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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy 53 Merdeka!

Dear Residents,

On 31 August 2010, we will be celebrating our 53rd Independence Day. After all these years, what have we learned? Take the last few weeks for example. We have been bombarded with racial rhetoric almost on a daily basis. So when is this insanity is going to stop?

We all live in peace in our humble abode, in our kampung called "USJ11/3". Apart from the crime which we have experienced (but has dramatically declined due to our community coming together)  we have lived largely in peace and harmony amongst all the different races over the years and we will continue to do so.

So for this year's celebration, I have enclosed a very nice video clip with the song "Sejahtera Malaysia" played by a young girl which I thought will be good for all of us to listen to, as a gentle reminder that we cannot take our peace and harmony that we have enjoyed over the years for granted as there are people out there who will want to jeopardize that. We should all come together and reject racism and demand to continue to live in tolerance and harmony in our beautiful country called Malaysia.

Anyway, I have also enclosed the lyrics for you to sing along. It might make us all better appreciate what our country Malaysia is all about.


The Editor
11 Trees @ USJ



Puji dan syukur pada Ilahi
Anugerahnya tiada terhingga
Kedamaian kemakmuran
Malaysiaku bahagia

Dengan tekad untuk berjaya
Berbakti pada nusa dan bangsa
Kami junjung cita-cita luhur
Perpaduan seluruh negeri

Seia sekata sehati sejiwa
Menghadapi cabaran
Kami sedia kami setia
Berkorban untuk negara

Bersemarak Malaysia tercinta
Kibarkan panji kebesarannya
Kami rela menjaga Nama mu
Sejahtera Malaysia

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another important milestone!

From The Star
Tuesday August 24, 2010

Gated and guarded communities must not have objects obstructing firemen


RESIDENTS associations are setting up gated and guarded communities and the Fire and Rescue Services Department has no problems with it as long as they are not a hindrance in the event of an emergency.

There are no ministry guidelines on such schemes and the rules and regulations differ from one local government to another.

However last month, a set of guidelines were drafted to plan, control and monitor the development of gated and guarded communities by the Housing and Local Government Ministry.

The guidelines were drawn by the Urban and Rural Planning Department and the Cabinet is considering enforcing the guidelines throughout Peninsular Malaysia. The draft would include detailed aspects of planning and monitoring of gated community schemes in line with the Strata Titles Act 1985 (Amendment 2006) as well as for “guarded neighbourhoods”.

In the meantime, the government will not stop anyone from creating a gated community with guards but once the draft is in place, such schemes would have to follow conditions and regulations stipulated by the ministry.

Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia (Inspectorate Unit, Corporate Management and PR Division Senior) Superintendent II, Gan Hock Seong said the department had no objections but it would help if the residents associations discussed plans with the department before setting up such schemes.

He said now the discussion was with the developers but there were certain problems in gated communities that could hinder the department from carrying out their jobs in the event of a fire.

Gan said for example, the erection of boom gates and horizontal bars might cause a problem if they were not built to specifications as the recommended height is 16ft to allow their biggest vehicle to pass through.

“In such instances we can use our hydraulic tools to remove them but we could have responded faster if there were no such hindrances,’’ he added.

Gan said gated and guarded communities were something new and although there were no guidelines set by the Fire and Rescue Department, the residents associations could work with them to follow simple guidelines for a win-win situation.

In Selangor, for instance, 85% of the residents must agree for a guarded neighbourhood whereas a gated community needs 100%.

“This would help the department to reduce the loss of response time as obstacles and other hindrances could cause big losses in the event of a major fire,’’ said Gan.

He said although the department was equipped with the tools to remove obstacles such as boom gates, in most cases narrow access roads and security booths in old developments, which were not built to specifications, obstructed vehicle movement.

“In the event of a fire at high-rise buildings, the department would use the sky-lift and it would pose problems if the access roads are not wide enough,’’ said Gan.

Such schemes, he said, should not hinder vehicles from entering the area by putting up barricades and obstructions that were critical to response time.

Gan said under such circumstances, the department could issue the fire-hazard abatement notice under Section 8 of the Fire and Rescue Act to absolve them of any damages caused by the delay.

He said new developments were required to be designed with the minimum hazard or risks and this was provided for under the Uniform Building By-laws.

In case you have missed this important article!

From The Star
Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cabinet approves ‘guarded community’ guidelines proposal

KUALA LUMPUR: The Cabinet has approved a proposal to streamline guidelines for gated communities and guarded neighbourhoods that have become increasingly popular among the security conscious.

Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung said, however, that the guidelines would only be implemented after they had been considered by the National Council for Local Government (MNKT).

He said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was scheduled to chair a meeting of the council on Aug 26 that would be attended also by the mentris besar and chief ministers.

"The Cabinet recently approved the guidelines prepared by my ministry. But we need to bring them to the MNKT. Once the MNKT approves it, I will reveal the details," he told Bernama in an interview.

Gated communities and guarded neighbourhoods have sprung up in recent years as residents, especially in the urban areas, launched their own initiatives to protect themselves and their properties by employing private security firms to guard their housing estates. However, criticism has been levelled at these firms as they often install security booths at strategic entrances and exits of the housing estates, with some even having booms that prevent easy access and exit.

Chor said there were about 480 such guarded neighbourhoods in Selangor alone, and added that not all of the residents agreed with the move to establish a gated community while some had even refused to pay the monthly subscription fee for the service.

He said that currently there were no standard guidelines for gated communities and guarded neighbourhoods, but some states had come out with their own guidelines.

In Selangor, the local authorities have allowed a guarded community to be implemented if 85% of the population in an area agrees to it.

"The local authorities allow guardhouses to be built as long as the application is made through the residents associations, with the consent of at least 85% of the residents," Chor said. The residents associations must also agree that the guardhouse did not put up a barrier and its location posed no obstruction to traffic, meaning it must only be sited on the road shoulder, he said.

This was to avoid complications with existing laws as once the infrastructure was handed over to the local council, the roads, drains, parks and playgrounds should be open to the public unless it was a private property, he added.

"We hope that the ministry's proposed guidelines can be accepted by the various states so that they can be streamlined.

"For gated communities, it is not much of an issue as they already have a legal management body set up under the strata title and most of the apartments and condominiums fall under this category," said Chor. - Bernama

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Selamat Berpuasa

Dear Residents,

Today, the 10 of August 2010, is the eve of the Holy month of Ramadhan. Our Muslims brothers and sisters will observe the fast for this whole month. It is a test of their faith and it will require a lot of patience and tenacity.

And this is what makes us special in Malaysia where our diversity is not only respected but celebrated by all Malaysians.

We the Committee, would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Muslims friends living in our kampung and beyond "Selamat Berpuasa".

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Monday, August 2, 2010

SNATCH THEFT IN USJ 2 - Friday, 30 July 2010

Dear Residents,

In subscribing to SJ Alert, you will get a lot of news on the happenings (especially related to crime) around Subang and USJ. I would like to share this posting from Encik Ghani who had sent this message to everyone in SJ Alert (TQ Encik Ghani). What is important to note in his message is that even when there are guards deployed, these criminals shows no fear and continue to commit such crimes. And so these types of violent snatch theft continues where potential and serious harm can befall the victim.

What we need to do is to be on the alert at all times and not take things for granted. This is so important. Also, for the non-paying residents, if you can help us lighten the burden for everyone in our community, kindly do your part and pay the subscription. It is only RM50 a month - to ensure our safety and the safety of our families, it is not such a high price to pay - is it?

Thank you.



Dear All,

Please be informed that around 11am today, two Chinese men have snatched a necklace from a lady at Jalan USJ 2/6 and USJ 2/6A. They were riding on a motorbike one is small young man and the other is old and a bit plum.

I was at the office when my wife called me. She heard a lady screaming and struggling, saw two guys on motorbike passed by. The men used knife to snatch the necklace. The lady was ok with a bit of bruises on her neck and still in shock.

I managed to call our guards and they were at the scene just a minute or two after it happened.

Later the residents came forward and in more than ten minutes Police came in.

Be careful to all since the same guys were the one who snatched my neighbour last December using chopping knife.

I am not sure where to turn/call when our guards are not around anymore. Eventhough its happen to non-RA members, I have asked the guards to try to chase them be extra careful and alert.

I hereby would like to plead all the residents and members to pay our subscription fees to ensure we could have our guards around to control the situation. It might not be perfect BUT still it is very effective and helpful.


Abdul Ghani

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Replies to some comments made

Dear Residents,

I am extracting two comments related to our Security measures in USJ 11/3 which I thought will be good to be shared by all. I have also replied to the comments made by these two residents. Please do read the following.

The Editor


Comment # 1:

Thank you for the prompt action taken to increase security. I understand that all these are for our own sake, but shouldn't everyone be bounded by the same restrictions? It has been more than a month since the small gate near USJ11/3D is closed, and I have been diligently using another gate though it means longer route and extra time. I have been accepting this fact though at times frustrated especially when I am running late. However, recently I realized that some residents (perhaps committee members) do have keys to the lock. On the morning of 26th July, I found the gate unlocked with no one guarding it. I couldn't think of another reason other than someone with the keys has conveniently use them and forget to lock it back. While I am not asking for the gate to be reopened, but if selected few could have the keys to use the gate, wouldn't it be unfair for the other paying residents?

Our Reply:

Dear sir/madam,

Thank you for highlighting this matter. Please do understand that the Committeee members do not do this full time and there will be inherent flaws that may come about due to many reasons which may have been overlooked. The best thing to do in this case is to get in touch with the Street Leader concerned . If you do not get the response you need kindly escalate the matter to any of the Committee members. Their contacts are all published in earlier postings.


Comment # 2:
I am a 17 year old college girl. And don't think just because I am still a teenager my opinion does not matter. I have been living here for more then 15 years. And can I say after the whole gate and guarded thing, I am a little annoyed? No. I am extremely angry and annoyed. No doubt, the whole "gate and guarded" did make our usj11/3 more safer. The crime rates went down as well. Thank you very much. But do you know how much inconveniance it causes others? First of all, the small gates. "Thank God they have small gates!" I thought to myself when the fence came up. Maybe it would not be as easy to go out as it was last time, but it doesn't matter, all it takes is a few more steps and wallah! I reach the small gates.But now apparently, the gates are locked at 9pm. Ok, this is the part where I am EXTREMELY pissed off about. Every damn small gate in the neighborhood is locked at 9pm. I am a teenager, and naturally, I have a social life, so I go alot at night. And the worst part is, I live at usj11/3A. So I have to walk all the way to the guardhouse just to get out of the neighborhood. And yes, I know I know, its because they were a few houses that had a break in thats why the "locked the gates at 9pm" rule came out. But do you know how much inconveniance it causes others. And trust me, all of my friends that is living in usj11/3 feels the same way too. And your probably going to shoot the whole "there is a key for the small gates, and all I have to do is stop complaining and order them" thing at me right? Well, I tell you, I ordered the key. But until now, my key has not arrive. Did I pay? Damn right I did.

So now after 10 or is it 11 pm? I dont know. The ONLY entrance to usj11/3 is the gate infront of the shop lots. I am EXTREMELY pissed off at this aswell. What if one day someone had a stroke or something, and the ambulance was called, but when the ambulance reached usj11/3 it took atleast 5 minutes to try to locate the entrance. And by the time it reaches the person's house. Its too late. Just so you know Mr or Mrs, whoever that is incharge here, "Every second counts." And plus, I think somewhere in the law, it is illegal to block all entrances like that. I don't know weather its true, but my dad said it.

The third thing is, the guards are slugballs. I'm trying to find a word to describe them that is not so offensive. So slugballs it is. Everytime I walk pass some of them, they would blow wistles and say "Amoi. Balik rumah ah Ah Moi?". Its disgusting and disrespectful. And some of your comeback would probably be "It must be the way this girl is wearing lahh. She must have shown to much skin. Stupid girl, bring it on to herself and try to blame us."

Well I tell you, everytime I walk pass them, is when I am walking back from school.(last year) So technically I am in school uniform, and I always wear baju kurung (eventhough I am a chinese). And I dont think that is showing off too much skin. Infact, there is nothing to see in a baju kurung uniform. They are the guards, shouldn't they be protecting us instead of making us feel so uncomfortable?

And mind you, not all of them are like that. Just the ones that are guarding at the small gates infront of MPSJ in the afternoon. That's all I have to say. And by the way, everything that is posted here, is not from me only.

Our Reply:

Dear Miss 17 Year Old College girl,

Thank you for your comments. You are correct in saying that your opinion does matter (even though you are only 17). After all, you are a resident in USJ 11/3 and that technically makes you part of our community.

I would like you to understand first and foremost, that the Committee members/Street Leaders, are just like you and me. Not some "Mr or Mrs who is in charge here..." as you have described us as if we are some "invaders" from some other planet. We are ALL residents here in USJ 11/3 who have a common interest  - our safety. And in order to make our area as safe as possible, inevitably, we will have to deal with some inconveniences. This may come as a surprise to you but these inconveniences also applies equally to us all in the Committee as well.

Basically you are showing a lot of frustrations in your comments but that is understandable. But please ask yourself this - did you try to speak to any of the Committee members or Street Leaders about these issues? Their names and contacts are all published in earlier postings and they are friendly approachable people. Did you at least attempt to call any of them to share your concerns with them?

Constructive feedbacks from you and everyone else are important for us to do things right. We are residents, not some professional security companies, hence do expect flaws along the way. We do not do this all the time as all of us have regular jobs like your parents.

From your mail, I can identify three problems:

1. The locked small gates are posing problems to you - I suggest you get in touch with your Street Leader immediately so that it can be brought up in our regular meetings to be addressed and resolved.

2. The keys - again, please get in touch with your Street Leaders. If you have made payment, there is no reason why you were not given the key although this idea of issuing keys did not really work well.

3. The bad behaviour of the guards - please note down time and date and also if possible names of the guards. If you have a cellphone with a camera - take a photo of that guard and send it to us. We will take this up with the security company. They are employed to take care of our area so if they get out of line, we will do something about it. But judging from your complaint, chances are they are not our guards but guards from MPSJ.

The thing is, you are getting all worked up over such issues for nothing. Rather than calling names (slugball? - not cool) and getting "pissed off" (double not cool) why not just behave like a young adult and address it accordingly (and that is how you want to be treated right?). No need to express it like what you have done in your comment (words like "pissed off" several times).

Since you appreciate the crime rate has come down, I would like you to think about this. You are right about the safety thing after we have implemented our G&G. Imagine, now you are upset over some "cat calls" from the guards but what would happen if something more serious were to happen to you?

Like criminals breaking into your home and raping you and/or harming your family members? Do not for a moment think that this is not a possibility as there are much worst (what do you call them?) "slugballs" out there who are quite capable of carrying out such henious crimes!

So while we want to talk about the law being broken and emergency vehicles getting delayed in responding to emergencies and all that, would it not be fair to say that sometimes the law does not work to our advantage and that something needs to be done about it?

For example, lately there has been a lot of protest to the ISA. In this case, it does not mean that just because the law is there, it should be blindly abided. Rather because it appears to have inherent flaws, it should be challenged instead.

Now, would it not be logical for us to ask it for the present law towards the G&G be changed if it worked against us in terms of our safety? The government is in fact reviewing this G&G phenomena from the legal perspective. You must have read it as it was in the papers recently.

Anyway, I appreciate and would like to thank you for your comment again. You are a bright teenager growing into a young adult. Soon, in turn we hope, you too, can contribute to our safety and the safety of our community in the future as we, the present Committee members, look forward to the day when we can hand all these responsibilities to young adults like you.



So what's new?

Dear Residents,

Apologies if there were no updates of late. Anyway here are some updates for you:

First and most importantly, security measures. The new checks done at all entry/exit points have been implemented while the free stickers were issued out to the non-paying residents. This has freed up the unnecessary checks on the resdients coming in and going out of USJ 11/3. Non-residents are now required to write and record down where they intend to go to when they come into our area.

The good news is, since these measures were implemented, there has been no further report of break-ins. We are not saying that these measures are fool-proof but at least it has managed to help deter potential criminals from coming into our area. Hence, please do not take things for granted and do continue to be vigilant.

Second, for all paying residents, the insurance scheme will take effect as soon as the policy is issued from the insurance company. The details for the insurance scheme are being worked out and this should be done by the middle of August at the latest. And to ensure that you, as a paying resident, are properly covered, your payment for the monthly subscriptions must be up to date.

For this purpose, please insist on your receipts when you make payment for your subsription. The receipts will be required as proof of payment should you need to make a claim against the insurance company in the event that an unfortunate incident of a break-in should happen to you.

Third, the payment of subscription for the next three months will be due soon. Kindly get in touch with your Street Leaders and make your payment as soon as possible.

These are the few updates we have for you thus far. Please do give your Street Leaders a call should you have any queries.

Thank you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ