"Together - Let us keep our neighborhood safe"

Monday, January 26, 2009

A new Gazebo!

Dear Residents,

Gong Xi! Gong Xi! "Zin Nian Kwei Leh!"

Hope all is well. Just a short note to inform you that while most are out of town and away from your homes, we have requested our guards be extra vigilant during this Chinese New Year break. We hope with that, you will at least have a peace of mind and enjoy yourselves wherever you may be...!

On another note, there are some construction going on in the playground of USJ 11/3. Thanks to MPSJ, there is a continued effort to upgrade the facilities in our area. They are building a Gazebo and it is expected to be ready in 2 weeks time. We are ever grateful for the improvement to our area so that the residents can enjoy the common area for all.

And we hope it will not stop there. Your Committee members will work towards creating a better environment and towards that we are hoping this fund raising we are carrying out will get your full and generous support.

As for the facilities already provided, please do take care of it as there are signs of vandalism, especially at the children's playground where the equipment were set on fire and diberately damaged by irresponsible people.

Towards this end, it is our collective responsibility to ensure this does not happen. We should tell these people that their behaviour is unacceptable (if you see them in the act) as kids using the playground will be deprived of their enjoyment and fun. That goes for the cleanliness of the area. We should point out to the children and teenagers playing there to use the bins rather than to treat the playground as a dumping ground.

With our collective effort, slowly but surely, we can turn USJ 11/3 into a beautiful kampung, a place we are proud of and a place which we call home.

Enjoy your holidays in the meantime.

Best wishes,

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Friday, January 23, 2009

YB Hannah Yeoh in Washington DC

YB Hannah Yeoh at Capitol Hill

Dear Residents,

I picked this up from YB's website. Thought you might like to know that she is now in the U.S. While she was there, she managed to attend amongst the millions of people, the historical inauguration of the first African American President - President Barack Obama. It must have been an awe inspiring experience for her.

Anyway, she is there on an official trip, having been selected and sponsored by the United States Department of State for the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) on Transition of Power in the U.S. Federal System.

She is among one of sixteen participants, comprising of politicians, lawmakers, government officials and senior members of the media from all over the world who was lucky enough to be chosen for this program (including India, Pakistan, Philippines, Egypt, Turkey, UK, New Zealand, Nepal, Norway, Papua New Guinea and others).

Make us proud YB. And have fun while you are there. You deserve a good break!

Best wishes from all at 11 Trees @ USJ!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 2009 updates

Changes in Security Implementation

With effect from 19 January 2009, Gates No. 3 (Along 11/3A) and Gate No.5 (along 11/3P) will no longer be opened from 5:00pm – 8:00pm. It will be closed to enable more guards to do patrolling around our area.

However, it will remained open in the mornings from 6:00 am – 9:00 am from Mondays to Fridays. It will be closed throughout the day during weekends.

As for Gate No. 4 (road along the Taipan shops), the gates will be closed from midnight daily. All residents are requested to come into the area after midnight via Gates 1 & 2 which will be operated 24 hours daily for entry and exit.

Improvements will be made to the Gate fronting the Chatters restaurant.

Residents Association

The registration of the “USJ 11/3 Subang Jaya Resident’s Association” has been approved by the Selangor Registrar of Society in November 2008. A copy of the approval letter is attached for your perusal.

There is also a form for the membership which must be filled in for approval by the Committee. Please complete the accompanying form and hand it to your street leader, latest by the 29 February 2009.

This is very important as under our constitution, all residents who are entitled to be members of the Association must submit a completed form and it must be approved at the upcoming AGM before early April 2009 to officiate matters. This is required by the ROS.

Collection for the next six months

The first collection that we carried out was for the month of October, November and December of 2008 and January, February and March 2009. It is now already January 2009 or the 4th month of our security operations. In view of that, we would like to start collecting the subscription for the next six months (April – September 2009) which amounts to RM300.00. Please make your payment to the street leaders latest by 29 February to avoid disruption to our security services.

Fund raising

It has always been the committee’s intention to have the perimeter fencing built as soon as possible to boost our security. However, it has been delayed somewhat due to the many issues that have cropped up since we started to implement the security services a few months ago. With most of those issues now resolved, we would like to continue with our effort to build the fence and to improve the infrastructure of the area.

As such, we would be raising funds to carry out this infrastructural project. We would like to appeal for your generosity and to make contributions of a minimum of RM100 per household to achieve our objectives. You can make the payment together with the subscription at the same time.

We hope to carry out this project and have it completed by March 2009. However, this depends largely on the contribution that we receive from you. For your information, the initial cost of the fencing is about RM76,000, which was quoted to us about 4 months ago. With the drop in metal prices, the cost has come down significantly is expected to cost us less than RM60,000.

We would like to inform you that the funds for this project will be managed separately from the funds for our security project as the latter involves operational costs which will not be mixed up in anyway. All moneys spent will be accounted for properly.

Street Leaders & Contacts:

Row 3A - YBhg Datuk Faridah - 019-382 8740
Row 3B - Mr. Vellu A/L Sinnakucandai - 012-689 0805
Row 3C - Tuan Hj Abdul Aziz Mohd Awal - 019-645 0253
Row 3D - Mr. Yong Yu Loong - 012-383 3198
Row 3E - Mr. Liew Kim Yen - 019-223 7188
Row 3F - Mr. Sivaneshwaran - 012-265 9098
Row 3G - Mr. Adrian Nathan - 012-649 9397
Row 3K - Mr. Lee Tick Seng - 012-316 2977
Row 3L - Mr. Leong Choon Heng - 012-718 5712
Row 3M - Mr. Michael Chow - 012-209 9782
Row 3N - Ms. Irene Chong Kim Song - 017-275 8126
Row 3P - Mr. David Chow Kee Cheok - 019-383 8268

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Dear Residents,

It is time of the year when the Chinese Lunar New Year goes through another cycle. Going out is the Year of the Rat and coming in over the weekend is the Year of the Ox. And so the cycle continues. As there will be many predictions and forecast about your fortune, one thing is for sure. Your Resident Association has grown in a very short time. And we intend to continue to push for better things to come in and around our area - USJ 11/3.

As for the Chinese New Year celebration, the security will be stepped up but please do your part by ensuring your property is secured and be alert at all times. In these trying times, it pays to be on your guard and never take things for granted.

So, to all our Chinese friends in our kampung, "Gong Xi Fa Cai" and may you have good health and prosperity ahead for you and your family in the year of the Ox.

The Committeee
11 Trees @ USJ

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kempen Balik Kampung - Rumah Selamat

Dear Friends & Residents

I refer to the invitation sent to you yesterday by Eileen for the LAUNCH OF KEMPEN "BALIK-KAMPUNG - RUMAH SELAMAT"& Membership Drive for "SJ Alert" SMS/EMS Service by YDH Dato' Khalid bin Abu Bakar Selangor Chief Police Officer

Date : Sunday 18th January 2009
Time : 11.00am
Venue : Concourse (Lower Ground), Sunway Pyramid Shopping Complex, Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya, Selangor D.E.

Let us give a good showing to the Rank and File of the Polis Force in the Subang Jaya District, that we are serious about working with them in the prevention of Crime, especially so during these hard times.

Come meet the Officers of the various Balai Polis that matter the most to you and your loved ones. Come meet the whole SJ Alert Committee, see the people behind SJ Alert.

Give your vote of confidence to SJ Alert, for the Free Alerts, Information and Services that the we have been offering to you since we started in June 2006 by showing up with your family and friends, have lunch and do some shopping at the Sunway Pyramid too.

See you guys around - you can also come get the SJ Alert stickers

Thanks in advance & Regards

Robert Chan
SJ Alert - System Administrator

P.S. I do not work for the Sunway Group and this is not a paid advertisement, so you can see how much I really want your attendance.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Message from the Chairman

Mr. Ng Peng Hin
USJ 11/3 Subang Jaya Residents Association

My sincere congratulations to each and every resident of USJ11/3 on the start of the year. Wishing you and your family a year filled with bright hope, joy and fulfillment. 2009 will be a challenging year for all but I am sure all of us will emerge victorious.

Our community and residence association although at its infancy stage has achieve some incredible results demonstrating an enthusiastic spirit of good citizenship to create a better community. My sincere acknowledgment to all the people of diverse background teaming as one big family, sharing each other concerns and looking out for each other.

Your community leaders have strived to perform their best in their area of responsibility and I hope they have gained your respect as a trustworthy and outstanding leader in your community. Some may have difficulty reaching out to you, please extend your cooperation and engage them in dialogue with the aim of creating a better place and an environment for everyone.

There are many more challenges and obstacles and these difficulties are inevitable for a better community to emerge. I take great pride having the opportunity to work with this courageous team driven by conviction and constantly propelling one towards wonderful new possibilities.

Congratulations!!! We have just been informed of the approval of our Residence Association by the Registrar of Society just six months from the inception date. Right now, the committee members are busy implementing some of the plans in store for 2009 and we seek your full support in this area.

Please join me and all our fellow members in one united spirit in making USJ 11/3 a safe and wonderful community.

Ng Peng Hin

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The planning has started for 2009

Dear Residents,

The Committee reconvened for the first time last week in Chatters after a long break. It was good to see everyone. Anyway, the planning has started for the year and the long awaited plan for the fencing is about to start. There will be some interesting program planned for the year as well.

We will be sending out flyers to raise the funds for the contruction of the fencing. The good news is, since the price of metal has dropped dramatically, the cost has also come down. From the initial estimates of about RM76,000 it is now estimated to cost us about RM55,000.

We will raise this fund separate from our operational fund for the security which we will continue to maintain. By the way, we will also be collecting the money for the next six months so as not to burden the committee too much as all of them are volunteers.

If we are able to raise sufficient funds, we would like to improve the infrastructure such as the guard house, install CCTVs, etc. So we hope you will donate generously.

We also have some good news for you. The registration of the USJ 11/3 Resident Association has recently been approved by the ROC and our first offical AGM will be held before the first week of April. This means that we will now operate officially under an Association. All balanced moneys collected will be transferred into the Association's new account which will be opened at the same bank. It is now being held and operated in trust under the Treasurer and the Secretary's name.

It looks like it will be an exciting year ahead for our Resident's Association. We hope to carry out more projects, including requesting financial help from our ADUN and MPSJ, to improve our kampung's surrounding and we look forward to your participation.

Have a great year ahead.

Best wishes,

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ

Potential Danger on the prowl

This happened to me at the Taipan HSBC Bank today.
I withdrew quite a large amount of money before noon today, whilst my husband waited for me outside the Bank in the car.

I called him on the mobile when I had withdrew the amount which was handed to me in a "special room" and he drove right up to the front of the Bank and we started to leave, we noticed that a Black Camry that was parked in front of the Bank started to leave too.

We drove out onto the main road and made a U-Turn at USJ11/3 and drove toward the MPSJ Building heading toward the Summit/Giant junction. The Camry followed and at the junction of USJ5 and Persiaran Murni, when we stopped for the traffic lights, this Camry drove very close to our car and my husband gestured to the driver asking him what he was trying to doing, that was when we noticed that there were 3 people in the car, a male driver, a lady in the front passenger seat and to our surprise the back windows somehow was wind down we noticed an Arab looking man in the back seat. I suppose that the car was so closed that the car doors could not be opened.

We started to get very suspicious so when the lights turned green we turned right toward Summit junction and my husband made a few misleading turning indications and each time the Black Camry followed. We finally made a turn at the Summit junction going towards Subang Jaya and sure enough the Black Camry followed and we decided to make another U-Turn at the HiTech/Kesas Highway junction and headed back along Jalan Kewajipan toward Balai Polis USJ. I suppose the Black Camry could not follow as they were on the inner lane at the junction and there were quite a lot of cars making it impossible to make the U-Turn.

These are the details

Black Camry (Not latest model - polished spic and span)
Vehicle No. XXX 1767 (last 2 digits not very sure)
Heavily Tinted Dark Windows all round.
2 male (driver and back passenger - Arab Looking)
1 female (front passenger w/tudung)

I am not sure but I feel that we are so lucky that we were Alert, and I am so very sure we prevented a robbery from happening.

Just be on the lookout for this group of people, when you are at the Bank with large sums of money.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snatched - right in front of the house!

Message from Eileen Cheah

Dear all

I have been asked to post the following "alert" on behalf of Mr Tony Xavier, a founding member of the USJ Residents Association.

This incident happened on Sunday January 04, 2009 circa 5.00pm

Mr Tony's daughter-in-law was sweeping the house porch. The house gates were open/ajar. Suddenly, she was pushed to the ground and her gold chain was snatched from her neck. The perpetrator then fled with another accomplice on a Suzuki motorbike (could not glimpse the motorbike reg.no). However, the bike-rider appeared about 40-ish while the other was younger, something like in his 20-s. They appeared to have dark complexion (Malay/Indon-looking).

Mr Tony's house is a end unit located along Jalan USJ 2/4 (main road which is quite busy traffic-wise). Obviously, the daughter-in-law must have been observed by the perpetrators before they sprang into action.

Balai Polis USJ 8's S-I Amir was contacted and he promptly despatched a patrol car but to no avail. A police report has been lodged.

Btw, USJ 2 has been reported to have a high spate of snatch-thefts lately, mainly targetting those walking home from the Persiaran Kewajipan/Summit/main road as well as outside residential homes (as in the case like Mr Tony's).


Last but not least, the onus is on YOU to exercise your own personal protective measures ... be careful how you carry your handbags/purses, ensure your cars are locked (better still with security devices), home gates/windows are secure and locked, etc.



Friday, January 2, 2009

Inspector Foo's wake

Dear Residents

The body of the late Tuan Foo Teik Fong lies at Nirvana Memorial Center at No. 1, Jalan 1/116A off Sungei Besi, 2nd Floor - Parlour 22 Violet Suite.

Programme of Funeral Procession on Saturday 03/01/2009

8.45am - Last respect ceremony & sealing of casket
9.00am - Prayer Service
9.15am - Last respect ceremony presided over by MC
10.00am - Cortege will leave for Nilai Memorial Park

Bus service will be available on Saturday 03/01/2009 from Nirvana Memorial Center to Nilai Memorial Park (2way)

For more information, please contact Service Consultant, Mr Steven Tai at 012-3093709

Many residents from Subang Jaya will be attending the wake on Friday 02/01/2009 in the evening, if you can, come show your support and appreciation to a man who has dedicated the past few years of his life looking after our safety in Subang Jaya.

Best Regards
Robert Chan

It is January 1, 2009

Dear Residents,

Happy New Year to all of you!

2008 has been an eventful year for all of us, especially the Committee members who had gotten together middle of last year to put together the security project that has impacted us all. We hope 2009 will see things improve further in our neighbourhood.

The committee members have not been meeting the last few weeks as most of us went to spend some time holidaying with our families. And we hope you have done the same. As the holiday season is coming to a close we are sure things will start to become routine and 'normal' again for all of us.

Anyway, before we go further, we have some bad news for you. It is with great sadness to inform you of Chief Inspector Foo’s demise on 30 December 2008. That night, he complained of not feeling well. He was sent to the hospital by his family members but died on the way, leaving behind his young family.

Chief Inspector Foo receving a donation from the residents of USJ 11/3 recently from Mike, our Committee member

Chief Inspector Foo was instrumental in encouraging us to set up the security system to protect ourselves knowing full well, their resources were stretched to its limit. He had also offered a lot of advice to us during the initial stages. We have raised some funds amongst the committee members of which will be handed over to his family.

Now, back to the happenings in our neighbourhood. During the holidays there were a few cases of break-ins which were reported in this blog. However, there was one particular case which needed to be highlighted. It happened in 11/3C.

The house was broken into when the occupants were out. It happened in the daytime. It was similar to the case reported a few weeks earlier. But this time there was an eye witness so we would like to inform you of the robber’s modus operandi.

There were two Chinese men involved. They would park their car right in front of the victim’s house. But that is not all. There was a woman and a child seating in the back seat of the car. This was seen by the neighbour’s maid.

Once in the compound, the two men pried open the side door and grill to gain entry into the house. Once inside they would ransack the house and take only what they could carry leaving behind all the big items like TV and all. The things which they were targeting were items like watches, jewelry, notebooks, cash, mobile phones and things that are of value but easy to carry away. They then drive away casually once they were done.

Folks, because they want to eliminate suspicion, they would then ensure that there are occupants in the car, in this case a woman and a child. No one would think of stopping them, not even our guards. However, ever since this case has been highlighted, our guards are now on high alert.

So, please report all suspicious looking people to the guards on duty by calling our hotline or better still, please call the police. This can happen at time of the day. So if you see an unfamiliar car parked with occupants inside, in front of your neighbour’s house, especially when they are not home, please do report it. It is important that we check them out.

2009 is here and it is anticipated that it will be a tough journey ahead. So, that means crime will also increase. Please do be vigilant at all times and be safe.

May 2009 bring you and your family great health and happiness!

The Committee
11 Trees @ USJ