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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Here is wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas!

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Robbery in USJ 11/4 in broad daylight!

Dear Residents,

We have just posted an article that appeared in the Star and also the NST on December 20, 2008 - Saturday. We have unconfirmed reports that the daring robbery took place in USJ 11/4M.

Somehow, it makes us residents feel even more insecure. These daring robberies and crime are now going into our homes even when there are occupants in there! Luckily, though in this case, the occupants were unhurt.

Ignorance is bliss as they always say.

Remember Mrs. Lim from USJ 11/4, who made an official complain about our security to MPSJ and was harping about how inconvenient it was for her to pass through our area and that she insist that we issue her a permanent pass?

We had asked her then right after the meeting with her in MPSJ if she had heard of any crime in her area. She claimed that it was not that bad and that she had not heard of any.

The fact is, this has just happened in her backyard.

One wonders if she is ever going to be concerned about her own safety (and her family's) or she is still having this selfish attitude of just looking after herself and her needs such as her own convenience? Sad fact is, she probably could not care less.

Well, over in USJ 11/3, the Committee is determined to ensure that we deter crime as much as we possibly can. So moving forward, we will definitely start to work on the fencing project albeit that there had been delays due to the time and focus being shifted to address all these objections and compaints that we have had in the past several months.

In the meantime, we hope that everyone will be continue to be vigilant and not let their guard down.

You know something?

The crooks will still wake up as crooks be it today or tomorrow. The only difference is - "Am I going to hit USJ 11/3 or USJ 11/4 or Puchong or do I go after the guy at the ATM... etc, etc?".

The crooks will not change no matter what. This is made worse as such crimes are never solved or at least not in our area. So they are encouraged to carry on with this lucrative 'occupation'. As the saying goes "... a leopard never loses its spots...".

We can only hope to be a step ahead of them and put up a deterrent and defence strong enough to ensure we are protected ourselves. Please do be alert at all times and do not take anything for granted.

Anyway, the Committee would like to wish all residents at 11 Trees a very "Merry Christmas and a Happy 2009"!

Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays everyone!

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Robbery in USJ 11 - reported in national papers

From The Star

Saturday December 20, 2008
Robbers cart away safe after failing to break it open

SUBANG JAYA: A group of robbers carted off a 20kg safe containing RM20,000 worth of jewellery after failing to break it open at a house in USJ 11 here.

They also took two laptops, a cellphone, passports and RM1,000 cash.

The robbery occurred at 2.15pm while the owner and his wife were out while their three children aged between eight and 18, and two elderly relatives were upstairs resting.

The eldest boy said he went downstairs when he heard noises and was shocked to see three masked men with knives ransacking the house.

“When they saw me, one of them threatened me and told me to keep quiet. Everyone was then brought downstairs,” he said when met yesterday.

After tying up the victims, the robbers proceeded to the master bedroom and tried in vain to crack the safe.

“They threatened us, forcing us to tell them the combination numbers but I told them only my father knew it,” the boy said.

Finally, the robbers gave up and took the safe with them, he said.

The victims then freed themselves and called for help.

The mother, who did not want to be named, said that an hour before the robbery took place, a suspicious-looking man came to the house asking for donations, supposedly for an environmental fund.

“And even after we gave him a donation, he lingered outside our home,” she said.

The father later made a police report at USJ 8 police station.

Police are investigating the case.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A community message from SJ Alert...

Dear Residents

University Hospital Blood Bank, Subang Jaya and SJ Echo are organising a Blood Donation drive to assist in the shortage of blood supply during the festive season. Help if you can.

Date : Saturday, 20th December 2008
Time : 1.00pm to 7.00pm
Venue : Subang Parade (Next to MPH)


Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Crime Reported

Last Friday, 12 December one of our Committee members was robbed by a man with a parang, in CIMB Bank in Taipan.

Siva was withdrawing money from the ATM at the bank when it happened. It was 6.45 in the morning on his way to work when he went to the ATM. He was the only customer at the time.

The moment he completed his transaction, a man wearing a full face helmet rushed in and put a parang at his neck and warned him that harm would befall him if he did not hand over the cash which he quickly did.

He lost RM1,500 to the armed robber. But giving the robber the money was probably a wise move as it would have been worse if he was slashed or something. Good thing he was unharmed.

At the time of the incident, there was a security guard on duty. I spoke to him later that evening and asked him why he did not help to which he said he was worried for his safety as the man was armed with a parang.

I then asked why he did not use his gun which was by his side leaning on the wall. He said he just got the gun which was unfortunately given to him only after the incident. But he did witness the whole robbery which happened in less than 5 minutes.

So folks, please beware that when you go the ATM machine to do your banking or make cash withdrawals. Do so with caution and choose a time when there are a lot of people around.

Robbers and thieves are opportunists and so taking that equation out from that situation will reduce your risks in exposing yourselves to possible crime.

On the very same day, there was also a break-in in our area. The victim was from 32, 11/3F, a neighbor of K.L Wong, our committee member. The owner had gone out early in the morning and came back in the evening when he realised that his house was broken into. It was raining in the morning so it seems to suggest that crime rate is higher during the rainy period so be extra cautious.

Anyway, the burglar had pried opened the front grill and the wooden front door. Some jewelries and watches were stolen which seems to suggest that the thief was on foot as all the big items were still in tact, such as computers, TVs, etc.

Unfortunately, the house was not fitted with an alarm system so the burglary went unnoticed even when the neighbors were actually at home!

So, you see, crime can happen to anyone, even in the presence of security so never take things for granted. Be very alert at all times and DO NOT let your guard down. Please take all the necessary precaution and INFORM your neighbor when you go out so that they can keep a look out for you, even if it is for a short period of time.

Take care, everyone.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Walk-a-Payung in aid of LUPUS sufferers

Date : Sunday, 14 December 2008
Venue : Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall - Orange Entrance (outside Italiannies and TGI)
Registration : Starts at 7.00am.
Flag-off : 8.30am.

Walk-a-Payung tickets can be purchased at Venue : RM20 per person.

The half-day family event will offer all walkers a Free umbrella (adults get a 24" auto umbrella, children get a kiddies auto umbrella).

+ Free breakfast & drinks
+ Free goodie bag
+ Free blood sugar, blood pressure and body mass index tests and bone density tests
+ Music and dance performances by Leo Club
+ Fun Quiz on SLE with Prizes to be won
+ Lucky Draw
All are welcome! Bring your spouse, your children, your parents (no age limit). It's only 2 kilometres! Subang Jaya State Assemblyman YB Hannah Yeoh will launch the event.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Attempted break in last week

Dear Residents,

Despite our best effort in keeping our area safe from crime, there were two attempts last week. The criminals have taken advantage of the school holiday and the rainy season to carry out their activities.

Case # 1:

Date: Wednesday, 3 December 2008
Time: 9:00 - 9:30 pm
Location: 28, USJ 11/3C (Updated)

Intruder was in the car porch about to break into the house when the house owner came back. House owner managed to apprehend suspect who had a knife with him. The house owner then called the police who turned up later. They arrested the suspect and took him away for further action and interrogation.

Case # 2:

Date: Thursday, 4 December 2008
Time: 5:00 - 5:3o am
Location: 74, USJ 11/3B

Suspect was attempting to break into a house from the back lane but failed as the suspect decided to abandon his plans as a result of our security patroling the area where his game could have been given away.

Although our guards are on full alert especially at times which we are most vulnerable to criminal activities, nevertheless, residents are reminded never to take things for granted. Such criminal activities have been reduced significantly, especially snatch thieves but still the attempted break-ins are still very much there.

So, please residents, be on the alert at all times and secure your homes adequately should you decide to go on a holiday and inform all your neighbours who can keep a lookout for you. And this is where we hope all the neighbours will do that - help to lookout for each other.

Of course, there are those selfish cheap-skates who may be living next to us in their small little kingdom. In those instances, please inform our security and the police who will then be able to look after your property while you are away.

In the meantime, we will be looking forward to carrying out our next project and that is to put up the fencing around our perimeter as soon as possible to act as another line of defence and as a deterrent to the problem that we are facing in this neighbourhood.


Thank you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Friday, December 5, 2008

Meeting at last!

Dear Residents,

The meeting between the complainants and the residents finally got off the ground this afternoon at 3 pm in MPSJ. As the notification was given at the last moment, most of you were not aware of the meeting. Anyway, it would have been futile too as the officials of MPSJ initially did not allow any of the residents to go in until YB Hannah Yeoh intervened.

This was at the entrance before the meeting started. She has requested that the residents be allowed in but as observers to which the officer then agreed.

There were about 30+ residents who came and a few of us spoke on behalf of the residents of USJ 11/3. Bakri, our secretary, myself, Salleh and K.L. Wong.

The complainants who came were Giblet (sorry - just do not know how to spell his name), Mr. Kamariah (think it's the husband), one Indian chap (don't know which area he is from), Mrs. Lim (from 11/4), Chester and a speckie man from 11/3A.

The chairman was Timbalan YDP while several MPSJ officers and 2 MPSJ councillors were present. Sargeant Segaran from USJ 8 police station was present as well.

The meeting started about 3:20 pm as one of the councillor was late (the one who had something to do with the postponement the last time). The chairman then opened the meeting and spoke to all about the law governing gated and guarded and also the by-laws supporting such initiative.

And under the law, it clearly states that such barricades are indeed unlawful which all of us already knew. However, with the local council's permission, this G&G could still be done. He then invited the complainants to speak.

Giblet was the first person to talk about his loss of business. He attributed it to the closing of USJ 11/3K as he claimed it was a main road. He then said that with the opening of the entrance at Chatters, it was not good enough as cars are still restricted in moving in and out (I wonder if he was awake lah when he made that statement?).

The chairman then asked him about the reasons behind his fall in business - could it be that it was it due to the slowdown in the general economic condition rather than the closure of the entrances, to which he replied, it was already bad enough for him but we have apparently added "salt to his wound". Gee, I hope it was painful!

Fact of the matter is, there are 2 major entrances totally unhindered into the shop areas. Never mind, the fact that we have also opened one near Chatters (which by the way is costing us RM2,000 monthly) just to let their customers have easy access.

Anyway, as K.L. Wong has mentioned, if your food is so gloriously delicious and it is reasonably priced, you can have a thousand barricades and people will still flock to your makan place. So, get real lah, Giblet! So Dineout or Die-out now? It does not matter anyway, as the residents here are no longer patronizing your outlet!

Then it was Mr. Kamariah's turn. (Complainant is Kamariah but somehow he does not look like a Kamariah!). He was complaining about taking his children to school and could not access the entrance along USJ 11/3K.

Huh? What talking - you speaking lah, uncle?

By the way, do you all know that he actually operates and run a transportation business ferrying children to school? What on earth is this man talking about when he said he was ferrying his own children to school? As far as I am concerned, he seemed to be just looking after his own busniess interest!

He also complained about people knocking into the barrier when they are walking and also the barricades have somehow prevented people from jogging!

Aiyoh, the agony of listening to this man! Obviously I was not the only one cringing as I am sure the 30+ residents present must also have the same thoughts on their minds at that time.

Bottom line - do not want to pay but make noise anyway. What type of neighbour is this? SUPER-CHEAP-SKATE!

Then, Mrs Lim from USJ 11/4 - complained about our guards not being polite and all. Hey, Mrs Lim, they got a job to do lah! They have been told to screen everyone who does not have a sticker.

She insisted that the shortcut on USJ 11/3K was important to her and that she has kids that she wants to ferry through our area. She now wants the committee to issue her a pass so that the guards do not have to screen her and that she can drive freely through.

But she does have choices - go right around the area or be screened. If we were to deal with this issue by issuing a pass to everyone from outside our area who have similar complains, can you then imagine what would happen to the committee members? We will become some sort of full time JPJ officers lah!!

Mrs. Lim. do us a favour, either you go right around or be screened. In fact, better you go right around. It will save us a lot of problems. We can live "happily ever after..." without getting on each other's nerves.

Then a speckie resident from USJ 11/3A started to relate his complaint to Timbalan YDP (did not get his name - lucky for him, otherwise he will be famous here!). He lamented the fact that he has so many cars and that as a result he had problems coming in and out as the cars he owned did not have the proper sticker on it. (Wah liao eh! Must be damn rich man lah got so many cars but want more free sticker - what do you call such people?!!).

And the fact that he is quite mad as he only got one sticker from the committee (free some more!). And that his wife's car and his other cars got no sticker and that the guards have been screening him and how unfair we have been towards him. "How come the committee only gave me one sticker?", he asked and demanded loudly.

To which, the chairman told him, this was not the forum to resolve the issue that he had raised. Well, you know what Mr. Speckie resident from USJ 11/3A with one sticker? We should in fact take that one sticker BACK from you!

If you want more then just suscribe lah. When you do that, you automatically get 3 free stickers (three, tiga, 'sam chek', 'sah eh' - just in case you don't understand).

Sir, you are not only a cheapskate but also a selfish free loader.

Bakri then got to speak and he explained about how when we started we did not know about the problems that will crop up at the shops area but when it did, we immediately tried to resolve it.

There were attempts, he explained to resolve the problems but the resolution came to a nought when we wanted Giblet (still cannot spell the name right!) to sign off on the agreement which we have have put together after discussions with him and some other shop operators.

He did not want to discuss with us to resolve the problems but instead he went to the press. Utusan, Nanyang Siang Pau, Harian Metro, The Star and also involved politicians from MCA, etc, etc and made it into one big issue.

So what is the beef, Giblet? We did listen, we did try to come to a compromise. Who was the problematic one here then, huh?

I then got to speak. I had asked a question to the residents who had complained. I wondered if they are sleeping more soundly these days? And if they are, instead of complaining, should they not thank us?

I then appealed to MPSJ to leave the G&G as it is, as it had done a lot of good in reducing the crime rate in our area. Also, we had so much support from the residents in the area to get this off the ground. It had not been easy and so we would like to keep the momentum going. Besides, the residents here are feeling much safer and they are closer to each other as a community.

Salleh was the next person who spoke. He told everyone how concerned all the residents were, how many cases of crime he has come across of which his wife was one of them and how much fear everyone had until the committee came along to set up the G&G.

He was very impressed with the committee's genuine and sincere effort in getting all the residents together to fight crime collectively. He feels that this is what Malaysia needs, that is, having the community to come together to work as one united 'family' to which the 30+ residents who were present applauded loudly.

He also informed everyone that the primary reason for setting this G&G was only for security and nothing else which has now become a national issue/problem.

In this respect, even the police are not issuing anymore statistics just so as not to instill fear in people anymore. However, I am not sure if this is the right move. It is as if, sweeping things under the carpet will resolve problems naturally and that it will just go away!

K. L. Wong then spoke next. He mentioned the fact that he had lived in the area for more than 9 years and he knows a lot of residents himself. He then mentioned that of late, because of security, the kindergarten operating in our area actually brought the children out to the playing field to play in the mornings. Something he had not seen in all his years living here.

He also questioned Giblet's rational and motive as he mentioned if his food was fantastic, he would retain his customers anyway, no matter what. He also pointed out that those shops were designed as community shops serving the area and so if his targeted customers were from outside USJ 11/3, he should not then locate his shop here.

Frankly, I think he should just move out and save us the agony!

Next the police gave their views. Sargeant Segaran spoke of the fact that USJ 11 remained the area with the highest crime rate but for our area, that is, USJ 11/3, it has reduced dramatically since we started our G&G.

He said snatch thieves and robbers used USJ 11/3K as a link road and also as an escape route to roam the USJ 11 area freely, hopping from one area to the next via this road to carry out their crimes. In that respect, he thinks the committee together with the residents have done the right thing by manning the entry and exit of USJ 11/3K.

The emphasis here, he said, was to work closely together between the residents, MPSJ and the police to battle crime. And so he says, the police have no objection and supported the committee's move to install barricades at strategic areas and control entry/exits with manned guards even on USJ 11/3K.

Then councillor Ismail Kamal said that he still thinks that alternatives like putting guards at USJ 11/3K is a better bet. He also asked the police for a written statement since they support the resident's move to have this G&G and to have USJ 11/3K closed as he is concerned that some people (who lah brudder?) in the future may question MPSJ about this issue.

I wonder what his interest really is? Even the Timbalan YDP nor any of the officers and representatives from MPSJ raised this issue! Or maybe he is not cut out for the job!

I only have one comment here.

We have had 3 meetings in all with MPSJ on this G&G issue so far. And councillor Ismail Kamal was present, I believe, in at least two of them. In no time at all, during those meetings in which he was present, did he constructively suggest to us on how to make our G&G more effective to help us bring the crime rate down. Or where to set up the barricades or look at why we have had to set up the gates in the manner in which we did due to our limited resources and capabilities.

Instead he has always been focused on how inconvenient our barricades have been to other road users, how inconvenient it has been to the shop operators and that "this barricade should be removed and that gate should not be closed, etc". In other words, reduce our effectiveness in fighting crime. And he is supposed to be our councillor for our area?

I wonder if he really have our interest at heart? I really question his ability to address real problems affecting us as a community. What do you think?

YB Hannah then spoke and told everyone that it is a difficult situation that needed immediate remedy. She also highlighted that while the law does not allow barricades but if the local council allows it then we should be able to retain our G&G.

She felt that it was difficult for us to start this as there are not many people who will come forward and sacrifice the time and effort to do something like what we have done in USJ 11/3. And so, she explained, supporting this is indeed important.

She also highlighted the USJ RA is now studying the implications of G&G and the effectiveness of the guidelines as more and more communities in Subang and USJ are starting to look into this concept to protect themselves from escalating crime.

Timbalan YBP then closed the meeting and thanked everyone for being so civil in their conduct during the meeting. He further mentioned that the decision will be made regarding our status and we will keep us informed. He then thanked everyone for coming and adjourned the meeting.

Well, dear residents. A report on the meeting which has just taken place today.

Now you know who these cheapskates are, living amongst us.

Anyway, never mind. We will be generous and we will continue to provide these cheapskates the security services for free. Let them sleep in peace!

Compliments from us residents who have paid using our hard earned money.

Jeffrey Khoo
11 Trees @ USJ

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Postponed meeting is now on ... again!

Dear Residents,

We would like to inform you that the meeting which was abruptly postponed is now back on again. So, for those who would like to attend, the following are the details:

Date: Friday, 5 December 2008
Time: 3 p.m.
Place: Bilik Mesyuarat 2, Aras 3, Bangunan MPSJ

The persons coming for the meeting are as per the notice before. This time, please do reconfirm with any of the committee members before you come as we cannot predict if the meeting will be cancelled at the last minute or not.

We look forward to your presence and support in the meeting.

Thank you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Saturday, November 29, 2008

What gives?

Dear Residents,

You might have heard by now the meeting scheduled for Friday afternoon in MPSJ was cancelled at the last minute. Some of you have actually turned up as a result of our letter which we have sent to your homes.

Well, we do apologize if we are unable to inform you on time. We only got notification about the cancellation late Thursday evening. By which time, we have already informed all our residents and at the same time, have prepared for our meeting at 3 pm in MPSJ.

In fact, the committee members were looking forward to meet with the complainants as we really want to find out what their problem was. It was a big disappointment to all of us and we felt very bad as we could not inform everyone of you on time.

Because of this situation, we plan to write a letter to MPSJ stating our disappointment with the last minute cancellation and we would insist that they give us more advance notice in future before they cancel any scheduled meeting with us. We would also seek clarification from them on why the meeting was cancelled at the 11th hour. We hope to get an official reply from MPSJ on this matter and we will post it on the blog.

However, we have heard in the grapevine that apparently this meeting was called by our councillor for our zone, Encik Ismail Kamal. But something came up for him at the last minute and so he had asked for it to be cancelled. However we cannot confirm this at this point in time but if that is true, we will write him an official complain letter as well.

Further to that, we would also want him to know that as a councillor for our zone, he should act in a more responsible manner and that if he cannot cope with the job, then we will have no hesitation to recommend him to leave this job.

If proven to be true, we most certainly will do something about it as we do not need such people who have no respect for other people’s time to serve us. In our view, if they cannot manage their own time efficiently, then how on earth can we expect them to serve us effectively? They will be just wasting our time.

Sadly, this outdated system of appointing councillors rather than being elected or voted in, is still being practiced. And so it gets mixed up with politics as well. As far as we are concerned, these appointed councillors (politicians) should stay out of these positions if they are not fit to serve the public at large.

The way forward, we believe, is to have a proper election process, whereby leaders are voted in rather than being appointed just because they come from some political parties. With a proper election process in place, we believe, the community will at least have the opportunity to vote in capable people who can lead and willing to work for the community without expectations of any returns.

We sincerely hope that what we heard about our Councillor Ismail Kamal is not true. If it is, it will most certainly leave a sour taste in our mouth!

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Public Hearing on Objections to our security system

Dear Residents,

There will be a hearing in MPSJ that involves people who have complained against our security system.

It will be held at Bilik Mesyuarat 2, Aras 3 in MPSJ this coming Friday, 28 November @ 3:00 pm. It will be chaired by the Timbalan YDP, Tuan Mohamed Yusoff Bin Ghazali.

Our ADUN, YB Hannah Yeoh and several other councilors (Encik Ismail Kamal, Puan Theresa Ratnam and Encik Roslan Shahir) will be present as well. Invited to the meeting as well is the Head of Police in USJ 8.

You are all encouraged to attend as the complainants are trying to make a case against us, so as to make us dismantle the security system that we have implemented. The complainants are:

No.75, Jalan USJ 11/3B

Gay Pin Sing
No.41, Jalan USJ 11/3A

No. 10, Jalan USJ 11/3K

Dineout boss

These people, including the DINEOUT boss did not contribute a single sen to pay for the security system but instead they have lodged complaints against us on our security which we have done for our safety which by the way, they also get to enjoy for free. They are the ones who are showing how unreasonable and ungrateful they are. Never mind dear residents, as you will get a chance to meet such 'great' neighbours first hand on that day.

You will get a chance to hear from them this coming Friday, why they are complaining when in fact, they are sleeping more peacefully these days. We do wonder if they realised that the number of crime reported in our area in the last couple of months is almost zero! And the best part of it is that, we are paying for it - for them as well! Fair?

In addition we also have complainants from outside our area. They are:

Mrs. Lim
No.27, Jalan USJ 11/4D

Ravi Shankar
No.8, Jalan USJ 3/4G

We wonder if these people also complained about the ones in USJ 5, USJ 16, Puchong, Seri Kembangan, Bandar Utama, Rawang, in fact the whole of Selangor......!

They must be really free and really got nothing to do as they like to poke their noses into other people's area. What kind of people are these we wonder?

Anyway, folks, we have come this far. We are sure you all will not allow these few selfish people get in the way of our safety and our family's safety. So, please do make the time and come for this very important hearing. We need you to be heard as to why we should maintain our security system. Please come and fill up the meeting room so that they know the majority is totally not on their side.

Thank you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Thursday, November 20, 2008

In memory of Constable Rozami Hasan


A CARING COMMUNITY....contributions from the community and corporate sector have poured in to assist the widow of police constable Rozami Hasan, who died in an accident while on duty. Rozami was attached to the USJ8 Police Station.

FINANCIAL assistance poured in from the community and the corporate sector from both Subang Jaya and USJ when word got out of the sudden death of police constable Rozami Hasan, who was attached to the USJ8 police station.

Rozami died in a freak motor vehicle accident in front of the USJ8 police station. He leaves behind his wife Nur Aishah Ahamed. Rozami and Nur Aishah according to Chief Inspector Foo Teik Fong just got married in August this year.

The following are among those who showed up to hand their contributions in:

ADUN Subang Jaya Hannah Yeoh contributed RM2,500 to the fund.

Contributions from USJ2 & USJ 6 Rukuntetangga

USJ11/3 Community

USJ11 Resident Wivien San

Empire Subang


Kumpulan Warisan Rantau Sdn Bhd based in USJ11

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hari Kanak Kanak - 22 November 2008

Dear Residents

1. Coloring competition by Nural (Pending confirmation)
2. Balloon Sculpture by the clown
3. Magic Show by the clown
4. Bouncing castles
5. Gardenia Wagon
6. Yeos – Sponsored 45 carton of just tea drinks
7. Yakult – sampling & activities (talk on digestive system) – Pending confirmation
8. Foot Reflexology – (to be confirmed)
9. Foot scan by Adidas confirmed
10. Maestro Swiss – VICO chocolate drink & Activities.
11. Health Screening – by HOPE worldwide (BMI Test, BP, Weight & Height, Glucose Test)
12. Sanofi & Pasteur – Free Flu Vaccine & activity

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Public Hearing on Development in MPSJ

2:30 pm - MPSJ
Thursday, November 13, 2008

There was a public hearing on the proposal by TOPSPEED to develop the piece of land on the playground in USJ 11/3. This time, they came back with another proposal to develop the land into a Kindergarten and a Food Court. About 20 residents went for the meeting while TOPSPEED was represented by about 8 of their officials, including their boss.

It was presided by the Timbalan YDP and assisted by a few MPSJ officials. Two of our MPSJ councilors, Mr. Chia and Encik Kamal as well as YB Hannah Yeoh were also present in the hearing.

The Timbalan YDP started by giving some background to the hearing and what we had to observed as to the rules of the hearing. He wanted only a representative from each side to speak.

TOPSPEED then started by presenting their plans on their 'new' proposal. They revealed their plans on Food Court cum Kindergarten which was to be housed in a 2 ½ storey building with an underground car park for 42 cars.

However, there were no other details given such as the numbers of stalls, their size, types or how many or how big the classes were being planned for.

They only stated that the kindergarten was built for about 150 students and will only operate for a single session and that is in the morning. They also stated that there will be about 30 teachers at any one time. As for the food court, the stalls will not be sold but will be rented out to business operators.

It looked like a poorly drawn plan. There were more questions than answers at the end of their presentation. And towards the end, when the Timbalan YDP wanted to ask the resident’s side to speak, the boss of TOPSPEED interjected.

He argued that he should be allowed to build the 2 ½ storey semi-D houses as the approval for it was already granted previously. And that if his plan to go ahead with the commercial development is allowed, then it will not be viable as our G&G is already in force and that the G&G will have to be torn down.

The boss of TOPSPEED also said that our G&G does not meet the requirements of the law. To this point, the Timbalan YDP then told him that the meeting was to talk specifically about the 2 ½ storey Kindergarten cum Food Court which they were presenting and nothing else as the session that was being held had nothing to do with G&G or for that matter the 2 ½ storey semi-D that he had brought up.

Then it was the resident’s turn to speak. Encik Shahrul was the representative elected to speak on behalf of the residents. He spoke about the collective objection from more than 90% of the residents in the area. He pointed out that the land should be kept as a green lung which is also the wish of the majority of residents staying in the area.

He gave accounts of what has happened in the past and how the objection was raised even way back in 2004 and that there were many protests in the past about the development, even under the previous owner, Tetuan L.S. Teng.

He also pointed out the unhygienic condition that would prevail should the Food Court be allowed, the traffic congestion in the area and the security in our area which will be compromised. It would attract all sorts of negative elements and bring about a lower quality of life in our area. He also mentioned the fact that there are already an oversupply of food outlets in our area.

After his presentation, the councilors pointed out that no matter what the situation, with the kindergarten, it will be inevitable that the area will be congested as parents will be dropping their children almost at the same time when the kindergarten session starts and ends.

YB Hannah Yeoh pointed out that with 42 planned car parks, it will not be sufficient as there are already 30 teachers and as such the cars parks will mostly be occupied.

These were the apparent problems that were pointed out that may arise if the proposal to develop into a Kindergarten cum Food Court is given the green light.

The Timbalan YDP then concluded the meeting by pointing out to TOPSPEED to be more prepared the next time, as they were wasting a lot of people’s time due to the inadequacy of information towards their plan.

He also pointed out that it will be discussed in the OSC meeting (which is held every two weeks) to see if this plan can be approved. He also pointed out that it will be a long process should the state government acquired back the land and hand it back to MPSJ to be kept as a green lung. He then thanked everyone for attending the meeting and it was then adjourned.

The decision to build the Food Court cum Kindergarten will now be in the hands of the OSC meeting. If it is approved, the Resident’s Association will take it to the Appeals Board (Lembaga Rayuan) at the State Government level. Likewise, the developer will also be given the same right if it is rejected. But for now, it will just remain as is, a fenced up green lung!

Friday, November 14, 2008

From the New Straits Times - November 13, 2008

Attacked by robbers in front of his house Nuradzimmah Daim

Yeong Sheong Jeang suffered injuries after he was attacked by robbers in front of his house.

AMPANG JAYA: It was 6am. Yeong Sheong Jeang was about to move his car parked in front of his house when he was attacked by parang-wielding men.

The 25-year-old sales engineer from Taman Kencana said he was about to start his Proton Waja when four men on two motorcycles approached from both sides of his car and started smashing the car's windows."They wanted my valuables but I told them that they were in the house. I told them that I had to look for my wallet and mobile phone.

"However, they got impatient and dragged me out of my seat through the window and started attacking me with their parang," said the traumatised Yeong.

Yeong said the only thing he could do was to cover his head with his hands.

He managed to escape after a struggle with his assailants. He then rushed into his house and shouted for help.

The robbers were chasing him but ran off upon seeing Yeong's brothers.

"I had locked my car the moment I got in. I thought it was safe but I didn't expect this," said Yeong.

He was rushed to Ampang hospital where he received about 30 stitches on the head and left arm. He was also hospitalised for a week.

Yeong's younger brother lodged a police report at the Pandan Indah police station.Yeong's neighbour, Cheong Chye Wah, 46, who works at Pandan DAP branch, said there were at least two snatch theft cases every week in their neighbourhood.

"It is just a small neighbourhood with about 40 houses, but the crime is so rampant that almost all of us had encounters with robbers. My father fell into a coma when a robber pushed him on the road one morning in April. He has yet to regain consciousness," she said.

Teratai State assemblyman Jenice Lee urged the police to conduct regular checks especially in housing and commercial areas with banks, as these were hotspots for robbers.

"I had also been robbed before at the roadside, so I understand the trauma that the victims experience. Sometimes they do not lodge police reports as they feel that it's just a waste of time, especially if the loss of valuables is not that huge.

"However, that doesn't mean that the police couldn't do anything. There should be more patrol cars on the street to curb crime," she said.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Guards assaulted at USJ 26

This is to inform all that an assault took place at our guard house this morning round about 4.30am.

The following is based on the guards description of the incidence:

4 persons on 2 bikes, identifying themselves as policemen, came to the guard house. One of them frisked the guard on the pretext of searching for drugs.

When he wanted to take the guards watch clock, the guard resisted. The 4 persons then assaulted the guard on the face and body with sticks…

In the process of protecting himself..he was hit on the forearm which resulted in a fracture of the forearm. They stole his watch and handphone, radio and the guard watch clock.

This incident has left the neighboourhoood security committee quite alarmed. A police report has been made.

For those neighbourhoods which have guards on duty, pls take necessary precautions to avoid such incidences.

Will keep the community updated on any further developments.

Best regards

Millia Residents Association

Friday, November 7, 2008

Open reply to a comment from Mr. TH Chong

Dear Jeff,

The list of business outlets that you ask us to support, some of their faces appeared on the Nanyang Siang Pau Daily a week ago with Mr.Chin of Dine Out to protest against our g&g, the skinny laundry man in particular. Has he repented since then ?

th-chong 11/3k

November 7, 2008 8:08 AM

Dear TH-Chong and all the residents of USJ 11/3,

Thank you for your comments, feedback and the overwhelming show of support for the committee.

In fact we do know of some of the shop operators who went along with the boss of DINEOUT and AYUTHAYA to protest against us and they did appear in the vernacular newspapers on Sunday.

We believe it is also in today's Utusan Newspaper. And if you get a chance to read the Utusan today, you will notice how they have skewed and made up a pack of lies to conjure up a story just to get readers to be on their side. Such is the standard of some of our newspaper reporting - below zero! Sad!

Anyway, back to some of the shop operators. To be fair to them, they actually do not know the whole story when they were asked to join in the protest against the G&G set up by the residents. They have been influenced and given a distorted picture of the what had actually happened by the boss of DINEOUT and they went along without knowing the full facts or actually checking or talking with us.

They are, after all, part of the shop's community so supporting each other is quite normal. However, in their case, they really did not know what had transpired.

When we met with most of them over the past few days (including the boss of Laundry), we had explained to them the real situation and that we had actually wanted to engage with them to resolve the problems, especially the DINEOUT boss. We even showed them a copy of the reply letter addressed to him and the rest of the shop operators about our intentions to resolve any issues they may have.

They were very surprised with our explanation and our letter. Indeed some of them appeared embarrassed after listening to us.

Unfortunately, those issues which were in letter were never given a chance to be fully addressed as the boss of DINEOUT decided then to turn down the invitation from our Vice-Secretary for the discussion some weeks back. He told our Vice Secretary that he did not want to engage with us anymore and that he was 'TIRED".

Just imagine our surprise then!

Because just 24 or 48 hours before that, he was happily discussing with us together with a couple of the other shop operators, on how to address the access issues to the shops, giving constructive suggestions and offered to pay the security guards etc. Hence the reason for the reply letter, as right after that meeting, we wanted to put it to him in writing, in case he changes his mind.

As we have mentioned in earlier postings as well, this sudden about turn left us really puzzled.

That then left us to think maybe, just maybe, he may have a totally different agenda. God only knows what was and is still on his mind! But who cares now? If that is his stand and continues to oppose to our security initiative we will take it on and we will accept his challenge. It is just that, we have been too nice for too long.

Anyway, the rest of the shop operators were told by him that we were extremely arrogant and that we have refused to listen and negotiate with them. We would just put up barricades here and there without due considerations to them.

There is absolutely no truth in that at all!

Yesterday, someone claiming to be a resident (or maybe it really was a resident but we will not be able to know for sure) made a report to MPSJ about dirty outlets in USJ 11/3 shops. Subsequently, the MPSJ, based on the complain, made surprise checks to the shops. A lot of them were summoned as a result, even for minor offences - some of them were even issued with two summonses!

We would like all of you to know that it was not the work of the Committee as we hold no malice against the shop operators. Coincidentally, the inspections were done at the time when the DINEOUT was closed!

If it is not us then who could it be?

But now the shop operators think it is us who are trying to get back at them for them staging the protest.

We, the Committee, would like to state clearly that we will not stoop so low as to do such a thing. We believe in living in harmony and that is the reason why we have already started to talk to them one at a time. It will do us no good in retaliating in this manner.

What we want is our security and that means some compromise from them. If that works out, it will create a win-win situation for all.

We hope this will set the record straight. As for the DINEOUT and AYUTHAYA shops, that is a lost cause. They have started something against us and so we will not back down. It is that simple.

We will not compromise our safety and the safety of our families for some lame reasons that they have created - not to mention the lies they have conjured up which were published in some of the newspapers.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Thursday, November 6, 2008

From Today's "the Star" newspaper

Remove the barricades, say traders

SOME traders at USJ 11/3 in Subang want the barricades set up by the residents association in the area removed immediately.

According to the business operators, the Subang Jaya Municipal Hall (MPSJ), in a letter dated Oct 20, has directed the residents association to open the roads.

Restaurant operator Gilbert Chin said that his business had dropped drastically since the barricades were put up as part of the security system implemented by the residents association.

“Our customers can’t come in to this area. The main entry points are now blocked by guards,” he said.

Easy access: Residents from the neighbouring area often use this entry-exit point to get to Taipan as it is more convenient.

“The residents association has no rights to take law in its own hands. It shouldn’t barricade the roads at our expense,” Chin said.

Foo Shou Jee, also a restaurant owner, is also very upset over the whole security system as his business is badly affected by it.

“My customers complained that they have to get the security passes from my workers before they could enter the area,” he said.

“Such an inconvenience is causing me to lose customers,” Foo said.

The gated and guarded community concept was implemented at USJ 11/3 by the residents association in late September, following complaints from house owners about the increasing crime rate in the area.

The residents blame the many entry-exit points at the residential area as a major contributing factor to the many snatch-thefts, car thefts, break-ins and even robberies.

They then decided on a massive security plan to safeguard their community, including the setting up of barricade at certain entry-exit points.

Security guards are now stationed at three of the 11 entry-exit points while drum gates are placed at the other entrances.

Vehicles are only allowed to enter the area via the three guarded gates, after being subjected to scrutiny by the guards.

Tight security: A security guard asking some questions before allowing a motorist to enter the neighbourhood.

The other entry-exit points are either closed all day or opened only during certain hours.

Several roads leading to the shoplots are also blocked and this has caused an uproar among the business operators.

The MPSJ, acting on the complaints from the business operators, has written to the residents association, instructing it to remove the barricades at Jalan USJ 11/3K (from Jalan USJ 11/6), Jalan USJ 11/3J (from Jalan USJ 11/3K), Jalan USJ 11/3J (from Jalan USJ 11/3F), Jalan USJ 11/3F (into Jalan USJ 11/3).

However, the letter, signed by MPSJ urban planning director Ismail Muhamad, allowed the residents to close the roads from midnight to 6am.

Residents association pro tem chairman Ng Peng Hin insisted that the security system was necessary and urged the MPSJ to reconsider its decision.

“The police officer in charge of USJ 8 has confirmed that USJ 11/3 has one of the highest crime rates in Subang.

“We are all victims or witnesses of crimes such as snatch thefts, robberies, break-ins and stolen cars,” he said.

“We did open Jalan USJ 11/3K for a few days to gauge the effectiveness of the security system, and a robbery involving six foreigners happened on the second day of its opening,” Ng said.

Ng, a business manager, said there were still two entry-exit roads leading to the shoplots from Jalan USJ 11/3, while the barricade at the junction of Jalan USJ 11/3J and Jalan USJ 11/3K had been removed.

“Customers from outside USJ 11/3 would have no problem in getting to the shops at all. They can just tell our guards where they are heading to and they are free to enter after the guards recorded their car plate numbers,” he said.

But restaurant operator Chin argued that with the current security arrangement, residents from the neighbouring areas would need to make a detour to get to Taipan now, instead of the more convenient way via Jalan USJ 11/3K.

“To turn into Jalan Perpaduan from Jalan USJ 1/16 is dangerous. It’s an accident prone area,” he said.

Ng, however, explained that Jalan USJ 11/3K was a residential road, but many cars sped and caused accidents despite the humps on the road.

“The junction is dangerous as a field is located at this road. We are worried about the safety of our children,” he said.

“Furthermore, the motorists using this road to get to Taipan are making illegal u-turns at Persiaran Bakti to get to the business area,” Ng said.

Ng and committee members of the residents association told StarMetro that many residents were contemplating about moving out of the area because of the frightening high crime rate.

“Many had been injured, with one having her shoulder dislocated after they were assaulted by thieves or robbers,” Ng said.

“Some residents will stay on if the current security system continues to operate.

“Nearly 88% of the occupied houses in USJ 11/3 are subcribers of the security scheme and the number is increasing each week,” he said.

However, the three business operators who called a press conference last week said that they had not encountered any security problem recently.

“They should leave it to the police to take care of the security problem,” Chin said.

Another trader, who wished to remain anonymous, said the business had become slow because of the unfavourable economic situation and not the result of the security system.

“It is certainly an inconvenience, yes, but my customers and workers were victims of snatch thefts. Some were robbed of their handphones when they left them on the table while having their meal,” he said.

Ng urged the shop operators and customers to look at the positive aspects of the security scheme.

He said the security set-up at USJ 11/3 had contributed to making the restaurants, coffee shops, barber shops, pubs, laundry shops, convenient stores and pet shops into very safe places to patronise

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Project Fencing

Dear Residents,

Recently, we ran a poll on the blog asking you to vote on the following:

Are you in favor of fencing our area (perimeter of USJ 11/3)? The choices were “Yes”, “No” and “Don’t Care”.

An overwhelming 92% of the respondents came back with a "Yes”! That means, the residents here are overwhelmingly in favour of the fencing. That is an incredible!

With that in mind, the committee is planning for the next launch of our project that is, ‘Project Fencing’. Our target is to have this fencing installed no later than 31 January 2009. That is about 3 months from now. It will probably cost us about RM70+ thousand. Our target is to collect from generous donors and all households with a minimum targeted amount. We will let you know the amount in the next newsletter.

Once we have enough funds, we will start the project to build up the fence. Any excess funds will be used for improvements such as to the guard house, install CCTV and boom gates to certain entry/exit points instead of using the drums which can easily be pushed aside by irresponsible people now.

This fund will be managed separately from the ones that we have already collected from you which are used to sustain our security services. We want to ensure that our secuirty system will continue to run uninterrupted.

It is also our fervent wish to improve all the areas of our security in our area. In doing so, we would like to see how we can maximize our resources and minimize our costs. You would appreciate that, it has been a big learning process for all of us in the committee in a very short period of time! But we have perservered and it would not have been possible if we did not have your 100% backing. Thank you dear residents!

Anyway, the idea, in the longer term, is to try and reduce our cost and thus hopefully, our monthly fees. In this respect, we hope to get more subscribers to contribute to our efforts. The more money we collect from more people who are willing to contribute, the less the burden it will be, for all of us. So, if your neighbours have not subscribe yet, perhaps you might be able to help us by talking to them, on our behalf.

On another note, while there are some black sheep within some of the shop operators, there is also a big majority of them who are for it, that is, they are really supporting our security initiatives.

In those instances, we hope that the residents here will support their businesses by patronizing their outlets more. It is only fair that we try to support them in anyway possible. For example, if you need to patronize a 7-11 outlet, why not buy it from the one nearest to us. If you are looking for food, then there are plenty of choices here to pick from including incredibly delicious hawker food.

However, there is one particular one we are sure you do not want to go to! (Sorry Mr. DINEOUT, we have written you off!)

If you are looking for a haircut, fruits and vegetables, groceries, fresh food market, pet food, tuition centre, gym, laundry, organic foodstuff, homecook Malay food from various parts of Malaysia, a place to have some nice family meal with different price range, some food and a chat or a place to "Line Dance" and chill out, it is all here for you.

These community shops are there for our convenience so the more we support them, especially in these trying times, the more they will appreciate the community here. So, let us all work together and give them a helping hand.

The committee has given them the assurance that we, the community in USJ 11/3, will not neglect their needs. We intend to assimilate them into our "kampung" (in Chinese – “San Chin” or New Village).

We will be promoting their shops in the future on this blogsite and we will tell you about the people behind the scenes, their challenges and what they have to offer us, the community in 11 Trees.

So watch out for that on this space!

Thank you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Recent Crime reported via SJ Alert

More reports:


There was another snatch theft at Ss12/3a at 9:40am yesterday morning(3rd Nov). I saw part of this incident as it happened so fast and could not note down the motocyle number as it was blurr. 2 Tamil boys of medium built wearing a t-shirt on a motorbike attacked a girl who was just about to alight from her car and snatched her gold chain. One guy with a kitchen knife(I saw him holding it) pulled her gold chain(the other was waiting on his motobike) and asked her for her IC which she refused to give(her account).

She screamed and some neighburs came out and shouted and by the time I came out they were riding off. It is very fortunate as they did not stab her as happens when one refuses in some cases. Except for the loss of her chain she was OK. So residents be aware and alert. It happened so fast. It is time the police started checking motorbikes instead of stopping cars at the Kewajipan roundabout.

It is so sad that the police resources are being wasted on no value add and political activites whiles the subjects of Malaysia suffer.

Best Regards
AS Gill+60(12)3112091

Crime reported via SJ Alert

Dear Residents,

A message from Eileen Cheah via SJ Alert:


Please be alert, especially youngsters at the playgrounds/vicinity ... Two incidents in a day om USJ 6 reads as really bad news, especially as they are also targetting our vulnerable youngsters!

Both incidents reported on Saturday November 01, 2008

Incident #1
Time: approx. 10am
Location: Jln USJ 6/4B padang

Two Malay-looking youths robbed a 14-year old student (who had finished playing basketball and was with a friend) of his carry-bag, handphone and wallet. The victim was also punched in the face.

Incident #2
Time: between 10.00 - 10.30pm
Location: Jln USJ 6/2B padang

Two Indians on a red motorbike JEF 8615 tried to rob a youngster who was still loitering at the U6BC basketball court, bouncing an unclaimed basketball left behind after a tournament match. The youngster was also punched in the face in the encounter. Earlier on, there had been series of basketball games played at the court from 5pm till abt 10.00pm. Fortunately for the youngster, the tournament director (who lives in the row of houses just across the padang) had just walked back to the court to switch off the court's spotlights and saw the incident. However, the 2 robbers sped off but it is believed that the motorbike has the registration JEF 8615.

The "2 robbers on a bike" modus operandi appears similar to descriptions of the current spate of snatch thefts-robberies/attempted robberies happening in and around both USJ/Subang Jaya

Always BE ALERT! CALL THE POLICE AND REPORT ALL INCIDENTS so that they can increase vigilance/patrolling frequency!


Monday, November 3, 2008


Dear Residents,

In my haste in getting all the information updated for you, I forgot to mention the generosity of some of our residents who have come forward to donate a few bicycles for our guards after we posted an appeal in the blog.

So, on behalf of all the residents, the committee and the guards especially, a very "BIG THANK YOU" to Madam Ong and her husband and also to Cheryl (Melissa's sister from 3B).

I will get a picture of the bicycles and post it here in due course.

As promised, here is the picture as at November 6, 2008!

Thank you.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lost Doggie

Dear Residents,

A dog have been found this evening wandering around USJ 11/3 area. If you have lost a dog, please email the following details to the editor:

1. Type of Dog
2. Color
3. Size
4. Any other description

We will respond to you if the description fits the profile of the dog found. Please do not forget to leave your contact details as well.

Thank you.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Lone Ranger...

Dear Residents,

Do you know why we started the security project?

Well, it is because the USJ 11 area has been reported to have the highest crime rate in the whole of USJ since 2007 and it had continued to climb. It was and still is a worrying trend. We had actually wanted to address this problem way back then and even approached the then ADUN for Subang Jaya, YB Datuk Lee Hwa Beng.

And today, we the committee members, are very grateful for whatever we have worked so hard for especially the last few months as the security project became a reality. The many meetings we had, the many walks we did in the hot sun and the many weekends we had to sacrifice. But it is all worth it as we have achieved what we set out to do.

It was also beyond our expectations, the overwhelming support we got from you – the residents of USJ 11/3. However, not all has been smooth sailing. In fact, there is a man-made storm on the horizon. No thanks to one selfish person.

It would now be timely to reveal to you the chronological of events that had happened since the day we started our G&G project here in USJ 11/3. Indeed on the very first day of the launch of our G&G, we faced a lot of problems.

Call it inexperience - call us newbie in this. There were indeed problems and it demanded our attention and time then. And it not so much came from the residents but from one person, the boss of DINEOUT. Well, here is the story…

When we faced objections from a few shop operators, we were at that time; trying to be discrete by keeping their identities away from you because we were worried about unnecessary backlash towards the shop operators. We were trying to use reasoning as a means to try and work things in a more civilized manner, to try and resolve the issues at hand with the shop operators.

Some of them were okay after listening to our reasons and what we intended or planned to do then, to try and resolve their issues and access problems.

There was also a comment from a resident named Jo in one of our earlier postings in our blog who wanted to know who the ‘bad apple’ was but we continued to maintain our position and kept their identities out from public view including the DINEOUT boss.

Well, we do not have to now, as he had come out openly to protest our security project during our “Get-to-know-your-neighbour” event last weekend. Of course, he did not realize that it has worked against him as some of the residents actually confronted him and gave him a piece of their minds!

DINEOUT Boss confronting and protesting to YB Hannah Yeoh after distributing leaflets to the USJ 11/3 residents during the "Get to know your neighbour" event.

Anyway, let us relate what had happened.

On the very first day of our launch of our security project about a month ago, the DINEOUT boss voiced out his objections, complaining to our ADUN, YB Hannah Yeoh when she came to officially open our security project. He also made several complains to MPSJ.

As a result, on that very afternoon, some MPSJ officers came to the shop area and ordered us to dismantle the drums and all. But the MPSJ officers also acknowledged that, at that time we were given an official letter from MPSJ stating that they had no objections to our G&G project. The officers then suggested to us to keep it open in the meantime while we have dialogs with the shop operators to resolve the problems. We subsequently agreed to the MPSJ officer's request.

However, once we removed the barriers, it immediately caused a lot of anxiety amongst some of you. We had to try and explain the situation as best we could. We knew we had a situation on our hands and we needed to resolve it as fast as we could.

During the first two weeks of our operations, the committee decided to seek a compromise with him and some of the shop operators. We decided to open the road on 11/3K upon his and the other shop operator’s request pending mutual discussion between us and them. They also laid down a few conditions for us to comply and even offered to reciprocate by paying for the security guard for the entrances which he suggested to be opened.

We then wrote to him and informed him that we are willing to compromise and willing to comply with some of their conditions. We were also very happy to accept their proposal as they were willing to share the costs of the additional guards for manning the opening of the additional entrance.

Unfortunately, when we went to meet with him the very next day, he turned us down and told us that he was no longer interested to discuss with us anymore and that he was ‘tired’. His sudden change of mind and action puzzled us and the other shop owners as the rest of them were willing to come to a compromise with us.

Since then, the committee has decided that we should be sensitive to the shop operators' request including the boss of DINEOUT. Hence we subsequently opened a gate at the shops from 10am – 10 pm to accommodate to their needs. And because of that, we have to hire an extra guard just to man that gate which cost us an additional RM2, 000 every month. Apparently he is still not satisfied! He now wants the entire area to be fully opened!

If that is the case, our entire security system will be compromised. It will impact what we have worked so hard to achieve – that is, crime prevention and to provide some means to ensure our safety.

The question here is, do we dismantle our security system to accommodate one man’s demands against the whole community’s safety? We strongly believe that with the installation and operations of our security system, the incidence of theft and robbery has been significantly reduced in our area.

Did you know that in the past, there were snatch thieves active around the shop area? Did you know why the restaurant at Chatters installed the railings?

That was because daring snatch thieves on motorcycles had rode past and snatched handbags and stuff lying on the table while the customers were eating in broad daylight!

They then make their getaways by using the many back lanes of our housing area towards one of the many exits available. And there were indeed many exits for them to use, until now that is. With the security project in place, we had actually blocked most of it. And we believe this measure has deterred potential criminals from coming in.

Anyway, recently, he launched a signature campaign instigating the other shop operators to protest against the security system. He had worked up the shop operators to join him in getting MPSJ to open up all our gates. He does not like the idea of us blocking the road citing the reason that it will affect his business.

But how can that be when we actually open up the gates and allow people who want to go to the shops to drive through during business hours? It is still the practice now. The only thing we do is to screen people who come into the area as a security measure as we do not want to have people who have no business here to come in.

Why then are we in this predicament? Why are we getting unnecessary headache from one man who wants to dismantle everything we have worked so hard for?

Is it so wrong to do something to help ourselves and keep our families and our homes safe? Is it so wrong to help out the already short-handed police force in our area in crime prevention?

We believe the G&G project has indeed made positive contributions to our safety. And for that we have to thank MPSJ, the Police in USJ and our ADUN who have all been very supportive and sympathetic towards our plight.

We have tried our very best to comply with whatever guidelines that were laid down by MPSJ. We did formally apply and got an official written reply from MPSJ stating they have no objection to our G&G concept before we actually went ahead. We tried to do everything right and to appease everyone. We just want our security. We just want to be safe.

But the DINEOUT boss wants it his way. He continues to push his agenda which is to tear everything down. And he is willing to go to great lengths to achieve that.

Yeah, that is a great idea! Why not help the thieves and the robbers instead of the 630 residents living here who are supporting the G&G project?

Yes, do let the robbers and thieves all have a field day here. After all, what are 630 households's needs as compared to a single shop operator?!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let there be light!

Dear Residents,

The flood lights finally came on tonight at 7:00 pm at the USJ 11/3 padang. In case you did not notice, the cabling works were being carried out over the weekend. The poles were already up for more than two weeks now.

It is so nice to be able see the playground lit at night. It certainly adds colour to the area!

Now, we the residents, can enjoy walking around the small park in our area and not having to worry about someone hiding in some corner somewhere ready to pounce on us. Coupled with our security, it will most certainly provide a safer environment for us all.

We can also use that place for recreation at night, especially when it is so hot in the afternoon these days. So, if you have not had a stroll for a long time now, perhaps it is time you do! Do take a walk and you will be delighted to see the whole area in a brighter state.

And how did this come about?

Well, this was a result of a councillor's meeting in MPSJ, where our Chairman, Mr. Ng PH attended recently. There, he met with Mr. Ken Chia, a young gentleman who is also a MPSJ councillor, in charge of the Youth and Sports Development.

Ng related the state of the playground in USJ 11/3 which badly needed lighting at night. He told Ken that the playground's lighting system did not work and was like that for many years. He reasoned that with flood light in the area, more recreational activities can take place at night and would also keep potential crime from happening.

Ken then promised Ng that he would look into it and brought it to the attention of our ADUN, YB Hannah Yeoh who supported the lighting project. With that, Ken promised Ng that it would be done by November 08 and sure enough it is done! And today is not even November 08 yet!

So, a big "Thank you" to Ken, YB Hannah and MPSJ for lighting up the padang - finally - after all these years!

Now you can expect more people to use the padang for recreation at night, especially those who work late and cannot make it home early but want to have a place for recreation and exercise. We can do it in relative comfort too, as it is a lot cooler at night. And in a safer environment too!

So ... line dancing anyone?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun at the "Get-to-know-your-neighbours" session!

Dear Residents,

On behalf of Shahrul, Bala, Bakri, Siva and the Committee members, a very big "Thank you" to those residents who came for the event yesterday morning at the USJ 11/3 padang. Despite the long holiday where a lot of people went outstation, the attendance was fantastic! There were at least 400 people who turned up for the event and most brought some food and drinks for the POTLUCK party.

The guys under supervision from the ladies decorating the place.

Organising the chairs and food - it's still early!

Time to start registration - Irene and Peggy manning the reception area.

It started early at about 7 am, when some of the committee members started to set up the place and decorated the area. Peggy and Irene, from our committee together with their family members lent a festive mood to the place by decorating the area with colourful balloons and flags. Peggy has also managed to get some prizes such as hampers, to be given away in lucky draws and for the games.

Putting the names in for the lucky draw.

At 8.00 am the crowd started to trickle in and by about 8.30 am, it swelled to about 400 people. We started by having Shahrul welcoming the crowd. He spoke about how he had moved into the area some 14 years ago, where there were no phone lines and the place was virtually empty. He had to rely on just the ATUR phone system and had to get to know the construction workers, just to, as he put it, "survive" in this area without harm coming in his or his family's way.

He also spoke about the love for the neighbourhood and he hoped that one day, USJ 11/3 will become a model urban kampung, where there are lush trees, well landscaped, clean and most importantly safe for the community to live in. As well as that, he stressed the need for the community to get to know one another as we all share this place we call home and that we needed to work together to look after this place, our kampung.

Some early birds.

More residents started to show up just after 8.00 am.

Mr. Wong, our camera man. "Camera and action...!"

About to start...!

After that, he and the other team members lead the crowd for a short walk just to create the neighbourhood spirit. The idea was to let the residents get to know the neighbouring area. The walk started at the padang and around USJ 11/3K towards the shops then to the guard house area and back towards the padang.

Shahrul and the team members - starting the walkabout.

Leading the pack, Ng our Chairman of 11 Trees.

Shahrul, Vice Chairman doing his part.

Unfortunately, as they walked past the shops, on their way back to the playground, there was the "Lone Ranger", the boss of DINEOUT (minus his horse and pistols) passing out leaflets, protesting our security initiative. This had led to a lot of anger from some of the residents who were there. They took his protest as a form of opposition to all the residents living in the USJ 11/3 area, who only wanted to protect themselves with the security initiative.

Some of the residents took him to task by giving him a good tongue lashing! And rightly so, as he is about the only one from the shop area, bent on opposing our security project. His name is Giblet or something. Not quite sure what it is. Anyway, who cares? Let's just call him the "Lone Ranger" for now. More later...

The walkabout also gave a chance for the residents to get to know each other.

Yeah - catching up on the English Premier League?

Walking past the shops...!

Its makan time!

After the walkabout, the residents came back to the canopied area and settled down. Shahrul then invited all the residents for breakfast. There were so much food as most of the residents who came, brought along some food and drinks as well. Everyone had a great time. While breakfast was served, we invited some of the residents to speak to the crowd.

"Hello, how are you?" This was repeated all morning - how nice!

"Mmm.. sedap kan karipap ini? "

Food glorious food...!

Siva with his passenger - "Oi! Ada sticker ke?!"

"Yummy, this nasi lemak is nice...! "

"How is your nasi lemak? Did you try the karipap and the kueh?"

More chit chats, makan-makan and getting to know your neighbour...!

Andy from 3C was first, describing how his house was broken into many times, his wife was a victim of snatch thieves and had two of his Toyota cars stolen from his house after which, he had vouched not to buy any more Toyotas!

Mior telling it as it is...!

Mior was next. He described his experiences where his house was broken into a few times, so much so, he had his children locked their doors at night when they go to bed, in case someone breaks into his house again while they are home and fast asleep!

Snatch thief victim, Rohana and husband Salleh telling what had happened to them before and how happy they are now with the security system in our area.

Then there was husband and wife, Salleh and Rohana where they related some of their harrowing experiences with burglary and snatch thieves. In Rohana's case, she was a victim of a snatch thief right in front of her house. She dislocated her shoulder in the process and has been extremely worried about stepping out of her house ever since.

Salleh also expressed his disappointment with the DINEOUT boss over his protest to the resident's effort in setting up the security for the area. While we were trying to forge closer ties amongst ourselves and to provide a safer environment for the community, the DINEOUT boss was trying to take that initiative apart. He was visibly upset and told the crowd that the "Lone Ranger" will have to deal with the 500+ households who were solidly behind the security project if he wanted to challenge the community in USJ 11/3. The crowd applauded loudly to that statement.

The residents listening to all the stories that were told by fellow residents...!

Liew, then related his story about how his new car got stolen from his car porch even though his auto gate was locked and his car porch lighted. His car happened to be a Toyota Camry! He said now, with the security, he is going to buy another car - another Toyota Camry! So there you go Andy!

Liew giving his side of his story..."My Toyota Camry ah....!"

Anyway, everyone agreed that the security measures were the best thing that had ever happened in our area. They are now encouraging and urging the committee to fence up the entire area. In fact, one of the generous residents came up and gave us a cheque for RM500! Just to get the ball rolling! So looks like the committee is really going to have their hands full!

Then we had games and it was musical chairs for the children. The kids who took part had so much fun. It was then the parent's turn with some of their children taking part in the next game. It was a balloon throwing contest but the balloons were filled with water instead of air! It was really funny to see the balloons bursting and the water splashing all over the place. Anyway, these games were put together by Bala and it went really well. All who took part and those who watched from the sidelines were laughing and having a great time!

Some of the kids who came for the event and ended up as winners for the Musical Chair event.

Musical chairs - Bala in action!

Rush - rush for the chairs!

"This is mine. I don't care, I will not budge!"

Round about that time, YB Hannah Yeoh came by. She helped gave away the prizes to the winners. The residents were indeed very happy to have had her around. A lot of the residents went up to her to shake her hands and she graciously did the same. Thank you YB for showing up despite your hectic schedule.

Hah! The winner congratulated by YB Hannah Yeoh.

One more winner from the musical chair event.

Moms and dads having a great time throwing balloons filled with water!

"Now, hold on to the balloons, it is filled with water!"

"Okay folks, listen here, I am the commander see..!". Bala in action!

"Line up please - we are about to start throwing the balloons".

"Okay, here we go...!"

YB Hannah Yeoh giving away the prizes.

"Congratulations! "

The party ended at about 10 am as the heat from the sun started to cause the temperature to rise rapidly. The excess food were taken back by the residents as exchange to what they have brought for the POTLUCK party.

"Ok, guess its time to go home...getting hot lah!"

Excess food are packed for home... lunch anyone?

Thank you, dear residents for supporting us and this event. We hope you had a great time. It was fun to meet all of you and we hope this will be a regular feature in our neighbourhood program.

"Hmm... I had a good time! When is the next one?"

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ