"Together - Let us keep our neighborhood safe"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Robbed by parang gang in USJ 11/3

To all residents in USJ 11/3,

RED ALERT - the same gang which struck in USJ 11/4 has hit our area tonight despite us sending out red alerts in the past weeks. They had climbed over the fence of this end-lot house in USJ 11/3L, terrorized and robbed the family at around 8:30pm tonight (27 July 2011).

There were four of them - 3 Cantonese speaking Chinese and one chubby Malay. All of them were armed with parang and were wearing surgical masks. One of the Chinese man had his hair dyed blonde. They waited until the maid came out to dry the clothes before they struck which seem to give the impression that they have been watching this house for some time.

Two of them climbed over the gate while the other two climbed over the side fence. The house is an end-lot and has high fence and a gate which is installed with wood. That made it impossible to see what was going on in the house from the outside which was perfect for the robbers. 

They herded the occupants and locked them up. Before that, they had asked where the CCTV was installed and also the valuables. They took away the CCTV unit, a safe, a computer, cash and jewelry. It was all over in about 10 minutes and they took off in a old Honda car. Unfortunately, the witness who saw the car could not make out the model or the color as the area was not so brightly lit.

They seemed to target corner or end lot houses with high walled fence and also blocked out gates. They would come around 8pm - 9pm and also around 6am - 7am. With that in mind, please look out for yourselves and be vigilant at all times. Change some of your routines and make sure you do check the surroundings before you open the gate especially during those times mentioned.

These crooks will strike again as they have had some successes here. So be extra cautious during these times especially if you are living in a corner house or an end-lot and have blocked out gates and high walled fence. Please do look out for one another as neighbors to prevent such incidents from happening again.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another case reported in USJ 11/4

Dear Residents,

We would like to send out a RED ALERT to all our residents in our area as there was another similar case reported yesterday (Monday - 11 July 2011) at 6:30 am. Four robbers armed with long parangs broke into a house and herded all the occupants in the bathroom. They then ransacked and took away all the valuables. They are suspected to the same gang responsible for the robbery in the same area just days before.

Be extra vigilant and be alert of groups of men in 4 or 5 moving in a four wheel drive. They are known to be well dressed. Call the police immediately if you see such suspicious people to get them to check these strangers out.

Make sure when you drive home and if you suspect you are being followed, do not drive into the house but instead drive round the block. If you are still being tailed, quickly give your relatives a call or make a call to the police immediately.

Make sure your doors and grills are secured at all times even if you are home. The robbers are getting extremely daring - breaking in while the occupants are in the house.

Look out for your neighbours especially if you see unfamiliar looking cars parked outside or nearby their house. The vehicle could belong to the robbers. Take a picture with your mobile phone and note down the registration number.

Please be alert at all times.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Dear Residents,
A daring robbery was reported by a resident at a corner lot in USJ 11/4D last Thursday, 7 July 2011 @ around 8pm. FIVE Chinese-parang wielding robbers followed a girl driving home alone. They rushed in the moment the remote gate was closing after she had entered her home. They then herded the family into the bathroom. They ransacked the house and took away a substantial amount of valuables.

Although gated and guarded, at the time of the robbery, there was a funeral nearby and the guards on duty were not able to identify for certain outsiders who went into the area. To make matters worse, the main door of the victim's house was also ajar at that time of the robbery.

According to the victim, the robbers all spoke in Mandarin with a southern accent. It was also reported that a similar case happened in SS2 the very next day. Police suspected that it was the same gang who were responsible for that robbery in SS2, due to the similarity in the modus operandi. They also suspect that they are the same gang operating in the Kota Kemuning area.

Meanwhile, back in our area in USJ 11/3, with the impending plan for us to change the security system to the guards patrolling only (no thanks to the apathy of some our residents who refused to pay), we are advising all our members to be extra vigilant and to make sure that at least your first line of defence is always in place, that is, make sure your doors are locked at all times even if you are home.

Stay safe!

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ


Saturday, July 2, 2011

June-July 2011 Newsletter

Dear Residents,

The collection for the subscriptions for April – September 2011 is overdue and we noticed that the response for payment from you has steadily improved right after the opening up of our boom gates and the simultaneous implementation of the patrolling system during the day. Continued support from you is imperative for us to ensure the security services are to carry on.

Crime is slowly making a come-back in the whole area of USJ there has been an increase in cases reported but also arrests. USJ 11/3 used to be a hotspot for crime but because of our G&G, it has come down significantly. However, if the collection continues to deteriorate, there may come a time where we will have no choice but to do away with the security services in entirety. And this is a real possibility as it has already happened in other areas and it will happen here is the support is not there from you.


We would like to appeal to ALL of you to make the lives of your Street Leaders easier by doing the following:

1. Please make out the cheques and put it into the mailboxes of the Street Leaders so as lighten the burden of the Street Leaders and please notify them via their mobile;

2. Help us to ask your neighbors to make payment if they have not done so;

3. Make sure you get your receipts issued to you once you have made payment.

Recent cases reported in USJ 11/3:

You might be interested to know that at least four robberies have happened in USJ 11/3 in the last few months:

• Paying member in USJ 11/3A while they were out – the thieves managed to commit the crime despite the presence of our guards and Street Leader as they used the clothes to block the view from outside. The Resident’s Association is now facilitating and helping in insurance claim for the victim.

• Paying member in USJ 11/3C – crime detected and foiled by patrolling guards.

• Paying member in USJ 11/3K – attempted break-in but foiled due to patrolling guard.

• Non-paying member in USJ 11/3N – owner away overseas – thieves carted away everything inside the house. Lorry driver told the neighbor owner was moving house. Street Leader and guards could not contact owner to verify.

New Stickers:

The new car stickers are now ready for collection. You need to return your old (yellow) ones to exchange for the latest stickers. This is extremely important as when the guards do their rounds, they will only look out for the cars with valid stickers. In case someone tries to break into your car and you do not display the valid sticker, they will not intervene should anything happen to your car. So, please take note of this. The onus is on you to make sure you get your valid stickers upon payment.

The guards will be asking you to return the yellow stickers in exchange for new ones. Please make sure you get your new stickers as this enforcement will start from 30 June 2011 where only cars with valid stickers will be looked after by the patrolling guards.


As for the plaque outside your house, a new sticker will be put up temporarily to indicate that you have made payment as well. These stickers are important as we will be making some amendments to the operations of the G&G systems.

We also have a suggestion from our residents those residents who do not make payment to return the plaque as well. This will be carried out in the near future.

In order for you to get the new stickers for both your cars and your house, please make sure you expedite your payment if you have not already done so and do insist on getting your receipts and have your details properly recorded.

New Security system:

We have already reverted to the system in the day-time, in which we have carried out a trial run sometime earlier this year (during the Chinese New year). This is to be fair to our paying members and to ensure that only the ones paying will get the necessary attention from our security guards.

We now plan to expand system to a 24 hour shift basis. The Committee is proposing that all boom gates will be remained open 24 hours while all the guards will be assigned to certain streets for them to patrol round the clock. During their patrol, they will only check on houses and cars with valid stickers only. The boom gates will NOT come down at all be it day or night.

We plan to have a trial run of this new patrolling system during the coming Raya holidays. A new survey form will be given to you to have your feedback before we embark on this. Please see the last page of this newsletter.

Your “friendly” Neighbor:

A “lone ranger” who lives in No.10, Jalan USJ 11/3K has persistently been complaining constantly to the authorities over our G&G. Your Committee members have had to deal with his complaints over and over again including giving in to some of his demands and spending money to meet his demands and and yet he is still not satisfied. The latest issue which he had raised has to do with access along 3K. Once again, a report was lodged to to MPSJ by him.

Survey Form:

Before we embarked on this planned trial, we would like to get your opinion and feedback before we do the implement the new system scheduled for the Raya Holidays. Please fill in this form in the newsletter which was sent to your homes, fill it up and send it back to us by 15 July 2011. Your name, house address must be fully completed in order for us to consider your feedback. Only PAYING residents feedback are welcomed.

If you did not get a copy of the survey form, please any of our guards or our committee members before the closing date so that a copy can be given to you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ