"Together - Let us keep our neighborhood safe"

Friday, May 29, 2009

May 2009 Newsletter

Dear Residents of 11 Trees,

First and foremost, the committee would like to thank all the residents who have paid their monthly security fees and who have donated generously for the fencing. This has helped us get the project off the ground and as you can see the fencing project is near completion.

Monthly subscription and donations:

While the building is proceeding according to our schedule, we still have yet to collect the monthly fees from some of the residents. Please be considerate and pay your monthly fees as only with enough funds can the committee carry out the projects for our own well being. In this respect, we appeal to those who have not paid to kindly do so to your street leaders as soon as possible. Do have some consideration to your neighbours who have paid. The more people pay up the lesser the burden to everyone.

Improvement plans for our G&G:

We are still short in the donation for the fencing project as we have yet to install the gates and the CCTV system as part of boosting our security capabilities in our area.

We are also planning to install speed bumps at Gates 1 & 2. This is to prevent some inconsiderate drivers who have been speeding through the check points without due regard to the safety of our guards on duty. And this will be done as soon as possible.

We are also planning to implement passes for frequent visitors to our area (such as coming for kindergarten and tuition) with details like name, contact number and photos as there has been abuse of such passes of late which the Committee has detected. Your cooperation is highly appreciated in this matter.

Survey form:

We are doing a survey to get your feedback on our G&G and other matters. Please kindly fill in the forms so that we can get your for us to make improvements as we move forward. Once completed, please do pass to your street leaders before June 15, 2009.

Joint patrol with police:

There will be a joint patrol on the first and third Saturday of every month with the police from our USJ 8 police station. Chief Inspector Loi is fully supportive of this initiative and we have been getting very good cooperation from the police. We wish to foster good relationships with our police force and we hope that the residents can join in the patrol. Please assemble at the playground at 9 p.m. on the designated days. We look forward to as many of you participating as possible.

Sepak Takraw Bulat & Basketball 3-on-3 competition:

To foster better relationship and to promote healthy activities amongst the younger residents in our area, our USJ 11/3 RA plans to organize sepak takraw and basketball competition. This competition will be held on 19 July 2009 at the car park in Summit Shopping Centre. The forms for participation will be available soon. Please check with the street leaders or any of the Committee members. In future, we may organize more of such events if and when the participation is encouraging.

Please lookout for more details our website at www.usjeleventrees.blogspot.com.
First Anniversary celebration:

Our USJ 11/3 Residents Association is turning one in July 2009. In conjunction with this, we will be planning to have a ‘party’ of sorts. It will be held on Saturday, 11 July 2009 at 7 pm at the playground. There will be food, games and entertainment. More details will follow as and when we approach o the date.

Tree planting and cleanliness:

In association with MPSJ and our ADUN’s office, we will be making our area greener. We will be planting more trees within the zone of USJ 11/3. This will be carried out in the coming weeks

On May 31, 2009 (Sunday) the planting will commence on the main entrance coming in from Persiaran Perpaduan into Jalan USJ 11/6 (road parallel to USJ 11/3 and USJ 11/4N). Both sides of the nature strip will be planted with more trees. Do join in the program by coming with your shovels and “changkuls” this coming Sunday.

And to ensure that our area remains clean and to discourage indiscriminate throwing of rubbish everywhere, we will be meeting with people who are responsible with for Alam Flora to find out when they will be coming so that we can publish and make known their times of visit. This is to facilitate the proper and timely disposal of rubbish.

Street Leaders & Contacts:

Your street leaders and contacts are listed below. In case you are unable to reach any of them for whatever reasons, please kindly get in touch with any of the Committee Members which is available at our blog.

Row 3A YBhg Datuk Faridah 019-382 8740
Row 3B Mr. Vellu A/L Sinnakucandai 012-689 0805
Row 3C Tuan Hj Abdul Aziz Mohd Awal 019-645 0253
Row 3D Mr. Yong Yu Loong 012-383 3198
Row 3E Mr. Liew Kim Yen 019-223 7188
Row 3F Mr. Sivaneshwaran 012-265 9098
Row 3G Mr. Adrian Nathan 012-649 9397
Row 3K Mr. Lee Tick Seng 012-316 2977
Row 3L Mr. Murali 012-372 3140
Row 3M Mr. Michael Chow 012-209 9782
Row 3N Ms. Irene Chong Kim Song 017-275 8126
Row 3P Mr. David Chow Kee Cheok 019-383 8268

Thank you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The start of the Greening Project

Dear Residents,

Trees are the symbol of life. It cleans up the air that we breathe by removing the carbon, it gives us shade and it cools down the surrounding temperature. It is pleasing to look at and it serves as a home to birds and animals. It is such a precious gift of life which we take for granted. And so to give back something to nature, the greening of USJ is about to start.

Come this Sunday, May 31, 2009, we will see the beginning of our Tree Planting project initiated by the MPSJ and our ADUN for Subang Jaya, YB Hannah Yeoh. The first batch of some 90 trees will be planted along the USJ 11/6 main road, coming in from Persiaran Perpaduan and parallel to USJ 11/4N and USJ 11/3, until the end of USJ 11/6.

This event will be graced by YB Hannah Yeoh, YB Elizabeth Wong, EXCO for Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment for Selangor and YDP of MPSJ, YBhg. Datuk Adnan.

It will be done jointly with the RAs from both USJ 11/3 and USJ 11/4. ALL residents from both USJ 11/3 and USJ 11/4 are invited for this event. Please do come and give a helping hand to nature and start to green up our kampung in USJ. It will go a long way in creating a more natural and conducive environment for us all who lives here.

Please gather at the USJ 11/3 Children's playground this Sunday, May 31 @ 9 a.m. sharp. And do not forget to bring along your shovels and changkuls and help us plant the trees.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Joint Patrol

Last Saturday, there was a group of residents who joined the committee and the police on a joint patrol.

The residents and some of the Committee members assembled at the playground at about 9 p.m. They were later joined by 2 plain cloth police officer on unmarked motorcycle.

The group started the patrol from 3A and gradually made their way through the other streets in the neighbourhood. It ended at the main gate, that is, at Gate 4. A lone motorcyclist without helmet was stopped and checked by the two accompanying police.
Overall, it was a success and more such patrols will be organised in the future. All residents who are keen on this joint patrol - please do come and join us. It will be carried out every first and third Saturday of every month.

Do join us in making our neighbourhood safe.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ



THE next time you see a taxi hanging around longer than normal or the driver behaving suspiciously, SMS the vehicle registration number to the nearest police station.

Send details such as location of the taxi and other identifiable markings as well.

Subang Jaya OCPD ACP Zainal Rashid said the police needed the help of residents to look out for suspicious characters in their neighbourhood.

This follows the daring Scorpion-tattooed 'taxi-river' rapist case which occurred in Subang Jaya recently.

It is believed the suspect has been arrested.

"If you see a taxi driver parking his vehicle too long in a place and especially if he behaves suspiciously, sms us the vehicle number and we will check immediately."

"You can even call us if you suspect anything amiss," he told SJ Echo after making his routine rounds in Subang Jaya early Sunday morning.

This follows the shocking daylight assault and rape of a 17-year-old girl in a heavily-tinted taxi near a condominium in Kelana Jaya recently. The victim had hailed the cab in Subang Jaya at 3pm. After driving her around Subang Jaya and Shah Alam, the cabbie stopped near the condominium where the offence was committed.

Zainal said this also applied to other vehicles and people residents observed to be acting suspiciously.

Residents can call or sms the following:

Contact Numbers:

IbuPejabat Polis Daerah Subang Jaya
Telephone: 03 8948 4822
Fax: 03 8945 0859
OCPD Zanial Rashid bin Hj Abu Bakar

Balai Polis SS17 - 03 5633 2222
C/I Tuan Sulaiman Bin Baputty - 019 3707100

Balai Polis USJ8 - 03 5635 6904
C/I Tuan Loi Yew Lik - 012 4118843
S/I Amir - 012 2713294

Balai Polis Taipan - 03 5633 7222
Sarjan Thanabalan - 012 2135377

Balai Polis Putra Heights - 03 5192 2404
S/I Tuan Nordin Bin Mustaffa - 012 3150775
Sarjan Mejar Abdul Wahab Bin Abdullah - 019 3626760

Balai Polis Bandar Sunway - 03 5638 2122
Inspector Tuan Harikrishnan Muralitharan - 012 5818927

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trees, trees everywhere?

Dear Residents,

An initiative to green our area by our ADUN, YB Hannah Yeoh and MPSJ will be launched in the coming weeks. YB's vision is to see a lot of full grown trees in five years time and it is possible - with our help.

MPSJ will be providing us with the trees and together, we will be planting the trees in our vincinity. The best part is, there will be lots of it! It will be planted along the road shoulders, in the padang and in areas where we think the trees will bring benefits to us as residents in the area.

It is also timely as the heatwave we have been experiencing of late, has taken its toll on most of us, if not all!

And you will be invited to participate in this historic event soon. Watch out for updates in this blog.

More details to come.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Friday, May 15, 2009

Ah Lek's Kitchen

We are indeed lucky to have so many facilities and amenities around our area in USJ 11/3. And there are so many choices of eatery nearby and all within walking distance. The choices here are immense if you care to look!

Recently, at the Foon Ying Restaurant, a new operator has replaced the previous “Tai Chau” operator. They are now bringing a us new concept in dining experince and it is a wholesome family dining!

Known only as Ah Lek’s Kitchen, it is cooking up a storm in our neighbourhood. Good food at reasonable prices is the order of the day.

Operated by family members of Raymond, you will not miss their friendly demeanor. Always serving you with a smile, it certainly adds some warmth to the no frills family dining experience. The ambience is interesting as on the wall you can see a large poster of pictures from the past, notably from Penang! Never quite got the significance of it but I am sure there are some interesting stories behind it!

On their menu are the usual fare like sweet and sour fish, yummy crabs, prawns, deep fried octopus dipped in flour and salted egg, a large varieties of fresh vegetables, their home made tofu and many more. Try their fried noodles, it is truly tasty and nice.

Raymond, who lives here in our very own neighbourhood, 11 Trees with his wife and family, is from a family of food operators. So, this venture is most certainly not new to him. With his network of relatives, uncles and aunties in the other corners of Malaysia, such as Pahang, operating food outlets, he assures us that he can even obtain the best fresh water fish - genuine river fish if one were to order ahead.

Their chef, has been cooking for many years starting off as an apprentice when he was just 13! Experience is thus something that is not what he lacks. And you can tell from the delicious food he and his team of cooks churns up. It is indeed a diner for your family and friends.

Ah Lek's kitchen is opened from 5:30 pm to 11:30 pm daily serving non-halal food. It is located at the Foon Ying restaurant at No. 19, Jalan USJ 11/3, 47620 Subang Jaya.

You can call Raymond or Sum at +6017 956 2713 to make your bookings.

Joint bi-monthly patrol

Dear Residents,

The Resident's Association has made a formal application to the Police in USJ 8 on a bi-monthly joint patrol in our area. The program, "Rondaan Bersama Ahli Persatuan dan Polis di kawasan USJ 11/3" is supported by Chief Inspector Tuan Loi, the new head of our USJ 8 Police Station.

The bi-monthly patrol will be held every first and third Saturday of every month, from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. This is to enable us to foster a better understanding and working relationship between us, the residents and the police.

We would like to encourage all our residents of USJ 11/3 to come and join us for this bi-monthly event. It will start from the children's playground and we will then proceed from row to row beginning with Row A and finishing at Row P.

We hope you will join the us in this initiative to enable us to foster a closer relationship between the Police and all our residents living in USJ 11/3.

The first joint patrol will start tomorrow at 9 p.m. Please do gather at the Children's playground.

See all of your there!

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Thursday, May 14, 2009

In 2006....

Dear Residents,

I picked up this article while surfing the internet a couple of days ago. This article was published in 2006. What is interesting is that, we in USJ 11/3 merely followed what others have already done. We are indeed not the first one. This is merely for record and for your reading as well.

Jeffrey Khoo
11 Trees @ USJ


Tuesday September 5, 2006
USJ 17 folks opt to pay for security

Residents of USJ 17 Zone A have installed their own security measures in the wake of the many crime incidents occurring in the USJ township.

Starting Sept 1, these proactive residents who used to carry out their own night patrols under the Neighbourhood Watch programme have paid security guards to patrol their neighbourhood.

Dr Kow (second from left) putting up a sign at the USJ 17 Zone A security guardhouse during the launch of the paid security system. On his left (in striped shirt) is Thai.
The round-the-clock security service is made possible through the collection of RM40 monthly from each household.

Currently, about 160 out of the 224 households in the zone have agreed to be part of the paid security programme.

The residents’ spokesman Felix Thai said four guards work on three shifts to monitor vehicles coming into and going out of the neighbourhood.

“The guards patrol the neighbourhood from 11pm to 7am but they’ll be at the guardhouse during the day.

“The area now has a single entry and exit system that enables the guards to check and verify those entering our neighbourhood.

“There have been cases of snatch thefts and daylight robbery by parang-wielding robbers at the quieter lanes. Even cars parked in front of our homes have been stolen.

“We are doing our bit to fight or at least minimise crime incidents here,” added Thai when met at the launch of the paid security system recently.

Thai said the neighbourhood only had a pro tem committee currently as a residents’ association (RA) had not been formed.

Guest-of-honour at the event, Kinrara assemblyman Dr Kow Cheong Wei, was taken on a tour of the neighbourhood by the residents to see some of the security measures which have been implemented.

These include the putting up of chain-link fencing around the entire zone, starting from the dense bushes and trees that lead into adjacent neighbourhood of USJ 13.

On one particular lane which students regularly use to walk to SMK USJ 13, a narrow gate has been put up to prevent motorcyclists from entering the neighbourhood.

“Snatch thieves are often motorcyclists and the width of this gate makes it passable only to pedestrians and cyclists,” said Thai, adding that the gate was only opened from 6am to 9pm to allow students to pass. It is locked after the said time.

“Barricades have also been installed on small lanes so that no cars can ply these routes and they'll all need to exit via the guardhouse,” he explained.

Residents also cleared parts of the bushes bordering USJ 13 as the area could make a perfect hideout for criminals.

Kow said the land with the thick undergrowth belonged to Petronas subsidiary Gas Malaysia, and underground gas pipes run beneath the area.

The residents hoped Gas Malaysia would send workers to cut grass there more often as the area was infested with mosquitoes.

Kow, who pledged a RM2,000 contribution to the neigh- bourhood's efforts, said the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) were aware of the measures implemented by the residents.

“Since 2002, MPSJ has issued letters of ‘no objection’ to residents for their efforts in building their own guardhouse and other security initiatives.

“The council cannot give their approval, but they can issue the ‘no objection’ letters,” he added.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A new RA is born!

A historical meeting was held at the Chatters Restaurant tonight. The pro-tem committee members from our neighbouring area of USJ 11/4 came to meet with some of the Committee members on the invitation of our Chairman, Ng P. H.

The meeting was initiated to share with them the experience that we have had in setting up our committee since we started some 10 months ago. The pro-tem committee are hoping to do the same in USJ 11/4. This is indeed very good as we had always encouraged our neighbouring areas to take up the initiative to make their area safe and secure like what we have done and what we are continuing to do.

Collectively, we could make USJ 11 a less attractive area for criminals to come and commit their dastardly deeds. There is no guarantee but at least we can increase our cooperation and vigilance if all of us start to pay more attention to crimes, which unfortunately is on the rise.

Anyway, during the meeting, we managed to share with them some of the pains and the joys of success that we have experienced, the last 10 months or so. What we could do to help them now is to make things a lot easier for them to set up their RA as we can share with them our mistakes and our areas of success.

We are indeed most happy to be able to assist and share our experience with them and we hope they will make their RA in USJ 11/4, a resounding success.

On our part, we will continue to support and help them achieve their goals.

Good luck guys!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cowardly tactics

Dear Residents,

We have received an interesting comment from Madam Chan of which is extracted and posted for your reading:


Dear Committee,

I am very grateful for the good works on the overall project. The sad thing is someone is using my address to report about the perimeter fencing. The person is so cheeky to use my address and someone name to do the MPSJ report.

How do I found out, by coincidence my pet tear open the letter and since it was from MPSJ I have it piece together to see what is it about. To my dismay I found out the it contains the report of the perimeter fence. I was so mad I immediately go to MPSJ to cancel the report.I also found out the person also uses a false Tel. No.

They are cowards out there who do things using people's addresses, I am really very angry about this issue.

But I am giving all the thumbs up for all who have sweat over this project. A BIG THANK YOU TO COMMITTEE OF USJ11/3.

Mdm Chan/3A


As you can read from the comment posted above by Madam Chan, there are people who have nothing else better to do but to try and make our projects fail. They will do anything to sabotage something which is positive and beneficial for our community including using other people’s names and disguise. As Madam Chan has rightly put it – these people are COWARDS! So, why are people like that?

I was talking to the contractor who was busy working on the fence a few days ago and he told me that there was this man who had tried to stop them from carrying on with their work. He had also questioned the contractor about who had given him the authority to build the fence.

The contractor managed to identify this man, a non-paying resident from No. 10, 11/3K who had lodged a complaint against us to MPSJ before when we started many months ago. But he does not have the guts to meet with the Committee! We are ever ready to meet with him and ask him what his problem really is so that we can work towards resolving it. But he never did come forward but choose to intimidate the contractors who have been awarded the works by the Committee.

The Committee is very open and is willing to meet anyone. So, do step forward if you feel strongly that what we are doing is wrong. We will try our best to address your issues with us. But please also be reminded that with mandates from more than 500+ residents, we represent the majority, the people who are behind us. That means, we speak on their behalf as well!

Anyway, I told the contractor to pass on the committee members’ contacts should he come across such cases again but work should not stop but in fact should be expedited.

In any case, the reason for publishing the comment above was to alert you that some people are trying to sabotage our efforts (reasons only known to themselves) in our efforts to make our neighbourhood a better place to live in. The Committee is resolute in implementing what we have planned for the common good of all. In fact, such cases will only make it stronger!

We will not fail in our efforts to carry out our plans as the mandate has been given by you, our residents of USJ 11/3. And we, the Committee, promise you, there will be more initiatives to come.

Jeffrey Khoo
11 Trees @ USJ

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Project Fencing - FINALLY!

Dear Residents,

By now, you would have noticed the fencing works that are going on which are done on a ‘high-speed’ basis. We are indeed very pleased to see the construction work going smoothly albeit some challenges from the selfish individuals who have made complaints to the MPSJ. We expect the work to be completed in the next 1-2 weeks. This will be followed by the installations of the gates at the various entrances where the temporary drums are placed.

The subscription and donation collections have been encouraging after our recent appeal and also after our committee walkabout during the weekends. Those who did not pay earlier, did so. And you will be pleased to know that, there have been new subscribers as well. People who did not believe in us or paid us the last time have signed up, finally! So a big "THANK YOU" for your kind and generous support and also to the anonymous donor who has contributed RM5,000 to the project.

We hope more of you will do so. This will help lighten the burden of everyone and will enable us to carry out more projects that are related to security in the future.

For example, we plan to carry out improvements to the guard houses to provide better shelter and protection to the guards on duty from rain/shine. We also intend to install security cameras or CCTV in our vincinity. These future plans however, largely depends on the availability of the funds that we are able to collect from you. So, please do your part if you have not done so!

Anyway, once our fence is up, we plan to reduce the number of guards to bring our monthly operational costs down. This reduction in guards will be replaced and enhanced by deploying technology such as CCTV. These CCTV systems will be installed at strategic places and will be operated around the clock.

As a registered association, we are also in position to seek financial and other assistance from MPSJ and other relevant government agencies to provide and improve on the facilities in our area such as installation of more street lights, Fustal court, tree planting and beautification program, etc.

But improvement without a care about our surroundings will come to a naught. Cleanliness is a key factor and it starts with you!

Taking care of our surroundings and our environment will be the step in the right direction and is our collective responsibility. In this respect, please do ensure rubbish are not discriminately thrown around especially garden refuse like cut branches. leaves and old furnitures that are currently left on the road shoulders.

It is such an unsightly and uncivilised thing to do, not to mention being totally inconsiderate to your neighbours. Please call Alam Flora and they will come and collect it off you. Please do your part and contribute towards our collective efforts in making USJ 11/3 a truly pleasant and safe place to live.

Thank you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ