to prevent this from happening. But it will only work with your help. And this will start almost immediately. We will be sending out our newsletters out soon to inform you of the steps we will be adopting to enhance the security system which is in place.

We need your help and understanding to prevent more of such cases from happening.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ