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Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 2012 Newsletter

Dear Residents,

Please help welcome the new committee members who were elected in the recent AGM held on Saturday, 18 February 2012. And also very big thank you to the past President, Mr. Ng Peng Hin and Deputy President, Encik Shahrul and the past committee members (AJKs) who had served diligently for the benefit of the community in USJ 11/3.

This is our first newsletter since the AGM and the new committee has already had their inaugural meeting with the commencement (and continuation) of work. This is just the start, as there are still a lot more refinements to the structure of the committee to be done.

Please read on for the following updates.


A review was carried out on the overall collection in USJ 11/3 for the past few months. We have to let you know that the collection has been very disappointing with many still failing to pay. Even the residents who have paid in the past, their numbers are dwindling fast. Last count, our collection has dropped to slightly more than 40% (from about 80%). This situation, if not rectified will seriously compromise the level of security services in our area, something which we would like to avoid but can only do so if we get the cooperation from the majority.

We do not understand the reasons for this drop as much effort has been put into ensuring that the security services are not compromised but rather continue to improve. What are the reasons for such a drastic and alarming drop?

• Is it that the security services are not satisfactory?
• Is it that the residents in this area are taking things for granted and that the services will be there even if we do not pay?
• Is it that there are now less crime in our area and that we do not need the security anymore?
• Is it that the RM50 a month (which works out to be less than RM2 a day) for a 24 hour security services is so unaffordable?
• Is it that the security service is a ‘nuisance’ to the residents?
• Is it that the security is just there for decoration and to make this area a ‘prestigious’ place to live?
• Is it that we can take our neighbors (who pay) for granted?

According to our past president, for the paying residents, every RM50 paid – half of it is now used to subsidize the ones who are not paying. This means to say, for the non-paying residents enjoying the same level of security, their portion is being paid for by their neighbors. Is this fair to your paying neighbors?

As good neighbors, we should do our part to make this a conducive and safe place to live in. We should play our part and contribute as much as we can. The past and present committee has stepped forward to volunteer their time and effort and they are not paid a single sen. If at all, they are paying residents as well. So, we appeal to those who have yet to pay to please do so.

Security Fees – due for April-September 2012:

For your information, our security fee has been status quo since we started as we have managed to get the cooperation of the security company to maintain their charges but we do not know how long that fee structure will stay. It will need to be revised upwards to reflect the sign of the times sooner or later.

Once that happens and if there is still no improvement to the collection, it will either be a reduction in security services or increased in the monthly fee. Both are not very good options. But if the collection improves, we can then afford to continue with the level of services currently enjoyed by all. The choice is really yours!

So, please if you have not paid, kindly do so as soon as possible to your new street leaders. The new term for payment is coming up soon, that is, April – September 2012. Please make the necessary payment (of RM300 for six months) as we truly need your support.

Security Review:

We have had a meeting with the Security Company for a review of the security services. They have promised to look into the following:

• Improve on the checks done by the guards stationed at the guard house.
• Review the opening and closing times of the small gates which are being opened at the moment.
• Review the clocking system such as changing it to digital equipment.
• Ensure the guards are properly equipped with communication tools, rain-coats, torches, etc.

We have also appealed to the company not to raise the rates due to the dwindling collection and they have agreed but we do not know how long this will be sustained.

There are suggestions that certain gates facing the banks (in Taipan) be re-opened. While we are able to do so, it will just create the very problem we are trying to avoid, that is, cars from outside coming into our area to park, creating congestion and attracting possible crimes. We will revisit this only after we have resolved the collection problem which will be the present focus of the new committee.

Infrastructure and Repairs:

The guardhouse and fences which were installed more than 3 years ago, badly needs refurbishment. We are already in the midst of getting the necessary quotes to get the infrastructure repaired and painted. You will see such improvement works carried out in the coming weeks.

We would like to make further improvements to the infrastructure such as to put up larger roofs at guard house but because of limited funds, we will only do minimal improvement works such as repairing the fences which are broken and repairing some of the speed bumps.

Family Day:

The planned family day which was postponed is now rescheduled to Saturday May 19, 2012. We have already raised the necessary sponsorship and we will be planning for an evening of fun, food and entertainment. We hope you will all come and join us for this once-a-year get-together for our ‘kampung’ folks. There will be plenty of food and fabulous items for lucky draws. So, do mark your calendar and bring the whole family!

New Committee:

Please welcome the new committee members and do give them the support as what you have done so for the last three years.

With some new faces in the committee and the continual support of the past President and Deputy President as advisors, we hope to continue the good work that they have done in the last three years. Please see the new committee listing on the next page. We urge you to keep the list for future references.

Thank you.

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

New Comittee List (2012 - 2015):

Pengerusi: Jeffrey Khoo Boo Chin 012-215 1571

Naib Pengerusi: Gan You Lam 012-373 7013

Penasihat:  Shahrul Faiz Bin Mohd Aziz 019-353 2453/Ng Peng Hin 019-333 1859

Setiausaha: Bakri bin Sawir 019-380 0642

Pen Setiausaha: Chow Kah Miew @ Michael Chow 012-209 9785

Bendahari: Chan Chee Chin 012-233 1206

Pen Bendahari: Singam Muniandy 012-319 0709

Ahli Jawatan Kuasa (AJK):

Dato’ Faridah Binti Omar Shah 019-382 8740

Vellu A/L Sinnakucandai 012-689 0805

Haliza Idris 012-268 2421

Liew Kim Yen 019-223 7188

Sivaneshwaran A/L Ramalingam 012-265 9098

M. Adrian Nathan 012-649 9397

Chuah Bark Soon 012-287 4998

Vincent Yee 012-277 3686

Carol Teo 012-223 8930

Irene Chong Kim Song 017-275 8126

David Chow Kee Cheok 019-383 8268

Peggy Lim Chwee Ling 019-234 9978

Chong Thain Hai 012-288 1153

Teoh Sun Loong 03-5637 9382

Lee Tick Seng 012-284 9710

Eng Peng Hong 012-278 7112