"Together - Let us keep our neighborhood safe"

Monday, May 30, 2011

May-June 2011 Newsletter

Dear Residents,

It is time for the collection of subscriptions again, that is payment for the next six months (April – September 2011). We need your continued support to ensure the security services will not be compromised in any way.

There is a story published on our blog on USJ 26 where because of lack of support, their G&G scheme came to a complete stop. Since that time, there was a surge in crime in that area. Please do visit our blog for that story which was extracted from SJ Alert.

While it has been relatively quiet in USJ 11/3, it has not been the case in some parts of Subang Jaya and USJ. The crime rate has in fact gone up in certain areas where it is considered vulnerable. If you like to know more of such stories, please sign up on SJ Alert or go to our blog and follow that link.

This is but just one source of such information. There may be more cases which we may not be aware of or are not reported. In which case, the number of criminal cases in Subang Jaya and USJ would have been higher.

And because of our apathy, our G&G scheme could also suffer the same fate. Sad to say, the collection thus far has dwindled (again) and without much cajoling or pushing, the collection is no longer seen as a necessity or a priority from some of us. If allowed to continue, it would just mean that we would all suffer the same fate as what has happened in USJ 26.

Please read on to see what you can do to assist us and the Street Leaders to ensure the continued safety of our neighborhood.


Payment is now due for the months of April to September 2011. We have a banner displayed at the main entrance facing Taipan. The collection so far is about only 20% of the expected targeted collection. This is extremely poor and we would like to address this as soon as possible as without your support, the G&G will die a natural death. This is not good for us at USJ 11/3 and the Committee is determined to ensure that all steps are taken to have this security services continue.

How you can help expedite this for us is as follows:

1. Please make out the cheques and put it into the mailboxes of the Street Leaders so as lighten the burden of the Street Leaders;
2. Notify them via their mobile (All Committee members and Street Leaders contact is attached);
3. Help us to notify your neighbours if they have not made payment;
4. Make sure you get your receipts issued to you once you have made payment.

New Stickers:

New car stickers will be issued for all subscribers. As for the plaque outside your house, a new sticker will be put up to indicate that you have made payment as well. These stickers are important as we will be making some amendments to the operations of the G&G systems.

In order for you to get the new stickers for both your cars and your house, please make sure you expedite your payment if you have not already done so and do insist on getting your receipts and have your details properly recorded.

New Security system:

We will be reverting to the system which we have carried out on a trial run sometime earlier this year (during the Chinese New year in Jan/Feb 2011). The Committee has decided that only the paying members will get the necessary attention from our security guards.

Part of the reason for the change of this system is also due to the fact that the overall collection has dwindled and some of our previous subscribers are now taking the G&G scheme for granted and not paying for it. Therefore, the Committee has taken the position to only look after the interest of the paying members rather than continuing with the current system now, where all the residents are enjoying the G&G facilities, although many of them do not contribute or pay for the service.

In the new system, for the day session, all gates will be opened and the guards will be deployed to patrol certain streets. They will check on houses and cars with valid stickers only which will be issued to paying residents only. At night, the boom gates will come down and normal guard duty will commence as per our current operations. This new system will take effect from June 1, 2011.

New security devices:

In order to make this new patrol system work more effectively, we have to make sure that the guards are constantly doing their rounds for all our paying members.

We are now looking into acquiring a new type of device where the guards will carry it with them and will have their visits recorded whenever they do their rounds at the respective houses. This is a computer based system hence the guard’s rounds/visits can be easily monitored and charted to measure their performances and effectiveness. We will update you as and when we make progress on this matter.

Thank you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Committee Members – USJ 11/3 Resident’s Association
1. Advisor Jeffrey Khoo 012-215 1571
2. Chairman Ng Peng Hin 019-333 1859
3. Vice Chairman Shahrul Faiz Mohd Aziz 019-353 2453
4. Treasurer Chan Chee Chin 012-233 1206
5. Vice Treasurer Mohd. Khairuddin 012-313 0302
6. Secretary Bakri Sawir 019-380 0642
7. Vice Secretary Gan You Lam 012-373 7013

Street Leaders
8. Row 3A Datuk Faridah 019-382 8740
9. Row 3B Vellu A/L Sinnakucandai 012-689 0805
10. Row 3C Eng Peng Hong 012-278 7112
11. Row 3D Yong Yu Loong 012-383 3198
12. Row 3E Liew Kim Yen 019-223 7188
13. Row 3F Sivaneshwaran 012-265 9098
14. Row 3G Adrian Nathan 012-649 9397
15. Row 3K Lee Tick Seng 012-284 9710
16. Row 3L M. Murali Tharan 012-372 3140
17. Row 3M Michael Chow 012-209 9782
18. Row 3N Irene Chong Kim Song 017-275 8126
19. Row 3P David Chow Kee Cheok 019-383 8268
20. Special Force Chua H T
21. Special Force Peggy Lim 019-234 9978
22. Special Force Vellu Kandasamy 016-201 5653

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What happens when support for G&G starts to dwindle?

Dear Residents,

Happy Wesak Day to the Buddhist Community!

Here is an extract from SJ Alert. Although you have been having a relative peaceful sleep and no reports of crime, there were indeed crimes happening around us. It is just that our G&G is keeping us safe and that we are now beginning to take this for granted.

This happened in USJ26 from a resident called Akil. He lamented that crime has returned to his neighborhood since the G&G stopped due to the non-cooperation of the residents there.

The subscription collection are now due. We hope we will not suffer this fate and that all the residents in USJ 11/3 will come forward to keep the G&G going to safeguard our neighborhood from crime.

Please read the following:

We had a break-in at our neighborhood yesterday between 4pm and 6pm during the heavy thunderstorm. The owner left the house at 4pm and returned around 6pm to find gate and door ajar. A suspicious silver MPV was seen leaving in a hurry when the owner returned with some tools used for breaking into the house, left behind. The owner reported the incident to the Police.

This is the THIRD (3) case since GnG stopped due to some residents apathy. And the thieves knows this and are targeting USJ 26. They being "professional", will always choose a time when we are most vulnerable for example:

1) Heavy rain, so even if the alarm sounds, no one will take notice.
2) Weekdays when no one is at home
3) Power failure (when CCTV and alarm not working)

Looking at the pattern…the guard can only serve as a deterrent….
And this was the case for the 2+ years crime free neighbourhood (while we had GnG implemented)
For those who don’t believe in GnG, IT WORKS……..

Hopefully, with these incidents, the residents at USJ26 can start to cooperate again.