"Together - Let us keep our neighborhood safe"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Update on measures taken

Dear Residents,

Here is a short update of what the Committee has done over the last few weeks to reduce the incidences of break-ins in our area.

Car stickers to non-paying residents have been issued. If you have not received yours for whatever reason, kindly get in touch with any of the Committee members or your Street Leaders. Please take note, you are receiving the stickers courtesy of your neighbours who are paying for you. Please do stick them on your windscreens to avoid being stopped at the entrances into our area.

For paying residents, we would like to inform you that the insurance cover is being processed. Hopefully, we can conclude this as soon as possible. Once done, the coverage for break-ins will be in force.

At the entrances, all cars without stickers will be stopped to get the drivers to write down all the particulars such as where they intend to go to. This will apply to vendors and taxis with the exception of police vehicles, couriers, ambulances, fire trucks, etc. Please do inform your friends and relatives of this ruling. We apologise for the inconveniences caused and we seek your cooperation and understanding.

Finally, there have been some interesting comments made by concerned residents highlighting the apathy in our area and also the obscene behaviour of some of our residents who just drive right through the security guards before they get a chance to remove the cones.

They are humans just like you and me, earning an honest living in our country, doing their job and keeping us safe. Is it so difficult to ask you to be more considerate to these people from faraway land? They too have families like us whom they need to feed and take care of so please show some appreciation to them instead of venting your anger (for whatever reason only known to you) at them.

Thank you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ