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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Questions posted by Anonymous

An extract from our blog from Anonymous

"So happy we got our own blog. Just want to ask the security fee are compulsory to pay or not? Because we still not submit our form to commitee member. Can your please to list out the profesional listing to us. Because we feel the amount not very clear. Just only write the estimate amount like RM17,000(service fee)RM15,000(cctv...sundry items) then got how many security guards duties on day? The car sticker RM30.00. we feel the prices high. We just want giving suggestion like: the car sticker max we got 3pcs for one house itn't,then, we take it photocopy for our extra cars.But must be chop & signature by Chaiman.Most of our USJ11/3 resident got more than 3 cars."

Dear Anonymous,

Firstly. I would very much like to address you as Mr. or Ms. "So and So" rather than "Anonymous", as I feel it is so impersonal, given the fact that you are one of our neighbours living in the same area - USJ 11/3. But I guess that is your right. However, I hope you will also start to break down the barrier by letting us get to know each other. There is really nothing to hide in our community blogsite. It is meant for you and me and everyone else living here.

Anyway, I do thank you for your comments. Judging by the way you have written, I think you have already got our flyers and have read it through. As such, on behalf of the committee members, I would like to address your concerns:

1) Is the fee compulsory or not?

This is really a question of what you want. We are only volunteering our services and collecting the money for the services is part of the voluntary job. The money does not go into our pockets. On the contrary, we are also paying the same. While we cannot force anyone to pay, just think about this:

Your committee members have been sacrificing their free time, weekends and evenings, the last few months trying to put this together. They have walked to each and every house to engage with all of you, distributing flyers in the heat of the sun. All this hard work and at the same time forked out their own money for refreshments, phone calls, etc, just so that as residents who live here, YOU and I, will get to enjoy all the benefits resulting from all the hard work put in by your fellow residents.

Now, would it not be fair to say then that "Yes indeed, we should contribute so that the cost will be lower as the burden for everyone will be lighter now"?!! With that, I leave it to your discretion and good understanding.

2) The breakdown in the cost of guards, infrastructure, etc.

The cost, as we have written in the flyers, are best estimates based on the number of guards required and the services needed to support that. It is very much a work-in-progress so to give you all the information now would be premature. But please note that USJ 11/3 is a very big area, which has a perimeter measuring at least 2km. At this point in time, the estimates given are already in the newsletter so please do read it again. If you are still unclear, you are most welcome to call us or perhaps join us at our periodic meetings. For schedule and venue of the meetings, please do contact our street leaders. At those meetings, it will be very much clearer for you to understand how the cost of doing such things come about.

3) Car sticker too high for the 4th car @ RM30.00

If you can afford four cars, would it not be reasonable to say that you can afford RM30.00 for a sticker? It is not so much the money that we are charging but the need to control the stickers issued out as one can easily get another for their friends or relatives and in the end, we will be incurring addtional costs which will be paid by us all and the security in our area will be compromised.

This will also have an impact on cars from outside parking in our area. Please take a walk along the main road in our area during office hours and you will see what we mean. On the photostating suggestion, how would the guards at the gate know it will be genuine even if signed by the chairman? Please understand, the guards on duty will have a difficult time if photocopied car stickers are allowed. Then, the robbers can also do the same. So, where is this going to lead to and where is it going to end?

While we thank you for your suggestions, perhaps you should also look at the practical side of things. Please always remember, the committee members are just like you and I, living in the same area, sharing the same concerns and aspirations. We do not do this for a profit or to make anything for ourselves. Thus, we hope you will help us by sharing the responsibility to make this a better place to live in. It will be impossible for us to execute this scheme if is no compromise. In the end, it will be back to square one!

On another note. There was a robbery reported at USJ 11/3 involving a few people with parangs recently, about 2 weeks ago. They broke into the house in broad daylight and pushed the lady who was at home at the time into the bathroom, ransacked and took away RM20,000 worth of things like laptops and all. Luckily, no harm came to the lady.

So, while we cannot guarantee 100% protection, at least with this security initiative, incidence like these can be substantially reduced. Perhaps while you are wondering about the RM50.00 and pondering over the extra charges for the car stickers and incoveniences, etc, do pause and think for a moment. You could be the next robbery victim!

Lastly, we welcome anyone who think they can contribute to help us with this task and more. Please do step forward as what we are doing is indeed not easy. For this, I would like to thank ALL the committee members for all their contribution and hard work while making the task a lot easier for everyone. You have done well to make this project in becoming a reality.

Thank you.

Jeffrey Khoo
11 Trees @ USJ

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Dear Residents,

The last few months have been very challenging for our nation. With the present political scenario facing our country today, the spirit of Merdeka has somewhat been sidelined! This is a real shame as after 51 years of independence, our nation is still somewhat divided. We have not been able to move beyond our race, our colour and creed and our religion and come together as a nation. We have not been able to completely remove the shackles that have bound us all, all these years.

In a way, I feel let down by our leaders. I believe our present leaders could have done much more to bring us all together as a nation to face the challenges brought about by globalization. But this is purely my own opinion. Having said that, what are we as resident in USJ 11/3, going to do about it?

Well, for a start, our Resident's Association, "11 Trees @ USJ" is coming to reality. It has been formed by the residents of different races, for the common interest of all living here!

It will be a platform for us all to come together as a community. The committee members (comprising of all races) hopes to overcome that barrier, by working together to create a more secure and peaceful neighbourhood for all. We want to strive to create a "urban village" fit for the modern times. We would like to create a community where all the neighbours knows each other and extends a helping hand to each other irrespective of our colour, creed or religion whenever there is a need.

For this 51st Merdeka celebration, let us as a community in USJ 11/3 come together as one, as proud Malaysians that belongs to this great nation of ours!

Let us all come together as a community that truly shares common vision, show tolerance and understanding. Let us all come together to work for the common good of all. Let us take this opportunity with this Merdeka celebration, by writing a new page and creating a new hope for us to continue to live in a peaceful and harmonious society in our beloved country, Malaysia.

On behalf of all the committee members, we would like to wish a "Happy Merdeka" to all! And don't forget to fly the flag!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Questions and more questions!

Dear Residents,

Apologies for not being able to update all of you recently. I would like to address the many questions posted on earlier postings. And Thank you for your comments.

The plan to proceed with the security measures in our area are finally coming to a reality! Some of your comments and suggestion have been put forward and some have been incorporated in our planning and execution.

But please do bear in mind, we will not be able to please everyone as some restrictions will be the order of the day, to make our security measures as effective as possible.

Going forward, there will be an information leaflet which will be given to all of you and will be dropped into your mailboxes in the coming days. In there, you will find all the necessary information describing what the committee have been up to and what we are planning to do.

For your information, your committee members have been working tirelessly over the last few weeks, to garner the necessary support and to collect the forms from you. So far, we have collected more than 500 forms, almost all have agreed to the implementation of the security measures. That represents some 70% of all the households in the area (754 houses in total)! But we sincerely hope this will not be translated into just empty promises when the time comes for us to come and collect the funds from you for this project.

By the way, the proposed fee is RM50.00 a month for a round the clock security services. Excess funds will be put into a sinking fund to carry out other future projects (such as perimeter fencing further down the road) and to run community projects such as social gatherings, sports events and others when we are more settled with this project.

Please watch out for the information which will be dropped into your mail boxes soon.

Thank you.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Dear Residents,

A dog has been found wandering around USJ 11/3 yesterday by one of our committee members. It is now in the safe refuge of his home. Anyone who has lost a dog, please contact Mr. KL Wong. His contact and details are listed below:

Mr. Wong Kee Lee
30, USJ 11/3F, 47620 Subang Jaya
Contact: 019-269 8623
email: klwong52@cosultant.com

Thank you.

Residents see red over cut trees

From The Star, Metro
Saturday August 9, 2008


THE 30 pine trees chopped off to its stumps at a field in USJ 11/3 have got residents in the neighbourhood all riled up. The trees planted by the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) 15 years ago. were cut on Thursday morning.

The residents said the trees had grown to the height of a two-storey building. However, they were on a piece of private land. A USJ 11/3 Residents Association committee member, who wanted to be known only as Ng, said the bare land had now become an ugly sight as the trees had provided landscaping and enhanced the beauty of the area.

Ugly sight: The pine trees that were chopped to its stumps inside the fenced up private land in USJ 11/3.

He claimed the trees were chopped off the day after a public hearing was convened by the MPSJ on a proposal submitted in to develop the piece of land. “The residents who attended the hearing had objected to the proposed development of a food court-cum-kindergarten, multi-storey apartments and two-and-half-storey houses,” said Ng. “We also informed the council that the land needed proper upkeeping as it was overgrown with shrubs at one stage. “And out of frustration perhaps, the trees were all cut down the next day by the landowner.”

Another resident called Jeffrey had also wrote about the matter in his blog, citing the action as “unthinkable”. “During the hearing, we made our views clear that a lot of residents wanted the land to be kept as green lung. “Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh was also at the meeting,” he said. MPSJ president Datuk Adnan Md Ikshan, when contacted, said the council could not do much because the area was private land. “I have personally gone down to the site and saw overgrown shrubs and bushes. So perhaps it’s just a difference in perception; and so in this case the trees were cut,” claimed Adnan.

He said unless the trees were on areas under the council’s jurisdiction, then he could take the necessary action. He said a development order had been submitted but no approvals were granted so far. “We will issue a compound RM25,000 if work starts on the land without council approval,” said Adnan. When told that there have been cases of councils ordering the developer to replant the trees, Adnan said MPSJ did not contain such by-laws.

Local government expert Derek Fernandez said in Petaling Jaya, there was a blanket prohibition under the Town and Country Planning Act 1976 in which trees above 0.8 metres in height could not be cut, even if they were on private land. “However, I don’t know if the Subang Jaya council has this ruling,” said Derek. “But in Petaling Jaya, permission must be sought from the local council first before cutting the trees, unless they pose a danger or safety threat.”

Yeoh, when contacted, said during the meeting, the owner had informed the council that he would clean up the land, including cutting of the trees.

Friday, August 8, 2008

After the trees are gone...!

Dear Residents,

There was an emergency meeting called yesterday evening by our chairman with regards to the tree felling incident. We have also invited one of the new councillors from MPSJ responsible for our area to register our disappointment with the developer's action to chop off the trees. I must say, I was impressed with the turnout as most of the committee members who heard about the meeting came.

Most of us were extremely disappointed with the unneccessary action by the developer in cutting down all the trees. There was no reason for it except to take a vengeful act against the residents for objecting to their plans for development on that small plot of land. Anyway, further plans will be put in place on what we ought to do in the future with regards to this issue.

We also have a lot of comments posted on this blog, especially those living near and around the entrances expressing their concerns about the 'permanent' closure of the entrances. Please be assured that there is no plans to close it permanently. We are trying to work out the best way to handle this situation and there is bound to be adjustments to be made even after we have implemented it. All we ask for is your patience and understanding as we ourselves do not have much experience in doing this.

Anyway, the idea of planning for a gated and guarded community is after all to reduce the crime rate. We do not believe we can resolve it 100% without having a physical fence surrounding our perimeter but this is step 1. It will take us many more steps to get to where we want to go but we have to start somewhere. And this IS the first step.

I would also like to make a couple of suggestions. While it is very easy for one to criticise and object, I think it will be more constructive if you can contribute with ideas and suggestions. We would like to hear that (some suggestions) from you if you object so that we can take your views into account and also incorporate it into our plans.

Also, this is a neighbourhood blogsite for all of you. Why don't you please leave your name and perhaps even your address so that we know who we are talking to rather than sign off as anoynomous which is so typically Malaysian? That way, we can address your concerns, if need be on a one-to-one basis.

This is also a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better. Please understand, all of us stay in the same area, we share the same air, the same space and the same goals and aspirations such as having a harmonious, safe and peaceful place to live in.

On another note, you will notice the logo that was pasted on this blogsite. Well, for that I would like to thank Elena Tan for contributing her work (and time) to create a logo for all of us. (She is my niece and is a graphics designer living in Oz at the moment). This logo is planned for use on our car stickers and also for the plaques for the pillars outside our houses, for all the members living in the area. We hope to create a united community with a common identity and we hope to achieve that with all of your help. Let us all work together towards that.

Thank you.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Breaking news!

Dear Residents,

This morning, the developer and owner of the piece of land located on the playground of USJ 11/3 did the unthinkable! They chopped down all the beautiful pine trees planted by MPSJ many years ago just to get back at the folks at USJ 11/3.

Well, let me tell you what had happened. Yesterday, there was a hearing in MPSJ of which the developer, TOP SPEED were represented by the owners and management, while the team from the Resident's committee attended on behalf of the residents. It was presided over by the YDP of MPSJ and witnessed by our ADUN, YB Hannah Yeoh.

The hearing was held to give both sides a chance to air their views for the fresh application by TOP SPEED for some 2 1/2 storey houses. Of course, you have all signed the form (500 copies!) of which was presented to the YDP noting that a lot of the residents would like to keep the land as a green lung. The developer was very upset saying that the residents did not want to cooperate with them on the development of their property and that building houses should be acceptable and not questioned!

At one point, we have asked the owner of the land to upkeep the fenced area as it was becoming an eyesore and overgrown with lalang at some stage. It was only cut after much complain was lodged with the MPSJ. At that point, the owner was so angry and frustrated that he had asked the YDP if he could cut down the trees to which the YDP replied, he has no powers to stop him as it was his land.

Well, this morning, they did just that! All the trees in the piece of land are now chopped off. This was done in vendetta to the on-going objections by all the residents in the area for them to develop the land into some ghastly and unneccessary food court cum kintergarden, multi storey apartments and now 2 1/2 storey houses.

At this stage, we have managed to slow down the developer's quest to turn the land into some profit maximization frenzy without due regard to the resident's wish, living in the area, to keep that piece of land as a green lung.

The battle has now gone up one notch. And we, the residents will not be sitting down and letting this situation go without action. There will be an urgent committee meeting to be convened as soon as possible to fomulate a strategy to take this message to the developer to be more responsible and more emphatic in their approach with us. Perhaps, the developer is ignorant of the fact that the battle is no longer about a few individuals against some powerful and well connected corporations but against the entire community living in USJ 11/3!

(For the benefit of those who do not know, TOP SPEED is the developer who has built all these oversize structure in and around TAIPAN commercial area in pockets of vacant land which has now contributed to over congestion in that area and has caused an overspill of cars parked along the road shoulders in our area - all in the name of profit).

Well, we, the residents of USJ 11/3 will be joined by others in the SUBANG JAYA community to take on this challenge. Please look out for more action plans in the coming weeks.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Updates - 4 August 2008

Dear Residents,

Last weekend, your committee members set off on foot to do a 'walk-about' around our area in USJ 11/3, for a few hours that began at 8:30 am on Sunday morning. The purpose was to engage with the residents who did not returned the forms back to us which we had given out earlier for the consent of setting up the 'guarded and gated' community and other issues. While some were difficult to reach out to, we are happy to say that most residents we managed to speak to, were very approachable and are supportive of the initiative, for us to establish the 'guarded and gated' community for our area.

The 'walk-about' session ended at around noon. By then, we had collected about 100 forms, duly completed and signed off. All forms returned were in support of what we intend to do. To those residents, we wish to say thank you.

We have now collected some 400 forms (out of 750+ homes of which a lot of it are vacant). That is already more than 50% of our target but we intend to try and get more. Reaching out to these residents are important. So, if you happen to speak to your neighbour, you may want to ask them if they have already submitted the forms back to the committee members or the street leaders and to do so if they have not.

We are also in the middle of getting our RA's constitution drafted so that we can submit it to the Registrar for registration. That way, we will have a legal body to represent all of us. As such, a lot of work behind the scenes are being done at this stage.

By the way, the hearing for the developer to submit their revised plans to MPSJ has been postponed to this Wednesday 6 August at 2:30 pm, at MPSJ. If any of you are free to attend, please do so, as we need all the moral support we can get. This hearing is for the objection of the developer's plan to build a few units of 2 1/2 storey houses on the small plot of land located on the playground in USJ 11/3.

Lastly, our target is to try and get some security initiatives up and running by the end of the month, that is, by 31 August 2008 - Merdeka Day. We are hopeful that we are able to achieve that target.

Please do contact any of us from the committee, if you have any further queries.