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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Diwali Greetings

To all our Hindu Friends - "Happy Deepavali to you and your family
From USJ 11/3 community

Friday, October 14, 2011

October 2011 Newsletter

Dear Residents,

Payment for your security services are up. We are now collecting for the period October 2011 – March 2012. We can only provide this service with your continued support. Please do make your payments as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, here are some latest updates within our area.

We have taken various measures to beef up our security in our area due to the escalating crime in and around our area. More checks were carried out on vehicles entering into USJ 11/3 without valid car stickers. It has proven to be effective in some ways and we would like to thank all the residents for their kind cooperation.

Payment October 2011 – March 2012:

Please make your cheque out to “Persatuan Penduduk USJ 11/3, Subang Jaya, Selangor”. Please make sure the name is complete and pass it to your Street Leader. Remember to ask for your receipts as you will need it in event of insurance claims.

Your continued support is important for us to ensure we are able to carry out these services. We thank you in advance for your kind support.

Meeting with USJ Police:

Recently, on 10 September 2011, we invited the USJ Police to meet with the residents. We also invited Councillor Rajiv for the meeting. Some 50 residents along with the Committee members came to meet with the Police at the USJ 11/3 padang.

USJ 8 Police Chief, Tuan Inspector Farid along with some of his officers came for the meeting. Tuan Farid then briefed the residents on the incidences of crime and the measures taken to prevent crime in our area. He also mentioned the "MyDistress" application, a service to send distress signal to the police with a touch of a button. The service is provided by a private company and it works on smart-phones only and currently the services are only available in Selangor with plans to roll it out nationwide.

He spoke about the crime rate in our area and has said that the G&G has been very effective in reducing crime in USJ and Subang Jaya in general. He also briefed the residents on the recent Parang gang active in USJ and said the police is doing everything they can to nab these criminals.

Councillor Rajiv briefed the residents on matters of interest such as the development that is currently taking place on the playground and the replacement for Alam Flora as their contract for the garbage collection services had been terminated.

Meeting with Kamal – resident of No. 10 USJ 11/3K:

At that same meeting, we also invited resident Kamal to meet with the residents as he had continued with his complaints to MPSJ and even to KDN in Putrajaya. Several residents particularly the ones living along USJ 11/3K turned up wanting to meet with him.

Despite an official letter sent and many phone calls and SMS made to him inviting him to the meeting, he did not show up. A lot of the residents especially from USJ 11/3K who wanted to meet with him personally to understand what he was complaining about - were disappointed when he did not show up.

Since he did not show up, we will inform MPSJ of his no-show as MPSJ was copied on the invitation to him for the dialogue with the residents.

Insurance Claim for Burglar Victim in USJ 11/3A:

The Committee has recently handed over a cheque of about RM10,000 to a burglar victim in USJ 11/3A. They were a victim of a house burglary a few months ago. The money came from the insurance claim which was paid out by the Insurance Company where we took the policy from.

Although the money was not enough to cover their losses and the trauma they had gone through, it was a small relief to the victims.

For your information, the Insurance Policy which is still in force was taken out by the Committee to cover all the paying resident’s losses in event of a burglar/robbery in their homes.  Again, we hope all the residents will continue to support our security scheme by continuing to pay the subscriptions.

Please ensure you keep the receipts to prove that you have made payment as without that we cannot make the claims.
Thank you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Monday, October 10, 2011

Letter from concern resident

Dear All,

Just to bring to attention the number of residents whom thinks by dumping their rubbish at public trees or areas will keep their home area cleaner. They think, eventually the garbage collector will collect it. This is happening in USJ 11 / 3 and I believe many other areas and sad because subang jaya / usj is supposed to be a developed area with affordable society. You will be surprise some even drives big cars to dump their rubbish there.

Regretably they do not CARE that by dumping rubbish at those areas, it will expose to crows, cats, other pest and even 'so called recycle scavengers' whom will leave the place dirty and unhygienic. Old sofas  and mattresses left there might even collect rain etc resulting to aedes breeding etc. There is also someone whom dump his spoilt flourescent tube at recycle collection area and hoping will be collected within next few days by the organisation. What happen if someone accidentally step on it etc?

I think about time we have laws to make those caught to do community work instead of just fines. Am sure community work like doing cleanign of public areas will make them understand.

Just sharing!!!


First Insurance Payout

Monday, 3 October 2011

Insurance Payout

Burglary victim gets insurance payout thanks to USJ11/3 Residents Association's initiative

AN innovative initiative to insure all 500 houses who had subscribed to the Gated & Guarded scheme by the USJ11/3 Residents Association paid off when one house owner whose house was burgled received a “small windfall”.K.K. Ng, 64 received his insurance payout of RM9,925 recently from committee members of the association led by its chairman Ng Peng Hin.

“We insured every household for RM10,000 each in the eventuality of a burglary.”

“This is the first claim to be paid out by the insurance company since we started almost a year ago,” Ng said.
According to Ng, every household contributed RM50 monthly for security guards, maintenance of the fencing parameter and CCTV among others under their G&G scheme.

“We had some excess funds from the RM50 we collected from each household. So we invested it in insurance to cover for burglaries,” Ng said. K.K. Ng said although the amount was not enough to cover his losses, he was happy to receive the insurance payout.

“The break-in happened in June and we got the payout this month,” he said.